can twitter ban bjp and modi too?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by AbdalQadir, Mar 8, 2021.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    india had successfully managed to keep the facade and carried off the pretense with panache that they were a democracy. successive governments were smart to understand world politics and the power of maintaining an image.

    they did not do things overtly, nor made blunt statements - nor fielded their enmity in the open.

    most bureaucrats were sanghis - and were no different than those in power today; but they didn't show it. they silently did what they had to do. most were casteist and muslim-hating, so-called "upper caste" (brahmins, thakurs, rajputs etc). we as muslims know that they are the filthiest kuffar and the lowest of the low humans.

    barring a few genuine people - and there are still a few of them around - most were hypocrites.

    modi's election was a milestone and a great azaab on the hindus for their tormenting muslims. yes, you read it right. modi is an azaab for hindus.

    they thought that their time had finally come and most of them began to profess in the open what they used say behind closed doors. they thought that they were now ready to create the 1000 year reich the nazis had dreamed of.

    modi fumbled and made one blunder after another. he was thoroughly exposed for the low-life scum and the ignorant dolt that he really is. and in the wake of his decisions and their unflinching support for their 'strongman' (read mass killer of muslims). they hoped that one grand success would wipe out his earlier monumental blunders.

    the hindutva terrorists had their plans; and Allah ta'ala had other plans.

    today, the sham democracy that india is has been thoroughly exposed. without much action on the part of muslims - either within the country or from outside. india and its hindutva population is now famous for its inhuman, prehistoric beliefs and notions.

    it is a matter of time. Islam will always prevail. it can never be subdued.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.

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  3. AbdalQadir

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    didn't malala have any comments?
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    Troll army and bhagwa IT cell also have managed to prove that she is a Muslim, since Rihanna apparently means "sweet basil" or is derived from rayhan meaning “good scent”, “fragrance”.

    Wait until Greta Thunberg is also outed as a muslim!
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    so Rihanna is Pakistani!

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    Unlikely. Twitter (although bit more spineful than Facebook) and all these tech companies (for that matter, all big corporates) care more about moolah than principles. In America, they managed to take a stance because of wider public opinion against the alt-right. In India, there is no centre or left, it is 95% right and 40%+ hard-core, blood-thirsty right. So it is wishful thinking that Twitter will do anything to antagonise the hindu right.

    To be honest, India is grossly over-rated for its soft and hard power. The so-called democracy is a sham (at best, it's a electoral democracy, without any liberal values of democracy). India's "power" is derived from only 2 factors: (i) West sees it as a strategic buffer against China, (ii) large populace means large consumer market.
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