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    so here is sayyidi taaj al-shari'a's actual position on the topic of taqleed shakhsi as presented in the first volume of his collected fataawa (raHimahuAllah).

    taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page535.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page536.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page537.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page538.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page539.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page540.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page541.jpg taqleed shakhsi - fataawa taaj al shariah - vol1 page542.jpg
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    Interesting thread:

    I do believe that for the illiterate and/or untrained masses it is a real conundrum - and I personally can't think of a very effective solution so long as this illiteracy persists.

    To me it's beginning to look like the chicken and egg problem - the only solution I can think of is UBE (Universal Basic Education) - which should go hand in hand with UBI (Universal Basic Income).

    So far as I have seen, for the most part these things hinge on faith/trust - so it depends on what ones' circumstances are and how it shaped their thinking and trust-investment in particular sources of information - a friend, a uni teacher, a (infallible?) pir, a website, an uncle, a cool-looking dude, an over-confident loud-mouth, a smiling shaykh, a cult, a near-cult, translated books available in your local library, whatever happens in Makkah Mukarramah, whoever is winning the argument on etc. etc.

    @muslim-world - your epistemic predilections are seriously messed up!

    Allah have Mercy on us.
  3. ridawi

    ridawi Muhammadi Sunni Hanafi

    shami saheb has released his counter refutation of kashf e ahwal.

    izala e khabt o ikhtilal difa e maslak e i’tidal

    nb i haven’t read the entire book yet.
    main premise seems to be: “where did i explicitly write that any person can take from any madhhab unconditionally?”
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    ridawi Muhammadi Sunni Hanafi

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    Six videos posted in the previous messages have been silently removed. Apparently, Saqib's PR department is working overtime for damage control.

    shows that kanzul huda is a political entity and has other aims than spreading truth of sunni Islam. like tahir's minhaajush shaytaan, there might be other more sinister aspects to it, which will perhaps come to light gradually.
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    -- Update: cleaned up clutter of videos no longer available --

    some people have a lot of things to hide - their cupboard has a lot of skeletons some of which I have personally seen toppling out when the it's door was left unguarded.
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  10. ridawi

    ridawi Muhammadi Sunni Hanafi

    Yes. I’ve commented on that in another post. The question, however, is: if he considers it wajib and he is a hanafi, then why does he trim it to less than a fistful? Why should we not call him a fasiq on account of his short beard?

    At least he accepts the position of wujub according to the hanafis, unlike a few who have written that a fistful beard is merely sunnah ghayr mu’akkadah, which is far from correct.

    والحق احق ان يتبع​
  11. Aqdas

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    Fistful is wajib according to him.
  12. ridawi

    ridawi Muhammadi Sunni Hanafi

    In all that, he still does not clarify his position on the beard. Despite being a hanafi, why is his beard short? He hasn’t said much on that for some reason.
  13. Aqdas

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  14. Unbeknown

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    So this was another piece of lies.

    Where have all those "Baralywi muftiyan e kiraam" who supposedly endorsed this pile of rubbish gotten to?

    Or are they too weeping for saqib?

    The phantom muftis seem to have been exorcised out of existence ...
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    For some reason, Saqibis are on a mission to remove any speech which is in reply.

    It has been re-uploaded here:

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  17. abu hamzah

    abu hamzah Active Member

    Mufti Kaleem Hanafi Ko Munazrah Ka Challenge karne Waale Hyderabadi (Saqibi Shami ji) Mulla Munawwar Ashrafi Se guftugu
  18. abu hamzah

    abu hamzah Active Member

    Fitna-E-Saqib Shaami Ji ka Zabardast ilmi Jawaab

    BY: Qazi-E-Mumbai, Nawasa-E-Sarkaar Sadrush'Shariyah, Khalifa-E-Sarkaar Tajush'Shariyah Wa Sarkaar Muhaddis-E-Kabeer, Mahmood-Ul-Ulma, Hazrat Allama MUFTI MAHMOOD AKHTAR SAHAB Qibla Qadri Razvi Amjadi Madde'Zillahul Aali Wal Noorani.
    {Sadar All India Jama'at Raza-E-Mustafa Maharashtra Wa Sadar Mufti Razvi Amjadi Dar-Ul-Ifta Mumbai}

    "Jin Logoñ ne bhi Aise Shakhs ki Himayat Ki ya Ziyaafat ki Aur Jo Log Aise Shakhs ki itteb'a karte hain SAB PAR TAUBA LAAZIM HAI"

    "Saqib Shami ki Taqreer se Ummat me Fasaad Ho Raha hai,
    Log Gunaahoñ par Jareeh Ho Rahe Hain,
    Iski Taqreer Sunna Jayez Nahi..."
    Qur'aan-E-Paak ki Raushni me Mufti Sahab Qibla ne Hukm Bayaan Farmaaya
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  19. abu hamzah

    abu hamzah Active Member

    Saqib Shami Ji Ke Fraud Ka Parda Faash

    Ulma e Ahle Sunnat Ki Taraf Se Huzoor Tajushshariah (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ) wo Muhaddis e Kabeer (madda zilla hul aali) Ke Mauqif Ki Ta'aeed:

    Sarparast e Jamat Raza e Mustafa Mumbai, wo Kazi e Shahr Mumbai, Khalifa e Huzoor Tajushshariah, Mufti Mehmood Akhtarul Qadri Razvi Saheb Qibla - Jamat Raza e Mustafa Mumbai
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    yes and no.

    1. Initially they will say that any qawl from the four madhhabs - can be followed except if it is extremely da'eef or shaadh.

    2. But then they lower the bar further and say that to rule a person fasiq, the hurmat of the act must be proven by ijma'a-e-ummat and that too should be ijma' qatyi not dhanni - which can only be claimed for issues which were agreed upon in the first two centuries (a piece of information culled from fawaatih-ar-raHamoot, vide muna-wad-durar) - this automatically excludes ijma' of ahlussunnah or ijma' of the four madhhabs - these do not qualify as ijma' on whose basis a person can be deemed a fasiq. So going by this, aqwaal outside of the four madhhabs also become qualified for being acted upon. Of-course they will deny this, but that is the laazim al-madhhab of this principle.

    3. The third descent is that a sunni mufti's fatwa can be acted upon blindly and a person cannot be called fasiq for acting upon it. For example, if gulaam rasul sa'eedi sahib said that less than a fistful beard is allowed for a hanafi - then that is final and people can act upon it if they want to - and even claim that it is jaiz in hanafi madhhab.

    4. All the above different levels of rulings can be chosen at random and even switched between at different occasions.

    The bottom line is that saqib cannot be called a fasiq - everything then has to be adjusted to prove this.

    And Allah ta'ala knows best.
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