Films about Islam/Islamic history/Islamic history/personalities etc.

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    neither the beloved sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam nor do they show mawla ali radiyAllahu 'anhu during the beginning of badr. they just show the double edged sword.
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    The following movies should be of interest:

    1. The Message - an epic about the life of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم up to the conquest of Mecca with Anthony
    Quinn as Hazrat Amir Hamza :ra: (The Beloved is not shown).

    2. Lion of the Desert - starring Anthony Quinn as the famous Libyan freedom fighter and Sufi Umar Mukhtar (rahmatullah alayhi)

    3. The Alchemist of Happiness - drama doc produced by Shaykh AHM about the life of Hujjat al Islam Imam Ghazali :ra:

    4. Kingdom of Heaven -- about the Crusades

    5. Mughal e Azam - story of a young Jahangir and Anarkali

    6. The 10 Commandments - biopic of Musa :as:

    7. Jesus of Nazareth - biopic of Isa :as:

    8. Jinnah -- biopic of Pakistan's founder.

    9. All the Sindbad films (from the 1001 Nights)

    10. 1001 Nights directed by Pasolini.
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