Ulama on deviant sects

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    The first priority for Sunni ulama is to save their own flock rather than attract deviants.

    If I ask a Sunni aalim his view on devbandis, he should be able to answer unequivocally and be happy to have this answer made public. Why not?

    He might argue, I don't want to name names in order to attract devbandis to Ahl al-Sunnah.

    But that isn't your priority. Your priority is to save Ahl al-Sunnah from deviants. So if you have a following of a few hundred, let's say, then who will tell them about devbandis if you're the person they take from?

    Misplaced diplomacy.

    Ulama need to be clear in their public positions on deviant sects. You're a public figure who people take from. If you don't speak clearly, who will?

    At the very least, say: we follow the fatawa of our akabir such as Alahazrat, Mawlana Sardar Ahmad Qadiri, Kazmi Shah sahib et al and hold the same position they did regarding devbandis.
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