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  1. this guy was calling for kashghari to have the hadd carried out on him, despite kashghari's appology (which is valid according to two madha-hib). fair enough. then he himself makes insulting comments, and he also issued a note of appology. should we try him despite his appology?
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    سواء اتفقنا مع الحبيب الجفري في زيارته للأقصى أو اختلفنا فإننا نقف معه ضد من يهاجمه اليوم، فالحرب عليه حرب على العلماء والتصوف وأهل السنة.

    "whether we agree or disagree with al-Habib al-Jifri on his visiting al-Aqsa, we certainly stand with him against those who attack him today. War against him is war against the scholars of Tasawwuf and ahl al-Sunna."

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