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  1. ahlus-sunnah

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    More Beliefs of the Ahabash :

    They call Muawiya Radiyallahu Anh as Fasiq and this shows there Jahala.

    A Turkish Scholar was asked about the Ahabash, Ebu Bekir Sifil and he answered, that Abdullah Harari has some useful books but the majority is poisoned and we should avoid him and his companions.
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    they seem to be deceived by the devbandis in an indirect way. because the devbandis filled the ears of sayyid al-barzanji who did not properly understand alahazrat's position and wrote the work: ghayatu'l ma'mul. apart from the issue of the 'five', his claim that alahazrat claimed that the knowledge of Allah ta'ala and RasulAllah sallALlahu alayhi wa sallam was equal with the only difference of qidam and huduth.

    alahazrat wrote a refutation clarifying his own stance and refuting the sayyid's wrong notion as an annotation to his to 'dawlah' named, 'hasim al-muftari ala al-sayyid al-bariy'.

    incidentally, ghayatu'l ma'mul is published by aicp and available for order online; a dear brother procured it and sent me a digi-copy.

  3. ahlus-sunnah

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    Their Views on Shaykh Rajab Deeb and Shaykh Bouti :

    He claims Allah dwells in things, and that Allah is a body and that souls are attached to Allah, and accuses the Prophet with doubt in his prophethood and other statments that oppose the Ijma^.

    And one must be warned from Munirah Qubaysi and Muhammad Ameen Sheikho and Ahmad Hassoon and Muhammad Rajab Deeb as they collect money by the name of Islam and issue fatwas that oppose the Ijma^ of Ahlus-Sunnah.
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    Their View on the Shadhili Tariqa :

    It’s said that they claim to follow Sheikh Aliy Noorud-Deen al-Yashrutiy from Tunisia who lived in ^akka, Palestine. He had followers, some of them deviated during his life and so he disowned them. They claim that Allah dwells in everyone, male or female, this kufur is worst then the kufur of jews and fire worshippers. They claim Allah is in everything, in fact one said to other you are Allah, this wall is Allah.. this is from the sever blasphemy. Allah is clear from dwelling in this, or from things dwelling in him, Allah has no shape or limit or body, Allah exists without a place. Sheikh Ali Noorud-Deen, Allah guided by him some people. But the others misguided, those Yashrutiyah when they gather men and women they shake hands of the marrigable woman and they say: We are the sufi people of Tariqah, they deemed a haram matter as halal wal^iyathubillah. A women among them said: I move my hand because Allah is in it. They are disbelievers.
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    Their View on the Tijani Tariqa :

    The truth about the Tijaniyah Sufis

    It was said that Abul-^abbas at-Tijani during the occupation of morocco, his Tariqah was changed and perverted between his followers it’s possible that he is not like them, it’s possible that they are like the Yashrutiyah. They have a statement they say “O Allah raise the rank of the prophet the one who is really You” they claim that Muhammad is Allah Himself wal^iyathubillah. They claim they are sufies, they claim that anyone who takes their Tariqah becomes better then the Qutub Waliy. They sit in a circle and recite their Wird and claim that the prophet sits with them. They have other strange false beliefs.
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    Their Opinions on Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani :

    Read this quote form Nazim's book:

    On page 82 of the book, Mercy Oceans, it is reported one of Nazim al-Qubrusi's students said to him,
    "You gave us a good lesson, Maulana, when you told us that there is no king without a kingdom, no prophet without an ummah, no Creator without creatures. Allah is uncreated, and servants are also uncreated. But when we come to this life, we forget."
    "Yes," replied the Shaykh. "It is enough. You cannot go too deep without sinking!"

    I say: All of this is an explicit declaration of the creed of unity of the slave with the Creator--undoubtedly NOT the creed of the Muslims. We ask Allah, the Exalted, to protect us from such a creed. Amin.

    On page 13 of his book, Al-Wasiyyah, ^Abdullah al-Fayiz Ad-Daghistani says about the verse of Qur'an:

    "The one who recites this verse once wins a high degree and a great status, achieves security and safety in this life and the Hereafter, enters the circle of safety of Allah, receives all the grades and statuses of the esteemed Naqshabandi Tariqah and attains that which the prophets and waliyys have not attained and wins a status higher than the status of Abu Yazid Al-Bustamiyy [a great waliyy]."

    Ad-Daghistani says in the same book, p. 6: "...the one who shall win in this existing time that which the previous ones did not win in their solitude, spiritual exercises and the smaller and greater jihad, the one who shall win a high degree and a great status that neither the prophets nor the companions have achieved."

    I say: We have shown this statement belies the Qur'an. It also belies the unanimous agreement of the Muslim nation. The scholars stated the one who favors a waliyy over one of the prophets blasphemes for that. So, how would the case be when one favors the entire people of our times over the prestiged prophets--simply for reciting verse 285 of Surat al-Baqarah:

    Al-Qurtubiyy, who is a famous Malikiyy scholar and interpretor of the Qur'an said:

    which means: "That the prophet is better than the waliyy is a matter firmly established intellectually and in the texts. The one who opposes that is a blasphemer, for it is a matter of the Religion known to both the knowledgeable one and the lay person." The hafidh, Ibn Hajar, related this statement in Al-Fath, and agreed with it.
  7. ahlus-sunnah

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    Their Opinions on Shaykh Habib Ali :

    Ali al-Jifri has fallen in a big mistake by claiming that "the Mujassim wahhabis are not kuffar". How could the person not be blasphemer when he attributes bodily parts, orgains, place and body to Allah?
  8. ahlus-sunnah

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    Their Views on Imam Ahmad Raza Khan :

    Barelwis claim that our Prophet knows all ghayb, and that he is created form light and that he is the first creation and all of this is not true. We do not know if it's confirmed that Ahmad Reza said these statements but they definitely oppose Aqeedah and Ijma^.
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    very few of us are learned here, bro. except a few. i'm certainly not.

    i dont think it is appropriate for you to use the word 'kaafir' in this question, brother. may be you should rephrase it as, are the Ahbash a part of Ahlus Sunnah.
  10. AbdalQadir

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    For the major part they're proper Sunni. They do have the odd streaks from both wahabi and shia inclined thoughts, but they're not even proper wahabis or shias.

    A lot of the things that are said against them are propaganda by wahabis, and also by those who call themselves "Sunni" because they call what they believe to be a spade, a spade.
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    That's what i Wanna know bro.. Im not a learned person. For that reason, i have posted it here to get the answer from my learned brothers. Should we consider them as kaafir

  12. Wadood

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    assalamu 'alaikum brother. why are you asking if they are considered as kafir. if you dont mind me asking.
  13. shafeeq90q

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    What does Ahlus Sunnah say about the Ahbash.. R they considered as kaafir.

    I need some light on it..

    JazaakAllah khaira.


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