Gaza carnage

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Wadood, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Wadood, I don't think you've understood or answered my points. I'm not trying to say that Hamas is the best thing to have happened to Palestine. I simply don't see any justification in Israel's actions (regardless of Hamas being a bunch of terrorists or freedom fighters). You, on the other hand, have been openly gloating about the misery that Hamas has piled on themselves and Palestinians. You have shown no commiseration for Palestinians (apart from oddly posting Shaykh Habib Ali and Shaykh Yaqoubi's appeals).

    In the aftermath of Karbala, Mukhtar bin Ubaid exacted revenge from the killers of the people of Imam Hussain (radi'Allahu anhuma) and this very person turned out be a kazzab. Strange are the ways of Allah (azza wa'jal) when it comes to humiliating the enemies. Let it take the 'evil' force of Hamas to hurt and humiliate Israel! I will never condone any Israeli attack on a Muslim.

    'Sunniport' (as if it's ganged up against you) is not supporting Hamas, it is condemning Israel's barbarism. Hamas or no Hamas, Israel doesn't need an excuse to kill Palestinians and this is what is being carried out so flagrantly.
  2. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Brother, I know Hamas members. They openly, deliberately attack Jewish civilians. Israel also openly, deliberately attacks Palestinian civilians. I hope if people go out there on the ground and see with their own eyes what really happening on the ground.

    I see you do not know what Hamas did to those Palestinians who were supporters of fataH. I was shocked! This is a curropt organization, full of gangsters not freedom fighters. I only do du'a for my Palestinians. There is a greater conspiracy against them.

    Of course, BBC/CNN/blah blah are all propaganda. Ask the journalists who are on the ground, and have seen with their eyes all of this.

    Brother, that figure of 1000 is a big lie by the media machine. The actual figure is, as far as I know, 10 times that much to be honest. Why do people believe BBC/CNN propaganda? They only tell you that Israel killed only 1200 Lebanese. The actual number is perhaps 10 times that and its no exagerration to me. Hizbullah rafiDis did not post their true dead figures as well.

    The Israeli arabs hizbullah killed were common civilians in cities like Haifa. If you go to Haifa, and see with your own eyes of whether they were given a bunker or not to hide from hizbullah rockets, you will know the truth.

    Brother you are right exactly. But you do not do justice by mentioning those. The cluster bombs, chemical warheads are in the possession of other countries as well. To do further justice, I would like to add further. I have not seen any terrorist state in my life that actually has patents on specific automatic rifles and bullet designs that actually act as tiny bombs. Upon penetrating a Palestinian the bullets explode inside causing maximum damage. Not just that, this state of israel has made machine guns that you cannot find anywhere else in the world, and if you go to the areas around Jenin, when Israel ambushed it in the past, you will see it using these weapons directly against Palestinian civilians as 'hidden experiments'. But I guess most people do not know about that.

    Brother, Hamas is a curropt organization, with power hungry, dunya seeking monsters inside it, and so is fataH. Now is that not a familiar story?

    But not at the expense of my beautiful Palestinians, and Palestine, the land of Islam, of Jerusalem, of Imam al-Shafi'i radyAllahu 'anhu

    I though Sunniport stood for truth, because Imam Ahmad RiDa Khan stood for truth. He clearly knew who was wrong and right while confronting all ahl al-bid'a and the British and other enemies of Islam and Muslims. During his time, he and all other Sunni scholars were solely concerned with nothing but the welfare of the Muslim masses, as far as I can see.
  3. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    I 'm not a supporter of suicide bombing (for simple reason that Islam doesn't condone suicide), but if you analyse the ground situation objectively you will realise why suicide bombers have no choice but to do what they do.

    For Israel, money and weaponary are most dispensable items. This is what they are inclined to use in full force in their attempt to annihilate Palestine. After all, Israel cannot risk the lives of conscripted jews! What do you think is the most expendable (and easily dispensable) item in the hands of Palestinians? It is their lives, which has anyway lost its meaning. They sacrifice the only thing that they can in this asymmetric war.

    I once read an interview with an would-be suicide bomber. He very movingly said that he loved to live but his life had lost its meaning. How do you expect Palestinians (of which no single family has been left un-brutalised by excesses of Israel) to carry on with their meaningless lives?

    Unlike zionist propaganda machines which paint every suicide bomber as an individual desperate to live with 72 virgins in heaven, these people are driven by extreme desperation and exasperation. Robert Pape is one rare individual to have understood the suicide bombing phenomena.

    How come kamikaze fighters in Japan continue to be glorified while 'Muslim' suicide bombers stand condemned by 'civilised' society?
  4. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    It is important to realise that the 'war' between Hamas & Israel is asymmetric. How do you expect a rabble of ill-equipped fighters to take on the might and firepower of Israeli army (that too cocooned in their tanks and deep bunkers)? Do you expect Hamas to ferret out Israel's conscripted army by openly invading Israel?

    Just as Israel doesn't mind killing civilians under the pretext of toppling Hamas and then conveniently dismisses such casualties as "collateral damage", why can't you get round to the fact that all Israeli civilians dying at the hands of Hamas are "collateral damages"? How else can Hamas pay back Israel? Why expect Hamas to fight an ethical war?

