any other jaTTs out there?!

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    Sidi, Sikhs are two-faced kuffar. They are there to patronize Islam and Muslims and mock them. They are exactly like the Hindus in behaviour. Brother Abdal Qadir explained this very well, and I have seen it in practice to a great extent.

    The Sikhs existence is to deny Islam. They are perennialists and hypocrites. Because when it comes to attacking Islam, they waste no time. They added Sayyiduna Farid kalam and kalam of Kabir and others, so that they could confuse the innocent Muslims and bring them into a sort of pan-perennialist community that worship wahe-guru.

    Also, the true Punjabi is spoken in Pakistani Punjab. This is what Pakistani Punjabis have told me. The Sikhs and Hindus do not know how to speak proper Punjabi. Instead they say Pakistani Punjabi is urduized, which most Pakistani Punjabis in the villages deny.
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    Sidi, I thought that avalanche might give you a laugh, sorry if I startled you with that mountain. After all you are a Punjabi, and I am a Punjabi-wannabee. The common similarities are only in language and some areas of food. You have not pointed out any others. I have talked about art, musical instruments, dress-code, poetry, physical education, customs etc.

    Wedding customs among Punjabis are common in the surrounding non-Punjabis as well.

    Sikhs only started 400 years ago. Muslims in Punjab have been there for a thousand years. Muslims in Punjab are overwhelmingly from Hindu JaTT Punjabis. Almost all of the major Muslim JaTT tribes are all from Hindus.

    You have not mentioned what Muslims have borrowed from the Sikhs.

    I am not aware of the word Khatri you are mentioning, however, Khatri is a Hindu Caste. Not all Sikhs are khatris (kashatriya). Kashmiris from the valley are perhaps overwhelmingly Khatris.

    Through my research and years of observation, I believe the degrees of dis-similarities between Muslim Punjabis and Sikh-Hindu Punjabis are so great, that Muslim Punjabis have more in common with Kashmiris/Pashtuns/Baluch/Sindhis/Rajasthanis than with Sikh and Hindu Punjabis to be fair. Dakkan, Gujarat, and Bihar might be far-fetched and Bengal even more.
  3. well my iranian brother you shouldn't relate everything you hear! i wasn't EQUATING muslim and sikh jatts only pointing out the obvious cultural similarities. to deny them is to be blind to the obvious. despite our numerous similarities sikhs are still dismissively referred to as 'khatri' and 'kaRaar' in our parts. in fact calling someone a khatri is a big insult!

    despite that the truth is that we have more in common with punjabis from indian punjab than with anyone else (other pakis from punjab excluded.)

    if we're honest we also have more in common culturally--those of us who grew up in the UK (insert your country here) --with English people than with other Muslims from say, Saudi Arabia; for one, they look down at us terribly and for two, one's own language is one's own after all is said and done. like we have Brown Sahibs who try to be whiter than the White Man (aka House Niggers aka Uncle Toms etc.) we also have non-Arab Muslims who try to be more Arab than the Arabs themselves even though those Arabs dont reciprocate.

    Islam is not an Arab monopoly! If you're name is , e.g. Imran Khan, don't suddenly become Abu Sulayman al Lahori al Niazi al Mianwali and be ashamed of your heritage and speak in a ridiculous Arabic accent, 'Brazer, I am not Bakistani...alhamdulillah!'

    This is a trend in the UK religious youth esp. those attracted to Wahabism...
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    Sidi Asif, I am Iranian. The above loads of stuff is mostly from a Punjabi Mughal-Pathan (not a JaTT) person called "Ghulam Sarwar" from Lahore, whose family lives in South Hall, London. He boiled right there, when told that someone was equating Muslim Punjabi JaTTs with Sikh JaTTs, and I do not really understand why, and then insisted that I listen to his story. So, I thought I post it here.

    I do have Indian family members going back hundreds of years on my mom's mom side (some of them still live in India)
  5. Memon are cool. So sweet and gentle
  6. Yaar wadood are you sure you're not secretly an Indian or Pakistani ? How come every time there's a post on the subcontinent you post loads of stuff!

