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  1. Unbeknown

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    hamare mulk ke maroof aalim ne aik kitab likhi he jis me ye muaqqaf ikhtiar kia he ke Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq Radi Allah o Taala Anhu ki afzaliat jamhoor ka maslak he aur is per koi ijma nahi hua. Is lie is ka inkaar karne wala Ahle Sunnat se kharij qarar nahi dia ja sakta. Kia ye sahih he? kia jamhoor ke moaqqaf ki koi shari hasiyyat nahi he? jamhoor ki rae aur ijma me kia faraq hota he?

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  2. Ghulam

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    The grandson of Mufakkir E17 and the son of Waris e Ulum Mufakkir E17 Mazhar Shah says on facebook

    'Syed Aneeq Ali Jilani
    9 hours ago via BlackBerry Smartphones App
    Why would anyone ever name there son muawiyah. Seriously. That's beyond a joke. Can't believe people actually do'

    These Shia Shaytans are coming out of their closet
  3. The Emir

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    Whenever I go to that site all they are talking about is 'afzaliyat' and nothing else.

    It's bizarre that even after their Pir has written a book which was supposed to be the final word they keep looking for new references and desperately try and find anything written by anyone which can help their cause. Why didn't the book cover everything?? Makes you wonder what he actually did writing 600 pages!

    They say its not an important issue of faith yet spend all their time on it! The only advice I can give to them is to let it go as they are contradicting what they have written previously and are looking even more stupid if that is possible. You won't be able to change one sunni from his belief and a tafzili will never be defined as a sunni by Sunnis regardless of what you or your Pir says. You and your entire cabal of Molvis and hangers on are now well recognised as tafzilis and nothing is going to change that.
  4. Ghulam

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    Hujjat ul Islam wrote

    'al-Ashari's maqalat al-Islamiyyin and various sunni positions on tafzil'

    This is from the tehqeeq of Imam e Ahle Sunnat in their Luton lecrure when Allama Pir Ninowy was present and Imam e Ahle Sunnat said no one reads Arabic better than hin
  5. Ghulam

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    Pir Saab will just delete it.

    I think both Pir Hasnayn Shah and Maulvi Asrar should sit together and discuss the issue and film it in Pir Saabs library

    Or if Pir Saab could write a refutation of ala Hazrat and others and get the document spell checked by Tarjuman E17 that could be a good start.
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