what use is sunniport?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Inwardreflection, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. " Nay, that day you will be numerous but like the foam of the sea..." (Abu Dawud)
  2. Tustari

    Tustari New Member

    And that example provided by Unbeknown is precisely why this site is needed. To warn Sunnis of the dangers that lurk in this pitiful world we live in. And indeed they are everywhere. But the biggest danger is losing our Deen to deviants and kuffaar because in that lies our total destruction. SunniPort is literally just that. A port for Sunnis in this maelstrom we find ourselves in

    May Allah grant our brother Abu Hasan abundant blessings and rewards for his work and his efforts in clarifying the positions of Ahl-as-Sunnah and exposing the deviants and may he never tire in this endeavor!
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  3. Ibn.ali

    Ibn.ali Active Member

    sunniport is the oxygen of our Iman. May Allah preserve this platform and all the learned brothers specially Sayyidi Abu Hasan.
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  4. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator


    just to clarify. It's immaterial whether it affected the muftis or obaid. It was one of the few non-partisan discussions that took place online or offline and in any language which rattled the whole drama top to down and some more and the truth was vindicated.

    May be you do not know but the thread was being watched by at least some who were physically close to the fault line and it was imperative that the imaan and aqeeda of, as many sunnis as was possible, be saved.

    It was no small event - two muftis, highly trusted and holding important positions - were seen siding with falsehood and using their clout and technical jargon to bamboozle common people, all for the sake of a third-rate politician. Entire principles were being played around with. It was shocking like few other things.

    It was not just our right but also our duty to protest and we did the best we could.

    We cannot change hearts but we can give them an opportunity to listen to a different narrative.

    And, sadly, it is not something which we can hope to never see happen again. The information gleaned from that thread will, inshaAllah, help us all know the truth and side with it, whenever in the future such accidents happen again and I am sure they will.

    Granted there was a deal of commotion, an overflowing of passions and some injudicious remarks had been exchanged between otherwise amiable members. But I am sure we all emerged from it, more mature and emotionally resilient than before.

    Heated discussions need not always end in hate, hard feelings and acrimony and when iron dares the furnace it emerges as steel.

    And Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  5. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    Take for example the recent Ijaaz Shaami thread. Would it not be better for the participants to physically gather and hold the discussion so there is accountability with no hiding behind usernames. Why have that discussion online publicly?

    Or the Ubaid Khan thread. Was that discussion an efficient use of time and resources? Did it have any impact on Ubaid and the Muftis involved in the case? Then is discussing it publicly online wise?

    I don't know. Don't take my posts as advocating one way or another, I'm just thinking out loud and re-evaluating for myself how online forums should be used, how much time should be spent on them, what threads to watch, what threads to participate in, when and why to post, etc.......
  6. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    No. Just rethinking what is the purpose of visiting Sunniport (or any other online forum), can that purpose be fulfilled elsewhere and if not why (is it due to something lacking in our immediate localities that should be addressed), is this the wisest use of time (I have never heard a scholar recommend to spend time on online forums), etc.
  7. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    I learnt a lot from Sunniport.
    Brother we need sunniport and some improvement should be done like question and answer by scholars and fikh q and a.
    Authentic Sunni resources at one platform.
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  8. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    are you suggesting that we should not be visiting sunniport because we wouldn't be visiting a club full of strangers?

    sorry, but the analogy isn't correct and so are the apparent assumptions about the "club of random guys" scenario.

    you need to rethink about both and try and see in how many different ways they are dissimilar.

    wa's salaam
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  9. izz al-Din

    izz al-Din Well-Known Member

    We need authentic Sunni voices, like yourself, please Do not move on. Things are getting warmed up now in the world. Just show us your magnanimous side, we all are coming from different backgrounds and levels of understanding and our little knowledge has not yet caused hilm in us, and taqwa. Your wisdom is much needed. Please show sabr towards us. I guess we're all trying to learn.
  10. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    that is the sole reason we visit sunniport.
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  11. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    I think that we need to add more moderators, initially with limited rights, only to watch and keep the forums clean. old moderators are becoming older and busier , and more inclined to shun useless debates.
  12. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    If Sunniport were a physical gathering place, like a cafe, community centre or park, would anyone visit it? Would people actually make it a part of their daily routine to physically attend this centre and partake in the discussions they are having now? If you had a question pertaining to deen, would you actually go to this centre and pose these questions to random people you've never met and have discussions with them, not knowing which one is a scholar and what their qualifications are? Would a scholar recommend to an individual to take time away from his or her fard ibadaat, studies, awraad, family and other activities and visit this centre, whether it be 10 minutes a day or 10 minutes a month?

