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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's. - (this link has fatawa but they're all by the usual post-modern pro-vatican suspects - Ali jifry, Ali gomaa et al)

    Do the desi Sunni scholars know about such initiatives? If so, what are their fatawa on this?

    Assuming the initiatives are organized, managed, and executed by ONLY the local Muslims employed by the UN, would this be acceptable?

    Assuming the initiatives are organized, managed, and executed by a mixed group of Muslims and non Muslims, would this be acceptable, and can one trust them that the money will only be given to Muslims? (The UNHCR has itself posted fatawa that zakat can't be given to kafirs)

    From the WHO link:
    for the Shar3i fuqaraa and masakeen?

    Interesting fiqh question for desi scholars to divert their attention away from soap opera peeri - is covid vaccine (or vaccinations in general) a daroorah in our times?

    Can zakat money be used to deploy covid or other vaccines to the poor Muslims of the subcontinent that middle and upper class people like us consider as necessities?

    Surely, a poor Muslim rickshaw-wala pulling a three wheeler cycle rickshaw also has a right to life as much as we do.

    Or are vaccines just a ploy to plant nano chips into our bloodstream and to monitor our thoughts, regardless if we're rickshaw-walas or software engineers?

    (If desi scholars have addressed the issue of vaccines being deemed to be daroorah or not in our times, i concede my ignorance on their activities re the topic)

    While the post modern shuyukh are busy promoting christianity and an almost mirza ghulam style obedience to the kuffar, our scholars are busy with popularity contests!
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