Wisdom of the Messenger of Allah - why Gold & Silver are allowed

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    Jewelry by Eric Sæter
    4 December 2012 ·
    Why you shouldn't be wearing brass or bronze jewelry!!!

    & why I don't offer close fitting jewelry in anything but silver or gold or vermeil! Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Copper isn't terribly harmful for you, though it will turn you greenish and is a sensitizer in many people— causing rashes, irritation and staining. Zinc commonly upsets skin with comparable results. For "castability", most brasses contain nickel, which is poisonous and an irritant. Brasses and bronzes alike will frequently contain lead at concentrations of around 1-2%. This is a ridiculously harmful metal to be wearing against the skin— Highly damaging to the brain and organ tissues. Other alloying materials include arsenic and phosphorus, and if a jeweler's "Brass" or "bronze" are not formulated by the jeweler themselves, it likely that they don't have access to accurate information regarding any metal's composition. Brass and Bronze that are not made by a jeweler come from an industrial source where it is alloyed with any number of additive metals to serve an industrial purpose; rustproof, spark resistant, insulation, heat dispersion— not for close human contact. An additional problem with ambiguous "alternative metals" comes down to the ethics of the overseas manufacturers that produce a large percentage of the jewelry you find in stores in the US. Maybe you remember a few years back when Chinese-made toys for US markets contained lead paint. Well, if lead and other toxic additives guarantee a cleaner cast, you better believe they will be used to cut costs or reduce loss.

    Often times, in costume jewelry or any jewelry that is not specifically labeled silver or gold, you will find a very thin plating of silver or gold (around a 100 millionths of an inch or less). If you manage to avoid wearing the plating off of the piece, don't think for a minute that all of the above cannot effect you. Metals will actually migrate through the plating where skin contact is made. Some metals take only days or weeks to visibly migrate right through a plating. Acrylic or epoxy sealants modestly protect the wearer from some of the materials in the ring but are harmful in their own respects and also will wear off very quickly from regular use. Remember, metals are actually dangerous! All that stuff you hear about "heavy metals" in the water and in the land are the same materials being used in cheap jewelry. Be safe, buy quality materials. The price is inconsequential to your heath!

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