    If no, then why do we visit Sunniport on the internet?
  13. sunni_92

    sunni_92 New Member

    What use is 'sunniport'?

    The answer is in the question Shaykh. We are sunnis; hence why we frequently visit..

    If we didn't have sunniport, we would be herded in by the deos, salafis, shias on their forums; This is our only resource! Without you Shaykh aH, myself and many others would have no true imaan.

    The state of the forum is the sad state of our jamaat..we have been a laughing stock for far too many years!

    I've tried to butt in on a few occasions to stop members from having a dig and acting like children; just so that we can be taken more seriously. Honestly, it's like school time is over and some of us come on here and try and have a dig at every little tom, dick, harry.

    Note: If we have a serious concern, then address the scholar with respect and ask politely what, how and why this could have occurred.
    No name calling, no adding ridiculous titles to their names, not joking and ridiculing on every post - Just be sincere guys.

    Adam Yahya hit the nail on the head; we need more English speaking scholars to endorse Sunniport. But I feel that they don't do this because of the image and childish behaviour of certain members; Can we blame them?

    Ps..Shaykh aH, bear in mind; The trolls will come on here on purpose to ignite the forum and put suspicion into your mind and to make you ask yourself, 'what use is sunniport'? We must not fall prey to this; we have hurt the bidatis a lot, believe me - we must be careful that ultimately we may be closing down because of their games!
  14. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    I take your contribution on board. Thank you.
  15. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    one more use is that Sunniport is ALSO A LIBRARY - a treasure trove of invaluable data.

    if the members look at it as a library, they would not cause a ruckus & distract everyone, but concentrate on reading & learning. Or would bring some new material to add to the library's collection.
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  16. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    well, we can't expect support from scholars " far and wide" - because our material is mostly in english. So we are left with just the english speaking ones.

    Of them, most are non-subcontinental and are, quite understandably, wary of supporting us - given our stance on devbandits (who have played their part well, in convincing these scholars that they are sunnis). We are also outspoken about arab scholars such as habib ali and shaykh yaqoubi who have evinced some remarkably unorthodox positions.

    Out of the English speaking subcontinentals or those who have roots in indo-pak and know the reality of devbandis - how many are outspoken sunnis who stand their grounds under all circumstances? Very few in my opinion - and most of these, I think, support us.
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  17. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    a few suggestions I made earlier. It's post#6 of that thread.

    I think that most of us just can't self-regulate. So we need some well-considered and serious regulations, regulations which will help bring out the better side of people. We don't want to shun people. None of us are perfect but a little regulation can go a long way in encouraging people to think before posting.

    It a simple thing, hazrat 'Umar (raDiyAllahu'anhu) upturned the vessel of a person who was selling watery milk. It might appear cruel but it created such a deterrent that no one after that dared to sell adulterated milk.

    That's what most of us need - a deterrent. They make pious men of us all. It's really the nafs that's impish. And merely the presence of a whip can help discipline it even if it never cracks.

    And Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  18. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    Something else I want to put out there is, if Sunniport truly is an asset for Sunnis then why are there so few scholars and leaders out there who genuinely support or look up to this forum? Why do so many of them seemingly view it with bad taste? Clearly something is not right if my opinion is to hold any truth. Surely the scholars should be pleased to advocate Sunniport by virtue of it promoting Sunniyat?
    If this isn't the case, then we need to look at why the forum does not attract the support of the scholars, far and wide, and address the issue in a sensible and sincere manner. If the goals and objectives of Sunniport are the same as the scholars and Sunnis in general, then we should be be seen to be united and working in unison.
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  19. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    I get the impression that there are only a handful of scholars on this page, quite a few students but many more lay people, with the latter forming the majority.

    The scholars need to take and/or maintain control of this forum. In the hands of the often ignorant layman, I fear that the forum will only continue to deteriorate on so many levels.
  20. IslamIsTheTruth

    IslamIsTheTruth Well-Known Member

    The relevance of sunniport is immeasurable.
    A platform like this, in this day and age is essential.
    Only Allah knows how many would have been easy prey for the theives of imaan if it wasn't for the services of the learned on this forum.
    You will always get the odd forum clown/joker, every forum has one.
    Heck I'm sure we all know one in our community or amongst our peer group.
    But anyway, may this forum continue to educate and advise.

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