wikileaks and israel

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    Wikileaks Cables on Israel’s Gaza Onslaught

    Complete artcile can be read here
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    'WikiLeaks to expose Mossad'

    DUBAI: Dubai's police chief today said leaked US diplomatic cables to be released soon will prove his claim that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was involved in the murder of Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh here almost a year ago.

    WikiLeaks founder has Julian Assange in an interview with Al Jazeera on Wednesday, has vowed to release 3,700 more files related to Israel particularly dealing with the Al Mabhouh killing in Dubai and the second Lebanon war.

    Detail can be read at this link

    Please note, every thing mentioned in times of india is not correct. This indian newspaper has been praising and supporting wikileaks right from the begining and just 3 days back Julian Assange praised times of India!
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    One more theory

    I read this in a magazine. I am only reporting this so as to show that different people think in different directions.

    The relationship between Saudi Kingdon and Iran has improved in the recent years. The enemies of Islam would never like to see this. So all that is presented by Wikileaks should not be taken as a truth. It is possible that this 'secret' might have been planned well in advance and then released so as to create division between Saudi and Iran.

    French media has already reported that wikileaks might increase the division among the Islamic Countries.


    I guess it was pointing towards the wikileaks report which talks about Saudi's suggestion to attack Iran.


    From the Internet


    Iran cautioned the Muslim world against falling prey to American machinations and dismissed allegations it is building a nuclear weapon

    Speaking on the second day of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Regional Security Summit at the Ritz-Carlton Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki blamed the American presence in the region for its instability.

    “They bombed Afghanistan (after 9/11) and then became so arrogant that they did not even feel the need to take the permission of the United Nations to bomb Iraq. They killed hundreds of innocent people in Iraq - people who had committed no crime,” he said in Farsi.

    He accused the U.S of spreading lies and deception, citing the recent Wikileaks controversy, and claimed that Iran was a friend to all Arab and Muslim countries in the region. “We are happy when Saudi Arabia flourishes. We are happy to note that Bahrain has become an important center of international banking. Why should we not be happy? These are our Muslim brothers,” he said while driving his point home.
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    This may be true. But the content is mentioned on other website and not rense.

    This can be one of the reasons or one theory but the fact that none of the US embassy in any country didn't make any comment what so ever related with Palestine or Israel is something which gives doubt to the other theory.

    There must have been atleast some correspondece during those two wars. If the diplomats were too scared to make negative comments about Israel, they would have made atleast some other remarks which might not be called negative, but even that is missing.

    Lets hope and Pray that in the coming days we come to know more on this.
  7. AbdalQadir

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    wound and heal perhaps?!

    but yes, our 3ulema and leaders have been sleeping like a rock.

    one thing this whole charade and assange's arrest for "rape" has achieved fully, is expose the absolute farce that the current secular, free world order is and that freedom of speech, diplomacy and right to information are just shams. not that we didn't know it before. this just rubs it in for those in power.

    hillary clinton was so shameless to even suggest that speaking the truth is an attack on all nations. they sure love living a lie.
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    rense is one of the most unreliable sites on the interwebs. mostly tinfoil-hat stuff.

    one of the most important things that we learn as students of hadith and fiqh is that of examining the source. if a source is repeatedly found to be unreliable, it is not worth attaching much importance to that source.

    isn't it obvious? i don't think that any US official/politician will risk their career criticizing israel.

    look at the political discourse for the past 20-30 or even 40 years. the overwhelming amount of material related to injustice against muslim nations is documented by non-muslims. more often than not, these commentators are of jewish origin.

    as for wikileaks, guardian's coverage is highly recommended.
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    In the coming days as the picture becomes more clear we will have different opinions. Who knows , Wikileaks might release some document related to Israel just in order to show that it does not have anything with Israel. But the points which should be considered as of now is , why is there not even a single cable related with Israel which has been highlighted and no documents related about the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008-9 respectively and other valid points mentioned on the link posted by brother Abdal Qadir.
  10. AbdalQadir

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    i don't agree/disagree with all of them, but there's quite a few articles here too
  11. :s1:

    I agree with AH - partially. There is probably a lot of truth to the claim that American diplomatic staff are too terrified of criticising Israel for fear of losing their jobs but on the other hand it is public knowledge that some have criticised Israel too e.g. James Baker who was in Clinton's cabinet was overheard saying, "F**k the Jews - they don't vote for us [i.e. Diplomatic Party] anyway!"

    And there is still a vast majority of cables to come. I think Assange is a hero. This has the potential to change politics and the world for ever. unseen aspects of the information technology and internet age indeed!

    I think it is disgraceful how he is being hounded now. also it is sad but not surprising what the wikileaks have exposed about the leadership of the Islamic countries. Turkey alone comes out positively so far with their desire for a return of the Ottoman State. amen.

    Pakistan and Saudi have been disgraced.
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    i doubt wikileaks is in cahoots with israel. simply because, anything that hurts the US eventually hurts israel. israel is nothing without US support. bear that in mind - even the most mindless extremist israeli PM will not want the US to be exposed. because that weakens the empire and thus trasitively, the empire's perhaps most important beneficiary: israel.

    in fact, this shows how much US diplomats fear the israeli-jewish lobby; no diplomat would risk ending his career prematurely, if they were caught speaking ill of israel or the jewish lobby even in secret.

    suppose the diplomats spoke ill of israel, what would happen is that someone would selectively leak that one cable - and destroy that diplomat; such a leaker or the media-outlet that published that leak would either go unnoticed, untouched or lionized as champions of truth.

    see valerie plame.

    at least one commentator shares this skepticism:
    Strangely, he has been attacked on the left as a stooge of the CIA or Israel, though the former makes no sense at all. True, the latter comes off relatively clean amidst the diplomatic cesspool. But what the few tight-lipped US diplo leaks relating to Israel really show is the fear that US diplomats have of saying anything negative about Israel. Perhaps they fear they will be passed over for their "anti-Semitism" or perhaps they fear that all their missives are read by Mossad as a matter of course.

    moreover, only 1269 cables are out yet; ~248,800 are yet to come.
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