Wa rafánā laka dhikrak

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    Wa rafánā laka dhikrak kā hai sāyah tujh par
    Bol bālā hai terā dhikr hai ūnchā terā

    You have the shade of 'We have raised you remembrance' upon you;
    Your rank is uplifted, your mention has been elevated

    Áql hoti to Khudā se na laŕāyi letey
    Yeh ghaťāyeń usey manzūr baŕhānā terā

    Had they intellect, they wouldn't wage war against Allah;
    They denigrate yet He Wills for you to be raised

    Tū ghaťāne se kisi ke na miťā hai na miťe gā
    Jab baŕhāye tujhe Allah ta'ala terā

    You haven't nor will you disappear by them lowering you;
    When Allah ta'ala Himself elevates you

    Miť gaye miť'te haiń miť jāyeń ge aádā terey
    Na miťā hai na miťe gā kabhi charchā terā

    They have, do and will wane - your enemies;
    But your fame never has and never will know diminishment


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