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    This is a book dealing with India,the hindu terrorisim and politics. So those who are not interested can skip reading further.
    Many bomb explosion took place targeting Muslims in India in the last few years. For example, bomb explosion at the city of Modsa, Hyderabad ( Makkah masjid), Malegaon ( densily muslim population),Ajmer Sherif ( shrine of the great sufi Khawja Gareen Nawaz) and in Samjhauta Express ( railway train which runs between India and Pakistan).

    In all these explosions Muslims were targeted. A top Indian Police Officer ( Non- Muslim) was given the task of solving these case. His name was Hemant Karkare.

    His Findings:

    During the course of his investigation Mr Karkare found irrefutible evidence of the involvement of the Hindu ( Brahmin) terror group consisting of groups like RSS,Bajrang Dal etc. The woman terror wing of hindu group was also found to be involved in this and its active member Sadhvi Pragya was found to be actively involved in all these blast apart from other male members of other Hindu terror group.

    His Reportings:
    When Mr Karkare disclosed this information whole India was shocked. A few Hindu terror master minds were caught and others were soon found dead in mysterious circumstances.

    His enemies

    Soon the entire brahmin lobby became an enemy of Mr Karkare and started calling him a 'pakistani agent' for exposing the hindu terror group.This gave him a lot of mental trauma.

    His Death

    On 26 Nov 2008, few terrorist entered the city of Mumbai where Mr Karkare was posted. Mr Karkare was given the orders from his senior to chase these terrorist. During that encounter he was killed.

    Cospiracy Theory

    Many people , including think tank is of the opinion that Mr Karkare was deliberately sent to fight these terrorist so that he might be killed. There are different theories to this incidence.

    His Last telephone call

    During his last telephone call to Dig Vijay Singh ,an Indian politician ( a Non Muslim), Mr Karkaare disclosed that Hindu terror group has been threatening him and giving him mental trauma.

    The role of Dig Vijay Singh
    After the death of Mr Karkare, Digvijay singh disclosed this last telephonic conversation. The Hindu group denied this and said this is a cooked up story and Dig Vijay Singh is also "anti Hindu".

    The Evidence

    DigVijay singh has now produced official telephone records and shown to the media and whole world that , indeed , the telephonic conversation took place. The Hindu terror group has gone quiet now.

    The Book

    This book deals with providing clinching evidence that not only Hindu terror group but also other government agencies are behind thess attacks on muslims in India.

    The Author

    The author is Mr S.M .Mushrif [ Former I.G Police], a top police officer . He has written this book with solid evidence as he himself was one of the top police officer and knows how to deal with evidence.

    At one place in the book , the author has given a record of a male dead body whose lower portion was missing and the dead body had " false beard" which came out when the dead body was moved.

    This shows how some non muslims act and dress like muslims and spread terror to bring bad name on Islam.

    Islam is a religion of peace and we Muslims are peace loving people.
    A small list of people who accepted Islam without any 'sword' can be seen here

    To know more about book, please see here


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