Where to buy the Masnavi Sharif in Farsi?

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  1. Wadood

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    It is the same thing as saying, Bukhara is mecca 'to' the Naqshbandis, with the small 'm'

    so mathnawi is the qur'an to the pehlavis [for those who seek His Rida jalla jala laHu]
  2. the literal translation of what Hazrat Jami said is,

    The Masnavi e Ma'anawi of Mawlana:
    It is the Koran in the Pahlavi* language.

    *pahlavi i.e. Middle Persian.

    So 'persian koran' is not an incorrect translation!

    i know of the noor tv programme but reading it yourself is a pleasure of a higher

  3. Aqdas

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    been watching too much football?! cover to cover?

    on a serious note: my persian is non-existent but is this the best translation for what mawlana jami said? is there no problems with saying 'persian qur'an'? i would like to call it the meanings of the qur'an in persian.

    jami said:

    masnawi e ma'nawi e mawlwi
    hast qur'aN bar zabaane pahlawi

    you might like pir alauddin siddiqi's dars e masnawi on noor tv or sayyid hamid sa'eed kazmi's masnawi mawlana rum which qtv showed a while back.
  4. :s1:

    I want to sit down and read the Masnavi Sharif from end to end; it is, after all, the 'Persian Koran' (Jami). Is there anywhere online I can buy it from?

    This might be trying my luck but does anyone know if there exists any audio CD recordings of the Masnavi in either Farsi or Urdu (I know of an English recording but would prefer the Farsi/Urdu).

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