Washing hands before food

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    SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah!
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    There was once a dinner in Pilibhit where both Muhaddith Surati and Alahazrat were present. Before serving the food, the host brought a jug and bowl for them to wash their hands. As per custom, Muhaddith Surati indicated for the host to wash Alahazrat's hands first.

    Alahazrat responded:

    'You are a Muhaddith and most knowledgeable regarding the sunnah. This decision of yours is certainly correct and befitting your rank because the sunnah is that when there's a gathering of guests, the first to wash their hands should be the smallest* and then finally the biggest* - this is so that the elders don't have to wait for everyone else to wash after them. But at the end of the meal, the biggest should go first.

    I will go first now but you will go first when we finish.'

    Sayyid Muhammad Muhaddith Kichochawi was also at the dinner and said:

    'When Muhaddith Surati heard Alahazrat say this, he attempted to pull the washing utensils towards him so that he can wash first but Alahazrat said with a smile, 'for you to act against your word is unbecoming of you.'

    Whenever I think about this incident, the memory is refreshed and it's sweetness is reinvigorated.'

    [Hayāt e Alahazrat, v.1, p.246]

    * I have translated as smallest and biggest rather than youngest and oldest because here, Alahazrat isn't referring to age but rank.
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