why did muslims fall behind

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    we have seen alahazrat's "tadbir e falah".

    i chanced upon a work by shakib arsalan from al-manar of rashid rida: "why did muslims fall behind" on one of my book hunting trips.

    what is striking about this book is that it looks as if it were a translation of alahazrat's tadbir e falah! certainly, it has more material, but the approach is definitely similar to alahazrat's work. even the tone looks like that in alahazrat's book. whether the author was inspired by it or not is not known (i hurriedly scanned through the book and felt he has some modernist streak, especially when he speaks of the 'stagnant muslim'.)

    for the doubting thomases who would be thinking, what if alahazrat 'lifted' it from this book:

    the question was asked and answered 9 years after alahazrat's passing away.

    just sharing.

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