two of the leading scholars in the world in Birmingham

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    'After seeing comments to my last status...

    The grand institutes of Facebook and YouTube have revolutionised Islamic academia. Centres of learning have existed in the Muslim world since the inception of Islam and have produced great minds in every era. Conversely, Facebook and YouTube are the newest seats of learning yet have produced the greatest number of graduates.

    A person can go from being a layman to a ‘Shaykh’ after making a few profound statuses or video clips that go viral – and this can happen in the space of weeks whereas traditional courses took upto a decade. Hence, the two social media phenomena are being viewed as a great gift and students are enrolling in their thousands every day.

    And the best part – the two establishments are totally free of charge so equal opportunities are at the forefront of their philosophy. All you need is an internet connection. There isn’t an entrance exam and no prior knowledge is required. There aren’t even any exams! A student can say whatever they like and because they are now ‘followed’ by tens of thousands of unknowing fans; they will still remain ‘grand shaykhs’ and nothing can take this accolade away from them.

    For these reasons, Facebook and YouTube are without doubt the most successful Islamic graduate programs in the world.'

    Aqdas Misbahi
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    not this Asim, thats Imam Asim, not four years ago, much more recent
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    Lol can't help but to laugh at the title of the thread.
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    hilarious to us but the sad thing is, some of the impressionable sunnis might believe that the duo are actually leading scholars. very sad.
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    asim is a top grade muppet
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    If im not wrong i think mufti akmal has said that scholars who are from indian sub continent are thought of as nothing, comparing to arabs etc.
  8. Ridawi78692

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    dr asim yusuf looks like someone from gujarat, india
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    I thought Asim studied Nur ul Idha with Shaykh Sjaad Hussain 4 years ago?
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    In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.
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    The 1st March 2015 mark the 1st anniversary since the launch of The Centre of Islam and Medicine (CIM), a pioneering initiative aiming to establish the first institution in the west for the research and study of contemporary medical ethical issues. To mark the occasion, the CIM will be holding its second annual fundraising dinner to celebrate the work we have achieved over the last year and enlist your support for what is to come.

    21st March 2015, 6:30pm
    Haveli Buffet Restaurant, Coventry Road, B10 0TH
    Price: From £15 / person

    Entitled ‘Building our Future – the need for research institutions’, the evening will host two of the leading scholars in the world; Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad and Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf. Their talks will share their insights on what is needed to build our future as a British Muslim Community, looking at the tradition of learning in Islamic history and its challenges going forwards.

    The evening will then offer you the opportunity to be a part of this historic journey. Dr Obadah Ghannam, lead researcher at the CIM, will be hosting an interactive session on a common ethical scenario which patients and doctors are likely to face to help you engage with the work we hope to do. This will then be followed with an auction and fundraiser to give you a chance to support our work – so be sure to bring a cheque book!

    The evening will be hosted at Haveli Restaurant, the popular buffet restaurant serving more than 70 food varieties from across the globe. We look forward to hosting you in what is sure to be a memorable evening!
    Buy Your Tickets

    Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad
    Topic: Looking back to look forwards: Understanding the role of research institutions in the development of Islam

    Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, is a researcher, writer, academic and the Dean of the Cambridge Muslim College. He is the Director of Studies (Theology and Religious Studies) at Wolfson College and the Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University. He has many publications that circulate around Islamic theology, Muslim-Christian relations and received numerous prizes for his work including the Pilkington Teaching Prize by Cambridge University and the King Abdullah I Prize for Islamic Thought for his short booklet Bombing Without Moonlight.

    Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf
    Topic: The Growth Area of Fiqh: shedding light on contemporary ethical problems within medicine

    Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf is a Consultant Psychiatrist with an interest in Spirituality and Mental Health. Over 20 years of theological training at the hands of masters of Islamic law and spirituality. He has an ijaza (formal authorization) to teach. He is the founder and Director of the Path to Salvation Diploma in Classical Islamic Studies, one of the largest Muslim organisations in the UK, and of the Islamic Ethics and Global Citizenship Initiative. He is part of the advisory panel of the Islamic Medical Ethics Council and has authored several books on different aspects in Islam.


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