Parameters of Sunni ulama sitting with deviants

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by ghulam-e-raza, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Some pertinent points @Aqdas, especially in regards to publicising meetings with scholars from a different group. A prime example was the few sunni Shaykhs taking a picture with Taqi ul Uthsmani and I am pretty sure I saw Dr Khalid Mahmood in the background, who is a vehement opponent of the sunni Brelwi school. In my opinion those sort of images just cause confusion.

    However, where I do disagree is that where there are meetings about Muslim issues then sunni scholars should not be vilified for attending nor should they have to be required to take the pulpit and refute the same people they have tried to work together with to further the Muslim cause. That is not just impractical but it is also counter productive to attending the meeting in the first place.

    Finally, I came across a letter whereby a certain Arab sufi shaykh was asked to clarify his stances on certain issues. One of the issues was that he was asked to clarify was his stance on deobandis. As far as I am aware this is the modus operendi of sunni scholars from an Indo/Pak background that any Arab Sunni shaykh they come into contact with, they 'encourage' him to refute the deos and attest to Hussam ul Haramain. That has not been successful because the Arab scholars just don't want to get involved in issues, which they believe are domestic and end up thinking sunnis are just trouble makers. An opportunity to utilise their expertise is then lost.
    We need to be strict in our principles but smart and sage in our dealings.
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    The reason why associating with deviant scholars should be controlled is because it ultimately creates softness in your heart for them.

    A known Sunni scholar might sit with deviants to bring him to Ahlu's Sunnah or to come to an agreed framework.

    But the Sunni scholar has to be extremely careful and before and after each meeting, contemplate on the purpose of the meeting and recall the Quranic verses and hadith about the putridity of the deviant he sits with.

    One danger of continued meetings with innovators is the mellowing down of criticism towards them from the Sunni scholar. Naturally, you won't publicly refute the one you keep having tea with.

    I say, such meetings should never be publicised. No photos. Nothing. If and when the deviant accepts Ahlu's Sunnah, then matters can be publicised.

    Also, if you simply make a post that x Sunni scholar hosted x heretic, what will Sunni public take from it? Did the Sunni scholar ever consider that?

    Sunni scholars are permitted to meet deviants to rectify them but there are conditions: first and foremost, the Sunni must be fully grounded in Sunni aqidah. So not every scholar is permitted.

    Secondly, like I said, what's the need to publicise the meeting? You're only damaging Ahlu's Sunnah and our perception of deviants. If you want or need to meet them, do it behind closed doors and don't allow pictures.

    Thirdly, the Sunni should keep reminding himself, this deviant is an enemy of Islam. My heart still contains abhorrence towards his evil. I sat with him to correct him. Otherwise, he is the worst of creation.

    The Sunni scholar might be a seasoned debater but you never know when Satan fires his arrows. Meetings with deviants should be the exception, not the norm.

    Instead, Sunni scholars should expound the Sunni aqidah in their lectures and the deviant can seek guidance from them. I just feel repetitive meetings with various innovators causes softness towards them and this is lethal.

    The first and foremost job of the Sunni scholar is to keep Sunnis Sunnis. It might seem a pious endeavour to sit with deviants but it can turn on you. Satan is your enemy.

    Sunni scholars who sit with deviants should take to the pulpit after meetings and thrash the same deviance that they aimed to rectify to ensure the meeting hasn't affected their heart. If need be, and if he's famous, name the heretic too.

    Same goes for email contact with deviants. Don't let sweet talk mellow your refutations. If the world knows you're in touch, it's hard to then refute the deviant.
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