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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by abu Hasan, May 9, 2017.

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  1. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    oh, i forgot this one.

    siyar a'alam al-nubala, dhahabi, vol.10, p.31

    siyar v10p31.png
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  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    perhaps you need an example to provide proper referencing.
    let us take the below citations, which you labeled as: 'reference' and 'go look by yourself'.

    the proper way to reference, is as below, even if you do not provide the screenshot.

    siyar a'alam al-nubala, dhahabi, vol.10, p.58

    siyar a'alam al-nubala, dhahabi, vol.10, p.59
    siyar, v10p59.png

    manaqib al-imam al-shafiyi, bayhaqi vol.1 p.451
    manaqibbayhaqi, v1p451.png

    manaqib al-imam al-shafiyi, razi, p.143
    manaqibrazi, p143.png
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  3. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    seriously, brother - what do you think is the conclusion of bayhaqi's anecdote?

    why do you ask whether it is authentic?
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    is it because you are incapable of giving a reference?

    regardless, is this the way one provides references? "go look by yourself". sub'HanAllah.

    it is siyar.

    would you be interested in discussing this from an academic viewpoint? do start a thread if interested.

    is it only siyar, or can we ask you for other books too?
  5. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    another insight into the flippancy of this guy - textual accuracy is now "waste of time, only good for show maker".

    a pompous fool.

    as if
  6. basirqadri786

    basirqadri786 Banned

    But, this is the definition of al-Shafi, in one of the reports, as per al-Dhahabi:

    الساجي : حدثنا إبراهيم بن زياد الأبلي ، سمعت البويطي يقول : سألت الشافعي : أصلي خلف الرافضي ؟
    قال : لا تصل خلف الرافضي ، ولا القدري ، ولا المرجئ .
    قلت : صفهم لنا .
    قال : من قال : الإيمان قول ، فهو مرجئ ،
    ومن قال : إن أبا بكر وعمر ليسا بإمامين ، فهو رافضي
    ، ومن جعل المشيئة إلى نفسه ، فهو قدري

    I asked al-Shafi: Can I pray behind a Rafidi?
    He said: Do not pray behind the Rafizi, nor the Qadari, nor the Murji
    I said: describe them to me.
    He said: The one who says that Iman is statement, then he is Murji
    whosoever says that Abu Bakr and Omar are not the two imams, then he is a Rafidi
    whosoever places the Will for himself, he is Qadari.

    Now, the part which Nawazuddin Quoted about al-Shafi, something is similar is reported and al-Dhahabi comments: Whoever claims that al-Shafi does show shiasm then he made a false claim (muftari) and does not know what he is saying

    قال علي بن أحمد الدخمسيني سمعت علي بن أحمد بن النضر الأزدي ، سمعت أحمد بن حنبل ، وسئل عن الشافعي ، فقال : لقد من الله علينا به لقد كنا تعلمنا كلام القوم ، وكتبنا كتبهم ، حتى قدم علينا ، فلما سمعنا كلامه ، علمنا أنه أعلم من غيره ، وقد جالسناه الأيام والليالي ، فما رأينا منه إلا كل خير ، فقيل له : يا أبا عبد الله ، كان يحيى وأبو عبيد لا يرضيانه -يشير إلى التشيع وأنهما نسباه إلى ذلك
    فقال أحمد بن حنبل : ما ندري ما يقولان ، والله ما رأينا منه إلا خيرا

    قلت : من زعم أن الشافعي يتشيع فهو مفتر ، لا يدري ما يقول

    The quote from al-Bayhaqi - it lacks isnad, can it be considered authentic ?

    ومما حكي عن أبي داود السجستاني أن أحمد بن حنبل أخبر أن يحيى بن معين ينسب الشافعي إلى التشيع فقال أحمد: تقول هذا لإمام المسلمين.......

    * Reference Siyr of Al-Dhahabi and manaqib (go look by yourself)

    * You need PDF link to the book, please let me know, and don't ask me, if the PDF book is 100% accurate, or has some discrepancies in some manuscripts, who is the verifier, why one publisher has few extra volumes, if the verifier is wahhabi or deobandi or lamadhabi, what is the reliability.... all these type of questions are waste of time, only good for show maker.


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