    I'm not denying the Sikhs borrowed lots of stuff from muslim punjabis but no doubt the other way around is true too. Remember most punjabi Muslims are converts.
    The reason they ain't produced any sufiana kalaam is coz awliya can only exist in ahl sunnat and to their credit they greatly respect our punjabi saints. They even took the kalaam of baba farid and added it to their Granth !
    On terms of food language customs and culture there is v little difference.
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  8. Yes, Hazrat`e Sufi Owais Rida Qadri (damat barakatahum) * is Fakhr-e-Memon and he also speaks pretty good Punjabi.

    As for me, mainu Panjabi na anda....

    Laykin, thorasa anda is liye de mainu dost Punjabi hain.

    I apologize for my broken Punjabi....

    I can never forget the verses by Hazrat Meher-e-Millat Peer Sayyid Meher Ali Shah Saheb Fazil-e-Golrawi alayhi rahmah:

    Aj sik mitran di vadheri ae
    Kyun dilri udaas ghaneri ae

    Loon loon vich shauq changeri ay
    Aj nainaan laiyaan kyon jhariyan?


    * The reason I used the aqlab that I did for Janab Hazrat Sufi Owais Raza Qadri (damat barakatahum) is because of his khilafat from Hazrat`e Allama Sayyid Najib Mian Barkati (damat barakatahum al-aalia) from Mahera Shareef
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  10. I know very little Punjabi, like barely a few sentences. Then again, I also know very little Memoni..........
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    Sidi, Muslim Punjabi JaTTs are a different people. They are the true Punjabis with their very different culture, style, dress code, and poetry (Jhang/Sheikhupura/Kasur/Gojra/Sialkot). The Sikhs have a different outlook, racial outlook, cultural outlook, and they took from the Muslims, not the other way round. Even their religion.

    Sardar jis are also the worst kuffar on earth. They know everything about true Islam, and yet they live in denial.

    Jalundhar, today in India, is emptied of the majority of its Sikh Jatts. In place of them live 1 million Biharis/UP/Haryana people. Mostly Chamar (dalits). With them another 1 million Chamar Punjabi Sikhs, who have now been labelled by the JATT Sikhs as non-Sikh Hindus.

    Also, Jalandher has a Hindu majority. I do not believe it is fair to compare Muslim Punjabi JaTTs with Deccani people. Deccan has a totally different culture.

    Please bear in mind these are generalizations.

    Muslim Punjabi JaTTs are among the most cultured, well mannered, big hearted, clean, nice, and educated people, zamindaars. They have the most sweet poetry, humble poetry, sufi poetry, dignified poetry and thoughts that defeats seraiki. They are the originators of Punjabi culture. They are among the healthiest of Punjabis in body and mind and live in the heartlands of Punjab.

    Jhang..........Lahore...........Gujranwala........ Toba Tek Singh.....Jhelum ....Sialkot etc

    Sardar ji JaTTs wear pygamas in daylight. While the Muslim Punjabi JaTTs wear the traditional beautiful dress called lungi-kurta and khussa (which is a Muslim invention, adopted by the Sikh JaTT). Muslim Punjabi JaTTs have the horse riding culture unique to them with their Punjabi Islamic Art. Sardar Jis don't know horse riding. It is Muslim Punjabi JaTTs that have recognized world-wide sportsmanship, while Sardar Ji JaTTs lack this badly.

    Can Sardar Jis produce Punjabi Muslim JaTT superstars like Sultan Rahi, Akmal, Sudheer? Can they produce true Punjabi cultured Movies as the Muslim Punjabi JaTTs? Never have they!

    This shows that the Muslim Punjabi JaTTs have defeated the Sardarji JaTTs in most of the cultural activities. These are facts on the ground. Pakistani Punjabi JaTT TV drama artists are even recognized by Sardar Ji JaTTs for the superior quality!

