Urs e Ala Hazrat

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Nabeela, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. Nabeela

    Nabeela New Member

    68 days left to the Urs of Ala Hazrat Rahmatullahi Ta'ala Alayh.
  2. azharimiyan

    azharimiyan New Member

    • His mastery of numerous sciences and context of his work for his time
    • Perhaps the sheer amount of literature he produced, and once again, context of the difficulty and impressiveness of this for such an age ( no computers / laptops / keyboard / internet )
    • His firmness on faith and how he was immovable while unstoppable both at the same time
    These are just some of the things upon which I personally marvel of Sayyidi Ala Hazrat.
  3. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Why is he mujaddid?
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  4. Juwayni

    Juwayni Veteran

    The Strength of Alahazrat in Hadith Science.
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  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Can brothers list topics that should be talked about on Urs e Alahazrat?


    Can we get the hashtag trending too, please?
  6. Nabeela

    Nabeela New Member

    Salat Al Razaviyyah is the Durood Sharif which Ala Hazrat wrote himself.

    As we are aware there are numerous of benefits of reciting Durood e Pak but yet we aren't even aware of all the blessings and benefits. I wanted to share this;

    The Most merciful Prophetﷺ said; Whoever recites salat upon me fifty times a day; i will shake hands with him on the day of judgment. (Al-Qurbah Ila Rab-bil-'alameen,pp.Hadees90)

    The intercessor of the Ummah ﷺ said; Whoever recites salat upon me on Friday, i will intercede for him on the day of Judgement. (Jam'-ul-jawami' lis-suyuti,vol.7,pp.199,Hadees22352

    Since the upcoming of the Urs e Ala Hazrat i thought we could begin reciting this Salat al Razaviyyah.

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  7. Nabeela

    Nabeela New Member

    Finally the count down begins to the Urs e Ala Hazrat Rahmatullahi Ta'ala Alayh.

    Maslak E Aala Hazrat ka na'ara lag raha hai hamesha lagega.

    Ishq o Mohabbat Ala Hazrat Ala Hazrat!

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