Asad Ali on Hamza Yusuf

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Nissaar, Feb 9, 2022.

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  1. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    Exactly this.
  2. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    Someone should ask him in his next q and a... Do you know what material fallacies are or didn't you learn this in your logic studies? Do you know what an ad hominem attack is? If so, why do you respond with such when asked a question rather than just answering the question?

    I don't know much about this guy, truth be told. But the vibe I'm getting is... This guy seems to be another example of someone with low intelligence being put through the madrasah system and coming out at the other side as an allamah.

    We need to send our brightest talents to study, not our poorest. Otherwise this is the type of damage they cause when they come out.

    The lack of self awareness is also astounding. Like bro, do I need to be a scholar in order to recognise that atheism is kufr? No. So do I need to be a scholar to recognise that perennialsm is kufr? No.

    As for this q and a panel on Friday, I would be grateful if someone could forward our concerns if they are attending but no doubt asad Ali would respond with an ad hominem about how you're a keyboard warrior and not a scholar and then cryptically tell you that all will be revealed in good time, etc etc
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  3. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Selling a shoddy rope-charpai for a 1000 bucks to unsuspecting fools neither raises the value of the sold product nor those buying it, and also exposes the seller as a conman.
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  4. barelwi

    barelwi New Member

    I agree with the sentiment posted by brother @Abdullah Ahmed. It seems brother Asad thinks his 10 years of study has qualified him to be the leading scholar of the Ahlus Sunnah the way he replied to sh. abu Hasan, making claims of slander.

    His attached latest post reinforces his stance of not needing to elaborate on any claims or discussions.

    Other posts on his social media allude to insinuating that this is a witch hunt, and that people are only out to cancel him. We should stop giving him the time of day, but unfortunately, the tens of thousands of followers he has amassed will continue to remain under his influence.

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  5. Mubashar Luqman

    Mubashar Luqman New Member

    This behaviour from Hafiz As'ad is not at all surprising considering his past shenanigans in regards to the devbandits, in that case he was unable to clarify clearly his stance, that is why Mufti Nizamuddin Misbahi sahib had to get involved and Mawlana Aqdas. Maybe if Mawlana Aqdas could again contact him and ask for a clarification on this issue, as he is seen a lot on Sunnis stages, if not then i hope someone from the awaam raises this with him in front of Shaykh Asrar at their open Q&A panel next friday.
  6. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    Asad Ali post.jpeg
    He seems to be super-qualified. Since he's the Shaykh-Ul-Islam of our time, we will patiently wait for his excellency's guidance. Until then, we will consider all others as unqualified ignorants, and find guidance in between the lines of his excellency's esoteric tweets. (Sarcasm)
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  7. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Shall I tell you why our ulama shouldn't go to meet deviants unless it's to get tawbah for all heresies?

    Being hosted by someone makes one soft to them. It's natural.

    Once you've met someone and they're nice to you, you aren't able to speak the truth about them.

    Hamza is a heretic. We all know it. But now that Asad sahib had tea and biscuits, he won't be able to say Hamza is out of bounds for Sunnis.
  8. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    If this is a precedent, then our ulama can go to any deviant, take a pic with him and say we respect him.

    Let's do it with devs. Why doesn't someone like Shaykh Asrar go to Taqi Usmani and make a similar post?

    Or shiah. Maybe Shaykh Monawwar should go to Tahir ul and put a pic on his story:

    'I've asked Tahir ul for clarification and I respect him as a scholar. I won't tell you what he clarified. I won't tell you he's still a deviant.'
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  9. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    that means he doesn't like people who speak truth about Hanson's promotion of TSQ kufr.

  10. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    as if these celebrity social media "shaykhs" care about the aakhirah of their dumb followers!
    don't have high hopes about those who are not worried about their own akhirah and do not have the ghayrah to oppose or refute attempts at tahrif of the qur'an.
  11. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    If Asad Ali sahib didn't want to divulge the purported clarifications, it wasn't wise to share that he met Hamza in the first place.

    Because that's a promotion without a disclaimer that, 'yeh, I met him but he is one to be avoided due to his extremely problematic views.'

    If you don't want to tell the full truth about a celebrity deviant scholar, don't publicise the meeting and show one side of the coin.

    If you do, all you're doing is telling Muslims, 'it is fine to take from this man.'

    Who will be responsible if a Muslim adopts Hamza's views off the back of Asad sahib's post?
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  12. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member

    A shocking revelation by Maude Murray, one of the former wives of Frithjof Schuon:

    “Frithjof Schuon needed LOTS of sexuality, from long before any of us extra wives came. Sidi Abdul Quddus used to loan him his wife for all night “visits,” while Sidi Abdul Quddus was on the other side of the wall, obliged to listen all night. By the time I was his wife, he called that woman “a historic friend.” When he “married me,” he was 60 and I was 30, married by him in his zawiyyah downstairs to his na’ib, Sidi Abdul Ali (John Murray) two years earlier. He began making love to me; and when I asked him if I was a concubine or a wife, he said I must be a wife; but In 20 years he never even told Sidi Abdul Ali, my spiritual and legal husband.