    Saradr ji JaTTs have all of their architecture borrowed from the Muslim Punjabi JaTTs. Golden Temple has minaars and domes. This is Muslim Punjabi JaTT introduced. Sardarji JaTTs have forgotten the original Punjabi culture that was, and what they practice today is stolen from the Muslim Punjabi JaTTs.

    Muslim Punjabi JaTTs have produced Fardous, naghma, Shaukat Ali. Even Noor Jahan sings Muslim Punjabi JaTT songs. What do the Sardar Ji JaTT sing? They just copy.

    Muslim Punjabi JaTTs have produced Alam Lohaar. Can Sardar ji JaTTs produce someone like him in a thousand years? Never!

    I conclude: there is just too much difference, culturally, between Muslim Punjabi JaTTs and Sardar Ji JaTTs. The similarities are because of copying, and the common Punjabi language.

    Sardar ji JaTTs do not live clean (they don't like to be). They never cut their hair. 'Desi Thara' is their best drink, while the Muslim Punjabi JaTT has RuH Afzaa, Sattoo sharbet, and Lassi.
  13. Oye JaTTo tussee kithe oh? Wherefore art thou O fellow Jatts of mine?


    Actually, in all seriousness, I've increasingly noticed that with the sole exception of religion, Muslim JaTTs and Sikh JaTTs are indistinguishable in their culture and outlook. I've got more in common with a Sardar ji from Jhallandar than a Muslim from, say, Hyderabad Deccan culturally speaking. Of course, it is our imaan which distinguishes us from each other but...
  14. I've noticed Abu Abbas bhai that even Memons like Owais Qadri learn Punjabi so they can sing Punjabi naats. Actually he speaks pretty good Punjabi. I heard him cussing Wahabis once in Punjabi it was great!
  15. It's like the alleged Arabic saying about Kufans, "Kufi la yufi" whatever that means which was apparently given to them after they betrayed Imam e Aali Maqaam :as: those bunch of bloody Shias!
  16. Sidi NJ, I'm a Memon so I don't speak much Punjabi/Mirpuri/Potohari/Kashmiri/[enter language/dialect here] and I don't know much about them other than having friends who are Mirpuri or Punjabi.
  17. no need to apologise! i have hardly lived in pakistan so u may well be right!
    i know the saying, 'gujar teh kanjar..koii farq na'eeN' but thats probably just jatt chauvinism! even about araiN i'm sure not every one of them is a traitor!
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    Sorry, it seems you are not a common Punjabi. Because I have confirmed from many Pakistani Punjabis from different areas of Punjab (Lahore, Multan, Gujrat), and they all called the araains traitors. Sorry.
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    Sidi, I have confirmed beyond doubt, that the Shaykh of HaDrat Sultan Bahu radyAllahu 'anhu was an araain! confirmed. however, the araain group is certainly a traitor group, because I just confirmed from one of the masters of Urdu poetry that I am in aquaintance with and she said to me that even though the Shaykh of HaDrat Sultan Bahu was an araain, he himself stated and advised everybody to NEVER TRUST AN ARAAIN. Because they are TRAITORS,

    This is what the Shaykh of HaDrat Sultan Bahu said about the araain group:

    in Punjabi:

    Jey tu put saayin da
    wasah na khaayin araain da

    Beware of araains! This is the advice of the Shaykh of Baba Bulleh Shah
  20. yes Sidi i am sure. it is common knowledge that Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri was an Arain. Every biography of Bulleh Shah which mentions his Shaykh mentions his caste because of the incident i quoted in my earlier post.

    sidi as far as i know, as a common panjabi, arains are not considered traitors!
    you might be getting them confused with 'Naees' -- the barber caste -- who are despised amongst jatts especially because they were responsible for the killing by the British of Jagga JaTT --who was a 19th century JaTT Robin-Hood like figure. Many songs are sung in his honour e.g. by Abrar ul Haq and even on the Indian side of Panjab.
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