Faqih e Millat Hazrat Allama Pir Fiaz ul Aqtab

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    and this part right above is left unfinished. must be the site admin's mistake

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    From his OWN experience: for the head needs bones to keep the brains inside it.
    take off his turban, and you will find bones and brains, both missing......
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    When brothers asked this shaykh about ''Imam Mahdi will have no bones.'' he said ''it meant that Imam Mahdi will not have DNA.'' I hardly think this is a Dalil when making comments on Imam Mahdi.
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    Pir Sahib has always worn the Damascene turban. Qaid e Inqialb only started wearing his outfit when he became 'Shaykh ul Islam'
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    Isn't this fellow trying to imitate the qirat of mawlana shafi oqarvi, especially during the lecture? in the beginning looks like he is just singing.

    plus the headgear; copying dajjal tahir??
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    Shaykh Siddiqi has inherited this seat of spirituality and learning from a 1400 year lineage. He is the 40th known guide in this historical chain and is helping to pioneer the traits of spirituality into modern human characteristics that promote societal civility. The Blessed Seat is recognised as a seat of authority within the Sunni Muslim world, covering just under 1 billion Muslim people

    Quite a claim on the website for someone who thinks he is lecturing in a comedy club the way he is speaking.
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    Allama Pir Faiz ul Aqtab Siddiqi is the best by far of the brothers. His question and answer sessions in particular are excellent value!
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    the second one too
    Allah organises a jalsah...Allah does the milad... [@11:42]

    @10.20 he stretches madd `ariD to 20-alif.

    @12.11 "hadith is still secondary" "the way we do milad today, Allah also did the milad.."

    @12.50 "Allah organises a jalsah...organises a mehfil...organises a gathering like we are gathered today...in this jalsah states....where he is doing meelad of the Prophet sallALlahu alayhi wa sallam."

    @14.07: the translation of a-lastu bi-rabbikum is: "who is your Lord"

    more weirdness: "before he creates anything, he gathers the souls..."

    @16.00: he surpasses all mutakallimin past and present: "any aspect of aqidah, we can prove from the qur'an"

    @17.00: wrong misconception

    @17.15: "we can prove to you that it is according to the Will of Allah.." [my comment: don't open your mouth and remove all doubt...]

    frankly, he is stupid and needs to (just like his other two brothers) learn propah english. one of these imbeciles chided mawlana madani miyaN for not knowing english and yet, they fall over themselves on simple plurals. don't use 'heavy' words if you don't know what they mean.
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    is it true that their father, molanna abdul wahab siddiqui attended koimehni's funeral?
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    listened to the first one until 13.50 until he said: "but I, your Lord has revered those days..."

    barrister should look up a dictionary after consulting basic aqidah texts.
    and yes, the "...`ilayyyhhhhh" [@4:00] is ilayy with an `ayn? or did he read ilayy or ilayh? and wattabi' or wattabi'u? or did he join it with the following sabeel is moot.

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    if this is really all we have in the name of "Sunnism" with us, "shuyukh" like this and their common word counterparts, buffoonic wannabe awliyaa flying straight out of the alf laylah, then alhamdulillah a million times that the 2 Holy Sanctuaries are in the hands of the wahabis.

    i honestly see it as a lesser misguidance than such people.
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    oh, yes - i was annoyed with that one too and i scrubbed it to the point when he began the "hypothecation" and forgot to mention in my mail.
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    astaghfirullah... my broadband's fixed now, and i simply can't tolerate his singing the khutbah, salawat and verses.

    it's disgusting and obnoxious to the bone and has overtones of hindi song rhythms in the classical hindu style swar and sargam!

    laa hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaah.

    this donkey should first sit with a tajweed teacher and learn his makharij rather than masquerading as a shaykh

    apparently he even has a sense of humor


    i swear to Allah, if i didn't have the very few books of a some old masters (3aqidah as well as other topics) that i have, and if i wasn't acquainted with Ala Hazrat's genius works, or if my folks were not acquainted with the wali Mufti A3zam Hind, (ridwan Allahi 3alaihim ajma3een), wahabism would definitely be more appealing to me, much much more than this garbage that these donkeys preach in the name of Sunnism.

    it's almost a genuine disgust to just listen to a mention of "purification of the heart" these days. maybe some years ago, i would run to someone who offered a lecture or a class on "purification of the heart". now, just hearing this phrase, my guards go up along with my disgust for such "shuyukh".

    and of course these are the same "Sunni Muslim" friends of ours who like to address the pope as "your holiness". they are masters of adab and dialogue indeed!

    these satans are a hundred times worse than wahabis and rafidis put together.
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    at this rate, we will have to compile a jarh-ta'adil list of speakers and scholars in our time.
  20. abu Hasan

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    is this person supposed to be a scholar? he doesn't even look like one.

    i was annoyed with his (mis)use of the word 'sensational/ism' a few times. i would excuse him for his poor language skills and ignorance of usage. but there were other instances where he was talking about hadith with the demeanour of a zindiq/atheist professor. even if you ignore the 'hypothecations' and 'hypothecated,' sensationalism is not a word he should use.

    and dunno why he keeps saying headline terms. we

    like every other person, i too am fascinated by eschatology; and i try to read whatever i can find on fitan. concerning imam mahdi, i was taken aback on this 'boneless' thing. i thought i must have missed it. so i did a quick read of the following four books on mahdi to make sure that i have not missed it: ibn hajar's qawl al-mukhtasar, mashrab al-wardi of ali al-qari, burhan of ali al-muttaqi, `arf al-wardi of suyuti

    i still don't seem to find it.

    concerning the hadith he claims that RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam informed his companions the 'whole night' i found it weird. we know this hadith of years now, but not like what this man said. all those hadith mention that he sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam informed UNTIL maghrib or sunset. that he continued until morning is probably some other hadith.

    but wait, this speaker says "all through the night and next fajr and next zuhr.." [around 17:00]

    i checked the hadith in sahih muslim, musnad ahmed, musnad abi ya'ala, ibn Hibban, m`ujam al-kabir of Tabarani, mustadrak, dalayilu'n nubuwwah of bayhaqi, and none says "through the night.."

    imam ibn hajar in fat'H says:
    ...and the hadith of abu zayd [additionally] informs us about the time and place of this [sermon] mentioned in the hadith of umar raDiyallahu `anhu: that is, he stood up on the pulpit from daybreak until sunset. Allah ta'ala knows best.
    he says: "i have tried to look at the whole body of hadith" to give a summative interpretation. alas if he had read any of the three books...

    imam ibn hajar al-haytami lists 62 signs from the sunnah, 39 signs narrated by SaHabah, 56 signs narrated from tabi'yin and tab' al-tabi'yin in al-qawl al-mukhtaSar.

    imam suyuti mentioned 257 or so hadith concerning mahdi in his al-`arf al-wardi. [i will try to read it carefully again this time looking for 'bones']

    these speakers are a sign to await mahdi: speakers without knowledge. and in another narration: many speakers but few scholars.

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