    From about age 60, he could not make love well, so for at LEAST the next 25 years, he wanted lots of oral sexuality for himself. Sexuality was not for women. Sometimes he’d have three of us naked with him, and he would be made “love to” by one. I found this disgusting, but was so convinced that he was divine, as were we all, that oral sexuality from him was the greatest grace for us! Apparently he knew that completely satisfying sexuality was forbidden in that form, in Islam. I had no idea. After 20 years of hearing lying about those marriages, living nicely with a non-husband, and after five (?) years of his only lying between the legs of the fourth wife in front of me; and after she turned against me showing unimaginable catiness (after I think five years) of idyllic magnanimity..guess? My common sense came only half-way to the fore! I decided to divorce both men, while loving everyone…and just be a faqirah! I’d had it with being a wife! Meanwhile, I really wanted to talk to someone; but couldn’t!

    I must mention something exceedingly important for future discernment in the end time: He had a powerful psyche, with endless ramifications. I’d be disquieted by some extremes, then have a lovely thought and pray about it – when I was next door. The next time I saw him, he’d have had a dream – exactly like my prayer. That would keep me believing in him for years more. When he was sleeping with two of his neighbor’s wives, a faqir had a dream in which he saw us wives looking like his dearest companions, with holiness. It took decades to cut through such things; and the man who had THE most beautiful visions AND ecstacies, finally left in spite of all he’d experienced over many years. Even in Frithjof Schuon’s childhood, his friends had dreams seeing him as he wanted to be.

    There were only seven people who knew what the OLD “Perennial Gatherings” were like. Koslow got them all wrong, and after I left the name was given to something less lewd. Well only three of those people, plus myself, are still alive! They’d never talk but they aren’t ones to lie under oath either. In those Gatherings three young faqirat were naked; and two spread their legs wide apart, while they were sitting on their knees – so he meditated on their private parts! We also had a private, naked wedding: The bride was stark naked; so were the other young faqirat, whereas the men wore narrow loincloths.

    There must have been 20 people, who saw purely pornographic paintings, supposedly of Lalla Yogishvari, by the fourth wife. The center, or emphasis, in each painting was her private parts. Where those went, I’ve no idea; but online there’s a picture of her face and shoulders. For all the world, that looks like the ways of painting of both Frithjof Schuon and his fourth wife. One could hardly tell their paintings apart; and parts of hers, were actually painted by him, when I was with them at her house.

    All of us “wives” were well-read and broad-minded. We all knew that some people, mostly men, are born with much higher sexual capacity than others – so we drew no adverse conclusions; but he was a sex maniac, even at age 85 – spending hours everyday, with his head between the legs of Badriyyah, and kissing her private parts in front of me too. A woman was not given any rights by him, not sexual or financial. He had to have a beautiful young woman in love with him at all times. When each one approached 50; he took another; and he asked me things like “Could an 18 year-old woman be attracted to me? (I was 30 then and his one and only; but he’d gotten the idea of having another one, months after I came. I didn’t notice his fickle heart, and thought anyone would love such a powerful, Prophetic figure.

    It gets worse: He encouraged, and convinced the parents of a girl (using me) – to allow an affair between an about 40 year-old, happily married man, and a 15 year-old girl he’d fallen madly in love with. Why? Because the man was extraordinarily gifted spiritually, so knowing him would be best for the girl. I’d been trying for years to tell him that the man, appointed as the governing Na’ib by the Shaykh, had a very poor character. No success. Finally, that man’s precious wife divorced him (after he caused a scandal by being unbelievably careless) and the fuqara supposedly “shipped him out of town.”


    There are several reports that mention that Dr. Martin Lings, Seyyed Hossein Nasr and other prominent disciples from the west visited Schuon in Bloomington once a year but all these depravities were hidden from them by the new young Murids that he gathered in the US after fleeing Switzerland

    Shaykh René Guénon on Frithjof Schuon

    Shaykh René Guénon, who had warning signs going back to 1936, was still reserving judgement about making a complete break with Frithjof Schuon until after 1946. Many of his letters, dated 1950 have been around for some time; but after those letters, which you’ll see below, you will find newly discovered letters, or parts of letters, dated 1936 and after.

