Translation of Yeh Kis Kay Jalway Ki Jhalak Hai

Discussion in 'Hadayiq e Bakhshish' started by masabih, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. masabih

    masabih Staff Member

    Jazakallah Sidi Asif for this post - Wonderful Translation !

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I would have loved if the original urdu was also quoted as you did with the translation of the salaam. - I know its easy to ask - as its a lot of typing.

    Also I have moved your posts to the Hadaaiq Forum.

    Hope to see more from you. Inshaallah. I also happened to see your blog, will read it and benifit at leisure inshaallah.


    abu nibrâs
  2. naqshbandi

    naqshbandi New Member

    Whose splendour is being glimpsed? What’s this light?

    What does the amazed onlooker see here?

    Ask whatever you will for you shall receive your heart’s desire!

    Here none are refused, nor are you asked why you have come!

    Advice can seem harsh o’ adviser, don’t be so bitter o’ Ego

    O’ soul drowned in the poison of your sins, does anything taste sweet to you?

    We are the Prophet’s; he is Yours; thus we too are Yours-

    What greater intermediary to You is there than this?

    You created us in his nation and sent him as a mercy

    Do not then say, ‘what claim on mercy do you have?’

    For the sake of Your Beloved’s modesty, do not take me to task

    Forgive me unreservedly—why put such a sinner to test?

    O’ ascetic I am his sinful slave and he is my Intercessor

    What do you think? Isn’t that enough for my salvation?

    When I am helpless during the Questioning about my deeds

    Friends, how can I describe to you my sole hope for that time?

    Alas! If only on hearing my shrieks my Prophet does say:

    “Go and see what is this noise, this commotion?

    Who is this terrified person? Upon whom has calamity befallen?

    In what difficulty is he? What is his sorrow?

    To whom does he call out, ‘By God! Hear my plea’?

    Why is he restless? What is this distressed wailing?

    His pain bears heavily upon me indeed!

    Someone go ask him: ‘what has befallen you?’”

    Thus the angels do respectfully reply: “It is a sinner;

    He is being asked: ‘Tell us, what have you earned in the world below?’

    He is facing torment; the Record of his deeds is laid bare before him

    He is terrified about how Almighty God shall judge him

    And beseeches you thus: ‘O’ King of Messengers!

    Your slave is helpless! Master, what is taking you so long?

    Soon I shall be inflicted with a terrible punishment but

    If you come to my aid then what worries do I have, what fear?’”

    Upon hearing this petition of mine that Sea of Compassion surged forth

    And in this way commanded the angels: “Wait! What is this?

    Who is it that you wish to throw into the hellfire? Let me come and see for myself What this uproar is all about!”

    Upon hearing his voice I shall cry out instinctively with joy

    And ardently exclaim: ‘Now I need not worry any more!

    See! Here comes my succour, the Saviour of Mankind!

    At his command the dead are quickened—this is nothing for him!’

    Then my liege-lord shall cover me with his holy robe and remark:

    ‘Aside o’ angels! What claims do you have over him?’

    Letting me go the angels shall reply: ‘Master, we are mere servants

    Who are we to dare go against your august command?’

    Seeing this scene a great cry shall go up on the Plain of Judgement:

    “Bravo! See that? How wonderfully has he saved his slave from destruction!”

    Riza, at your melodies the songbirds make an offering of their souls

    O’ nightingale of the garden of Medina, how lovely is your song!

    (translated by aj naqshbandi)
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