Want to understand how British desis (including most Muslims) live? Read this book!

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    The following is a professional review of a book I've almost finished reading (called 'Londonstani'). It is set in South West London and tells of four young desi (Indian) youth (and their friends and foes) and is a very accurate portrayal of a certain segment (probably the majority) of British desi youngsters and their lifestyle nowadays. For those not from the UK it will make sobering and interesting reading; for
    those from the UK it will be like reading about many people you know. Although the main characters in this book are Sikhs and Hindus the lifestyle depicted is almost identical to similar Muslim youth (who make an appearance throughout the novel anyhow; the major female character, Samira Ahmed, however is a Muslim girl: and quite a typical portrayal too of many 18/19 year old British Muslim girls).

    Here're 2 reviews:

    (The Telegraph)

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