    More details at:
  13. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member


    A man who described himself as a former member of a Bloomington-based “cult” that incorporated elements of Christian, Muslim and Native American religious rites said Tuesday the group’s leader is “a fake who abused children.” Speaking before television, radio and newspaper reporters at a 10 a.m. Justice Building news conference, Mark Koslow said 84-year-old Swiss philosopher Frithjof Schuon was a “crazy genius” who “fooled people of quite eminent standing all over the world.”

    Schuon, [omitted] Road, surrendered himself to police Tuesday after being indicted on charges of sexual battery and child molestation following a six-week grand jury investigation. The jury concluded last week, and the indictment was unsealed late Monday night.

    Schuon said Tuesday he is a philosopher, not a religious leader, and denied the charges. Koslow, 35, said he came to Bloomington from the San Francisco, Calif., area 2-1/2 years ago in order to be near Schuon who lives in the [omitted] subdivision southeast of Bloomington.
    Koslow said he’d read Schuon’s books for several years and was attracted to the “spiritual promises” they offered.

    During his time with Schuon, Koslow built frames for paintings done by Schuon and worked “as a general handyman, doing odd jobs for the group,” Koslow said.

    He described participating in rituals in which nude women danced in a circle around Schuon and were in some cases embraced by Schuon.
    The indictment alleges that on two of these occasions, in March and May, Schuon fondled three girls aged 13, 14 and 15 “with intent to arouse sexual desire.”

    Koslow also described Schuon as a man addicted to power who “thinks he’s sort of like God,” and who believes “he embodies the divine intellect.”

    Detective Sgt. Jim Richardson of the Indiana State Police said he began his investigation in July after receiving a complaint about Schuon and the group members called the Mariamiah.

    The detective said he interviewed more than 30 witnesses in the case and conducted a search of the residence of Sharlyn Romaine, [omitted] Road, one of two other people named in the indictments. He recovered “photographic evidence of rituals” during that search, Richardson said.

    Asked repeatedly by reporters why he came forward, Koslow said he didn’t do it for the publicity and that he hated cameras. “I decided to talk about this because the man should be exposed as a fake,” Koslow said. He added that he arrived at this conclusion after becoming romantically involved with Maude Murray, Road, another follower of Schuon and the third
    person named in Tuesday’s indictments. Murray and Romaine are accused of perjuring themselves during testimony before the grand jury.

    Koslow said he learned things from Murray about Schuon that disturbed him, but that Murray “was telling me (these things) in the context of telling me about the nature of a great prophet,” and not to criticize Schuon, he said.

    About 70 people were connected with Schuon in Bloomington, of whom about 20 were out-of-towners like himself who came to Bloomington solely to be with Schuon, he said.
  14. Alf

    Alf Active Member

    What about a person who believes in Islam as the only religion acceptable to Allah, but says concerning other faiths: I respect all religions. What's the ruling on such a person?
  15. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

  16. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

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  17. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    Hamza says he doesn't know any Muslim who doesn't believe previous religions are not abrogated outside of a few intellectuals. Implication being he thinks these people are still Muslim.

    He then claims abrogation of previous religions is almost dharuriyat ad deen. Almost. This is kufr in itself as you are saying that the belief isn't necessary for your imaan.

    Thinks the perennialst view is tawil baeed. Dude, just call it kufr.

    Then gives the fake story about murabit Al haaj and refrains from making takfeer on the perennialst. Kufr in itself.

    Asad Ali, instead of claiming slander, should actually address the above points. He claims we should study the basics of the religion so we know what's right and what's wrong. Distinction of Islam and kufr is as basic as it gets haafiz saab. We've learnt that much at least. Go ahead and try learning it yourself
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  18. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Veteran

    May Allah forgive me. Perhaps it’s because of the darkness of my heart and my sins, but the first thought that crossed my mind after reading his response to Mawlana Abu Hasan was

    “This response makes me want to slap this dude.”

    why did this dude even spend time to go study deen? To me, it almost feels like wasted time.

    you get this opportunity to study this precious deen, and then the way you end up acting... using this same deen for your own “celebrity status”...absolutely loathsome.

    Something along the lines, Allamah Khadim Hussain Ridawi (Rahimahullah) used to say:

    “Huzoor ka kathay hain phir bhi sharam nahi ati...”
  19. Mubashar Luqman

    Mubashar Luqman New Member

    "Slander" is his response to Mawlana Abu Hasan.

    He could easily explain how it is slander and clarify, but seems like he rather cry.

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  20. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    even the great master of ihsan, nuh "intrinsically possible to lie" keller, because he has such a soft heart and knows nothing but ihsan, compassion and mercifulness, finds it excruciatingly painful and agonizing to point blank criticize or label as a heretic this frithjof schuon, let alone takfir him!!!

    if you can manage to get any of those exclusive and closely guarded suhbah talks or notes, see all the verbiage he vomits when talking about this animal. it's too much of a burden for him to give a short answer to "what do you think of schuon?"

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