zujajatul masbiH - nurul masabiH

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  1. Excellent

    Subhaan Allah A'zza wa Jall that is excellent news may Allah A'zza wa Jall give the U'lamaa Kiraam the Tawfeeq to complete the translation.

    This is great service to the Ahl us Sunnah!

    May Allah A'zza wa Jall give the Sunni a'waam the tawfeeq to read the books of our scholars ameen thumma ameen
  2. abu nibras

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    No it is not complete, and no its not available in the Uk; one can order the volumes of Nur ul masabiH through : ( some of them are unavailable )

    Husami Book Depot

    12B, Machili Kaman, Hyderabad - 500008

    Telephone: 2457-6285, 94413-00358

    Phone: 040-66806285
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    a few questions:

    is the urdu transalation now complete? can you get it in the UK?

    and is the arabic avaialable in the UK?

  4. abu nibras

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    Did any of the Rizvi Ulama write something similar to this work or the I’la al-Sunan?

    A full list of works defending the Hanafi Hadith proofs by the Indian/Pak Ulama would be appreciated, JazakAllah.

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  6. abu nibras

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    The 15th volume of Nur ul Masabih, the urdu translation of zujajatul masabih has been released. alhamdulillah

    I also stumbled acrros this announcement regarding the zujajah by Shaykh Fakhruddin Owaisi.

  7. Wadood

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  8. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    Muhadith-e-Dakkan Hazrat Shaykh al-Allamah Abul Hasanaat Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi-Qadri rahimahullah writes in the begining of the zujaja shareef, that he was contemplating about compiling a work on the lines of the Mishkat al MasabiH for the Hanfis, but was reluctant due to the fact that it was monumental undertaking.

    it was during these days that the Shaykh writes, he saw Sayyidina Rasulallah صلى الله عليه وسلم in his dream who tightly embraced the Shaykh and put him close to his صلى الله عليه وسلم blessed chest for a while.

    it was after this dream that Hazrat Shaykh Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi-Qadri rahimahullah was satisfied that he could complete this task and started his work.

    subhanallah !
  9. abu nibras

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    I always wondered as to who were the scholars who translated these 14 volumes into Urdu, as the translations credit an unknown group of scholars for the job.

    as I had imagined this was done mostly at the Research and Publications wing of the Jamia Nizamia of Hyderabad initially by the Sheikh ul adab of the Jamia Nizamiyya Sheikh Muhamamd Muneerudin damat barkatuhum and later under the guidance of the Sheikh ul Hadeeth of the Jamia Nizamiyya al MuHaddith Muhamamd Khwaja Shareef damat barkatuhum.

    Such a gigantic endeavor and no credit taken , subhanallaH we still have such scholars in the ummah, may Allah preserve them.

    aameen !
  10. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member


    zujajatul-masabiH - The 2500 page compendium of Hanafi Hadith proof texts by Muhadith al-Dakkan Hazrat Shaykh al-Allamah Abul Hasanaat Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi-Qadri rahimahullah, has been translated into Urdu as nur-ul-masabiH ; the fourteenth (14th) volume of which was released last week at the urs of Hazrat Abul Hasanaat Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi by Hazrat RaHmatullah Shah Naqshbandi-Qadri hafizullah.

    Zujatatul Masabih is a highly authoritative and valuable compilation of Hadith. The first volume is from The Book of Faith to the Book of Fasts. This has 2564 Hadith. The second volume starts from: ‘The excellence of the Holy Quran’ and ends with ‘The book of freeing (slaves), Chapter of oaths. This has 1255 Hadith. The third volume starts with The Book of retribution and ends with The Book of dreams. It has 1170 Hadith. The fourth volume starts with The Book of manners and ends with, ‘The book of trials. It has 1093 Hadith. The fifth volume starts with ‘The book of excellence of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and this volume ends with ‘Excellence of this Ummah. ’ It has 552 Hadith. The five volumes have a total of 6634 Hadith.
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