can twitter ban bjp and modi too?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by AbdalQadir, Mar 8, 2021.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    that is where we are going.

    mo-sha and cohorts in their hubris are attacking the fundamental structure of a federal republic by openly harassing non-bjp state governments. UT has already threatened that this behaviour could lead to breaking away from the union - which has been ignored so far. tamilnadu and kerala are also making noises, and so is WB.

    may Allah protect muslims everywhere.
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    Motera: The world's largest cricket stadium to host India-England Test link here

    “Built at a cost of 8bn rupees ($110m; £78m), the project has been constructed by the same firm which also built the Statue of Unity, a 182m (600ft) bronze-clad tribute to independence leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.”
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    personally, I don't see social media indicative of anything. What does it matter if twitter bans modi or owaisi or anyone?

    ground realities won't change with that - you know how we treat 3-4 year olds when they hit us: we fake a playful cry, as if it really pained us, and it sets them chuckling and repeating the same over and over again.

    same with these autocrats, they feign being hurt by twitter one-liners, they will appear to seethe and steam, and people will write more one liners and wisecracks, twitter will ban a few more accounts and the media will simply fawn over everyone on all sides to get a story in.

    I don't see how it helps anyone. Replace the last scene in this strip with social media ...

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    dunno if my sense of humor is wearing off or not, but I found this hilarious. they're burning effigies of Rihanna and greta!

    i think they wouldn't have been so furious if it was pakistan or taliban or something, coz they're the usual enemies. all we need now is someone like charles or biden, or some other popular western big name actor/sportsperson too to offer support and it's gonna be an awesome spectacle!

    the other day I was arguing with someone that maybe owaisi and some hi profile maulanas in india should have piggy backed on the farmer protests, just for good measure, to annoy the sanghis, and the guy revolted, he was like, "you can't be serious! this is the only issue where they're not finding an excuse to lash out at Muslims, and you want to give them a reason and start anti-Muslim riots 'free fund' mein?" ... dunno, maybe he was right!
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    sub'HanAllah, the azaab of Allah ta'ala on hindutva and these moronic savages (i.e. bjp/rss hindutva terrorists and their cheerleading spineless subhuman hindus).

    india is the laughing stock of the world. a parody of parodies!

    i said this when the court tried to interfere in pristine shariah - Allah ta'ala has humiliated it so much that the most bleeding heart liberal and the 'respect for law' citizen in the country calls it a joke. CJI ki patloon utar gayi in a symbolic zillat episode.

    qatalahum Allah!
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    if you are to go by the conspiracy theories from the days of yahoo groups, "chacha" nehru was actually a pedophile, in addition to openly being a bleating pandit of the british raj. his buddy sardar patel was pretty much an open antagonist against Islam

    in our area, the congress was always affectionately called aasteen ke saanp, before the bjp animals even existed and rose to stardom (and learnt what toilets are or that it is indeed humanly possible for women to maintain personal sanitation, and had to make movies to raise awareness for it)!

    Shah Turabul Haq sahab rahimahullah said in one speech that just our ahkaam of taharah from any one mazhab of Ahlus Sunnah are more than the entire "fiqh" corpus of any other religion. it's true against all religions, but you will appreciate that comment significantly more when you look at just how najis and ugly hinduism is, literally and figuratively!

    what their hearts hold is far worse.

  19. abu Hasan

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  20. abu Hasan

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    india had successfully managed to keep the facade and carried off the pretense with panache that they were a democracy. successive governments were smart to understand world politics and the power of maintaining an image.

    they did not do things overtly, nor made blunt statements - nor fielded their enmity in the open.

    most bureaucrats were sanghis - and were no different than those in power today; but they didn't show it. they silently did what they had to do. most were casteist and muslim-hating, so-called "upper caste" (brahmins, thakurs, rajputs etc). we as muslims know that they are the filthiest kuffar and the lowest of the low humans.

    barring a few genuine people - and there are still a few of them around - most were hypocrites.

    modi's election was a milestone and a great azaab on the hindus for their tormenting muslims. yes, you read it right. modi is an azaab for hindus.

    they thought that their time had finally come and most of them began to profess in the open what they used say behind closed doors. they thought that they were now ready to create the 1000 year reich the nazis had dreamed of.

    modi fumbled and made one blunder after another. he was thoroughly exposed for the low-life scum and the ignorant dolt that he really is. and in the wake of his decisions and their unflinching support for their 'strongman' (read mass killer of muslims). they hoped that one grand success would wipe out his earlier monumental blunders.

    the hindutva terrorists had their plans; and Allah ta'ala had other plans.

    today, the sham democracy that india is has been thoroughly exposed. without much action on the part of muslims - either within the country or from outside. india and its hindutva population is now famous for its inhuman, prehistoric beliefs and notions.

    it is a matter of time. Islam will always prevail. it can never be subdued.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.


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