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    bump. because a friend mentioned something related to translations.
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    i wrote on the ala hazrat forum:
    assalamu alaykum.

    i don't understand why everything should be translated into english and braille. i have written on our sister-forum that every science has its own language and the language of islamic sciences is arabic or an arabic-oriented one.

    now, those who demand that everything be translated into english may try a hand at it, if they please. it is easier to sit by idly, without attempting to learn urdu, persian or arabic and criticize at the 'laziness' of those who do, for not translating works in english.

    yes, books and articles are written/translated in english and any of the thousands of languages in the world to help muslims who do not know arabic to perform their islamic duties and to impart necessary islamic education. a few intermediate books are also translated to achieve this purpose. but if one needs to specialize in that science, one should learn the necessary skills and tools.

    all through history, scholars have written books on fiqh, aqayid, tafsir and hadith for the commonfolk in the local languages. when it comes to advanced treatises, they are written in arabic. a scholar who needs to understand the necessary articles and who can understand and convey rulings by higher scholars can be content without learning arabic.

    but for specialization and iftaa, it is imperative that such a muslim learn arabic. without that basic tool, anyone 'wishing' to digest islamic scholarship is only daydreaming.

    shall we not be introspect and marvel at our slothfulness and our double standards? do we demand that universities translate textbooks into our languages or do we learn that language? correct me if i am wrong, but a prerequisite to getting admission in higher colleges is 'knowledge of english'. and this is across the board. of olde, it used to be in latin, but in today's world, most of the scientific literature is in english, hence the demand.

    i come from a place where it is common for people to speak at least three languages; the city folk make-do with four or five and the litteratti are comfortable with six. some years ago, the then prime minister could speak and read about seventeen languages! [according to most news sources, mainly wikipedia. i can count upto 11 but i have reservation about the other six.] even in such a country, education in native language stops at the grad level. for post-graduate and research in major universities, one is required to know english.

    alright. i will stop flogging that point to the point of nausea but let it be clear and unambiguous: you read alahazrat, you learn urdu,persian,arabic.

    i urge you all to discourage this laid-back feeling among muslims that everything will be translated in english. if you feel you have a duty towards your religion and you are eager to learn more, make up your mind to learn arabic.

    would we not learn arabic for the love of RasulAllah Sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam? [intentions of my ummah are better than their deeds]

    "One would think that after so many years, Our Great Imaam's work would be available in brail (script for the blind) by now."

    you mean braille. the imam's work is ANOTHER in the long list of great works. please do not contribute to the impression of a 'cult' that is cultivated by the enemies. you can however find the qur'an in braille. we cannot emphasize enough that ala Hazrat only aided the ahlus sunnah and furthered its cause.


    "With all due respect to Our Beloved 'Ulema, I think that they are spending far too much time defending Meelad, Urs, Giyaarwi and not enough time translating these priceless jewels of our Aqeedah."

    the point is right, but instead of 'translating' it should be 'disseminating' or 'propagating' or 'teaching' the present generation. or if one can say it with chutzpah, most of them need to spend their time 'reading' or 'learning' classical texts before belting out 'dhuandaar' lectures or if you wish 'smoky' lectures.
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