1st World Internetional Sufi Conference

Discussion in 'Events' started by chisti-raza, Jun 7, 2016.

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    he is from pakistan.
    he knows who or "what" modi is.
    he knows who or "what" tahir jhangvi is.
    he knows what "bharat mata ..." means.
    he knows the Indian sunni ulama's view on padri.

    and since he lectures on taswwuf:
    he aught to know what real sufisim is.
    he aught to know how sufis kept their distance from muslim rulers, let alone muslim 'killers'.

    after all this, all he was required to do was quietly slip out of the auditorium. innumerable sunnis would have thrown open the doors of their homes and mosques and lecture venues for him. He would have been hailed as a god-fearing sufi, a hero and a man worth his salt. people would have quarreled to pay for his return journey. Senior sunni ulema would have welcomed him to their madrasas and homes.

    And last but not the least, he would have kept his servitude in the court of Allah ta'ala.

    it takes only one moment of courage, just one difficult decision, to choose from the "najdayn". the rest becomes easy by the benevolence and grace of Allah subHanu wa ta'ala.

    a sinner like myself knows this. a scholar and sufi aught to know better.

    we ask Allah ta'ala for protection.
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    Sibtain Haider with padri sahib.

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    shaykh Shezad Mujaddidi was only one to greet modi with a single hand.
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    some photos


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    is Muhammad Yahya Ninowy a real scholar or fake one with unknown credentials ? No one seems to know his background, or any of the scholars of syria or iraq know of him

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    hassoun is here as well

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    I can't believe it. shehzad mujaddid also attended. He is a regular on qtv and I thought he was fine.

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    some fortunate soul made a noble attempt:

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    you missed the lure of fame. it's a "world" sufi conference. anyone attending automatically becomes a "world renowned" "sufi".

    now that certificate's certainly alluring.

    besides, lots of photo-ops. one can never have enough of them, considering the facebook timeline expiration period.
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    I don't think Mr Saqib Shaami is going to be speaking up on Modi or Padri IMG_20160319_095721.jpg
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    the Throne (Arsh) trembles when a faasiq is praised.

    but it is music to these fake shaykhs. (the pun is intended)

    these are not Sufis, who love Allah. they only have soo-fee (evil inside)
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    Is a p abubakar musliyar attended??
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    check on the recording of day one. Saqib shaami is there in the front rows, visible @ 1hr 39 min 20 secs.

    the disgusting reasons (or excuses) such people will give for their attendance will only cause further divisions within sunnis.

    la hawla wa la quwwata illa bi-Allah.
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    I was personally informed that peer Alauddin sahib had declined.

    let us not jump to conclusions until we have the evidence that so & so person attended. for this may be an attempt to malign.
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    JazakAllahuKhairan , Do we know who it is?

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    I think more such conferences should be held in future. It is great way to catch all the "ranga siyaar" (dyed jackals). Those, who made right postures in public, can be caught in compromising postures at such conferences.

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