Translators' glossary of common Arabic/Urdu/Farsi religious terminology

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  1. oh i have remembered -- istinja = abstersion

  2. btw 'data-mining' -- only an uber-geek would use such a term! :D
  3. aH...thank you :)
    yes Shaykh GF Haddad is a great source...someone should publish a dictionary for translators of arabic/urdu/persian into english!

    btw there is an exact English equivalent of the word istinja (astanja) which I used to know but cannot remember -- i think it ended with --tion. Do u know it~?
  4. abu Hasan

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    mas'alah could be translated in varying contexts as

    or the tame:
    problem or

    listed under the entry of s-a-l [or he questioned] in al-qamus, taj al-arus and lisan al-arab, it is said:

    mas'alah is one of the many forms of the root [maSdar].

    meaning requirement, necessity, need [Hajah]; as it is said: 'his need was fulfilled'

    scientific* problems or rule or articles of knowledge [mas'alah al-`ilmiyyah.] an illustration of an issue [or issues cited as a problem]; for example, the issue of kohl among grammarians [mas'alah al-KuHl `inda an-NuHaah].

    and similar to imam shafiyi's remark: 'if i bothered myself with buying onions** i would not have memorized '[or mastered] a single article of islamic law [law kulliftu bi 'l baSalah la ma Hafiztu mas'alah]

    mas'alah as meant by researchers/scholars [ahl an-Nazar]: is a proposition upon which, or whose evidence, an enquiry is made. it is also used to mean the matter on which an exposition needs to be made. [sometimes] it is also used to indicate the ruling or opinion in the said matter.

    imho, no one-word in this case.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    * scientific here is used literally as 'pertaining to knowledge.'
    ** a hyperbole to mean: 'did not bother excessively with quotidian chores'
  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the best place for data-mining islamic terms in english is shaykh gibril's work. his choice of words in english translated from arabic is impeccable, admirable and enviable.
  6. Viking Islam

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    As-salamu 'alaykum,

    I was taught that mas'ala means "subject". It may have other meanings.
  7. thanks...what would be the best one-word translation of the word mas'ala (plural: masa'il)?

  8. Aqdas

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    spelling checks:

  9. nabi - prophet
    rasool - messenger/apostle
    khalifa - caliph
    sahabi - Companion
    taba'ii - Successor ?
    hadrah -sacred dance ?
    hadrat/hazrat - presence/the reverend?
    ala hadrat - the most reverend?
    jannat - paradise
    ghawth - spiritual succour
    ghawth al azam - greatest spirtual succour
    qutb - spiritual pole
    fana - annihilation
    zawq/dhawq - taste
    wajd - ecstasy
    haal - state
    maqaam - station/rank
  10. mu'jiza - miracle /greater miracle
    karamat - lesser miracle? /charismata?

    I've found that a LOT of directly equivalent terms can be borrowed from Roman Catholicism...
  11. :s1:

    As a sometime translator I think it would be useful for myself and others if we could keep this thread permanent and add to it English translations of words that a translator of religious texts comes across commonly since it is necessary for any translator to be consistent. I think this will be useful.
    exceptions could be made for words which have become so common that they've entered the English lexicon e.g. Shariah.

    So here goes:

    'ilm -- knowledge
    ma'arifah/ma'arifat --gnosis?
    madhhab - school of thought?
    'ishq -- passionate love? passion? love?
    Shar'iah -
    (Islamic Sacred Law)
    sajadah - prostration
    ruku - genuflexion
    raka'h/raka't -- prayer cycle?
    tassawuf - sufism
    sama' - audition?
    wali -saint
    dua - supplication
    namaz/salah - canonical prayer
    na'at -laudation/song of praise?/eulogy
    hamd - hymn?
    tawbah - repentance
    gunaah - sin
    gunaah- e- kabira - mortal sin
    gunaah e saghira - venal sin
    tasbih - rosary
    wudu' - ablution
    ghusl - greater ablution?
    tajjali - theophany?
    jalal - majesty
    jamal - beauty
    tawaaf - circumambulation
    marsiya - elegy
    istinja - abstemation ?
    zikr/dhikr - chanting the names of God/remembrance?
    ta'widh/taweez - amulets
    tabbarak - sacred relics/holy relics

    please help by adding more! feel free to disagree! lets make this a great resource!

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