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Discussion in 'Usul al-Hadith' started by Ghulam e Mustafa, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. Ghulam e Mustafa

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    Assalamu alaikum brother. I have read in Markazulislam site stating Ratan hindi as Sahabi ( giving this reference ).
    Asqilani, As-Sahaabah Fee Tafseer-I-Saha
    abah, Volume 2 : Page 530 – 531, Rakum 2648

    What does Asqalani refering to. Brothers please clear my confusion. Becos i dont know Arabic to read below images.
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    remaining pages from isabah on ratan-hindi

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  3. abu Hasan

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    in a very lengthy notice on ratan hindi, shaykh al-islam ibn Hajar al-asqalani, in his iSabah fi tamyiz al-Sahabah agrees with imam dhahabi that it is a hoax and disagrees with Safadi who defended that it was within the realm of possibility.

    "it is not necessary for every possible thing to exist..."

    he also mentions that majduddin fayruzabadi, the author of al-qamus and sifr al-sa'adah, imam of shafiyis in zabid in his time did not concur with dhahabi's refutation of ratan hindi.

    here is the full notice from isabah.

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    tahir's 'knowledge' is so shallow that i don't know how anybody can even consider him a 'scholar'. he shows off attestations of azhari scholars for his books - but the challenge stands: let him prove that he has written those books.

    proof is simple:

    1. in a public gathering, we will give him hadith from his own compilation without diacritics - he reads those hadith properly and explains the meanings. that is an ultimate test - but we will not insist on this. given that he is an ajami who has a propensity to mispronounce urdu words, we will cut him some slack. go further...

    2. we will ask him for takhrij of a few select hadith - and he will have to do it without computers and tools, with only access to printed books. and he has to do it in a reasonable time. (the rationale is, anyone who is acquainted with hadith works - la siyyama the six motherbooks - will know where to find certain hadith and someone who refers to these books regularly will know the overall structure and hadith distribution).

    3. we will ask him names of certain hadith narrators or even SaHabah, which are common - for example 'abdullah' and tahir should be able to resolve which abdullah it is in that particular hadith: whether ibn abbas, or ibn mas'uud or abu musa ash'ariyy? after all, he has compiled such and such big works of hadith, he should know them off-hand.

    4. hadith terminology and principles: he was trying to impress the scholars at azhar by reading out tadrib al-rawi, which was an amusing scene. now let him be open for questioning principles:
    a. he should be able to explain hadith terms without looking up anything. surely the grand compiler of hadith - such that nobody in 1200 years could do (that includes bukhari, but let it go)

    b. he should be able to resolve complications concerning certain terms - and give examples for his proofs.
    here, tahir claims that his collection of 30,000 hadith is unprecedented in the past 1200 years. [don't blame me for quibbling, but imam bukhari passed away in 256AH. that is 1177 from the time of the interview]


    28.40: HIGHLIGHTS:
    i have compiled a treasure (zakhirah) of 30,000 hadith...which is the biggest collection after the time of the six imams (bukhari, muslim, abu dawud, tirmidhi, ibn majah, nasayi) it is the biggest collection in the history of 1200 years...with new chapters, new topic-titles (tarajim)

    who is bayhaqi? and what is kanz al-ummal? jam'ul jawamiy? never heard of it.

    some more braggadocio:


    watch from 22.20 / 22.40 support me and you will get your utopia.

    23.22: on canadian nationality.

    24.40: why do you live in canada? do you like the climate?

    25.00: [REPHRASED:] i will come only if there is a huge size of followers and am confident that the size is big enough for revolution.


    25.56: i have created a universe (of grand islamic work).

    26.16: i have made them tahajjud guzar

    26.50: i am fighting a battle to save islam

    27.23: the responsibility of this ummat is upon me; and that of coming generations

    27.52: i do research work in peace.

    28.13 onwards: i took 15 years to complete 22 parts translation of the quran; but in canada, i completed 8 parts in 40 days. (aH: he needs 15 years to plagiarise from kanz al-iman of alahazrat? in spite of that copying, tahir's translation is riddled with errors and stupid mistakes?)

    time when juhala are touted as ulama, who keep talking without knowledge; here is another jahil yapping without any sense.

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj'iun.
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