    Mind you when Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006, it indiscriminately killed over 1000 people and the civilian casualties outnumbered hizbollah casualties by 10:1. By contrast, Hizbollah killed 130 odd Israelis (and some Israeli Arabs who unfortunately were not given the bunker shelter) of which Israeli soldiers made up more than 85%. Who was more just and selective in that war?

    Israel has produced war ammunitions to specifically cause maximum collateral damage. Zionist innovation has resulted in genetic bombs (which are meant to cause damage to Arabs, while sparing any jew), cluster bombs (which still lie strewn in Lebanon), chemical warheads (liberally laced with napalm and phosphorus) etc. How do you expect Hamas to counter this?

    You may not like Hamas' methods but it still commands more public support than the impotent Fatah.

    May the zionists be destroyed!
  5. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i am sorry to say this brother but you are rambling without any context, and don't even attempt to understand what the other person is saying. (hint: the other person is me.)

    the bombay terrorists.

    'aware' as in watching from afar, yes. israel is bombing muslims. call it by other names that are exclusively reserved for the jews and others: ethnic cleansing, genocide, carnage, massacre, terrorism etc.

    'aware' as you are, no.

    you need to take english lessons. sorry but you get an f.
    long ago, i made an 'accusation' that i cannot make out whether you are coming or going; so is the case here, as always.

    are you angry that arabs are protesting ghazza killings?
    are you supporting israeli inhumanity?
    are you happy that muslims in ghazza are 'punished'?

    i find surprising, your swallowing of israeli propaganda with such eagerness. it is not about hamas - it is about israel attacking civilians on the pretext that hamas is there. you are losing your mind and i second asif's suggestion that you see a shrink.

    what an unjust world! israel can squeeze the palestinians without a whimper from the 'progressive world'. but if hamas protests, they are terrorists and this protest can draw the ire of israel that they attack at will and glibly lie that they are targetting only hamas.

    idiots - some friends and foes alike - who are fed on tv news and are now brain-dead enough to swallow it without asking and without thinking.

    i was listening to bbc early in the day and there was an english official representing the EU commenting on israel's atrocities; he was pointing out that in the ceasefire of six-months past, there was not a single rocket fired into israel; whereas, during the same period, israel not only made life more miserable for the gazzans, but escalated their torment and oppression. he was saying that it is natural that such injustice cannot stay bottled up for ever and they are drawing it out in the open.

    and israel will now suffer humiliation like they suffered in lebanon. inshaAllah.

    wAllah, this is has taxed the most liberal and the most forebearing amongst us. and if any protest of boycott is justified, you need not look further than israel. let us all make a list of israeli products that are in the world and boycott them. muslims everywhere should protest in their workplaces as the jews would do if a swastika were painted in the room!

    israel is the new nazi-germany and all these zionist-jews are hitlers.

    i think we should come up with creative ideas to protest against israeli aggression and terrorism. economic sanctions are the best bet. and they are like diets.

    diets are not sustainable over a period of time, simply because they are not practical. i think, boycotts won't work over long periods for the same reason. yet, to make a point, we ought to do it all at once for the impact. i am sure we can all afford to NOT buy major western products for one week or on a single day across the world. that could cause an impression on economies and particularly in these times.

    call for action on a particular week, organize, get the word around - target it for a month from now and that week, stop buying these things in the west. i am not sure what but there ought to be a list somewhere that shows israeli products and products that support israel (like starsucks for example).

    doing it in the middle-east would be counter productive because, it would be a self-goal. [owned by muslims and peopled by muslims, our industry/business will suffer]. but on the other hand, this could cause local governments to sit up and take notice. there will be collateral damage however (of lost jobs and so forth) but, as things are going this is becoming inevitable.

    i was not a great fan of boycotts until recently and still have reservations; but as things are going, that is the only weapon left for us to use now as non-violent and non-participation protests.

    in the long term we should begin migrating to muslim/middle-east products.
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Please don't delete these posts on the charge of being 'insensitive'. I am not insensitive to what is happening inside Ghaza.

    which couple of gunmen? Are you even aware of what has been going on the ground INSIDE Ghaza? Do you know the daily attacks on civilian, both Palestinian and Israeli by these 'couple' of gunmen?

    When our brethern in 'Iraq were being bombed and killed in more brutal ways, not by the hundreds we see today in Ghaza, but by the thousands, and then tens of thousands in Baghdad for the past 3 years, where were the protests?

    Why were people insensitive then? The arab world was just sitting around letting it happen.
  7. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Please don't delete these posts on the charge of being 'insensitive' or 'stupid'. To me your posts are the ones 'stupid' but obviously not 'insensitive'

    Excuse me, but Hamas is a open terrorist organization. It is openly attacking CIVILIANS, ONLY CIVILIANS, inside Israel, NOT THE ARMY.

    It provoked Israel to attack itself, INSIDE CIVILIAN AREAS.

    Why is Hamas building barracks INSIDE civilian areas?

    Are people blind to how many Palestinians Hamas killed to remove FataH? More than Israel is killing today. YES MORE.
  8. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member


    and those wretched rulers who lead muslim states and sit back and do nothing. they let our brethren get bombed and killed and say not a word against israel and the USA and all the other oppressors. they care more for their kingdoms and do exactly as they're told. the arab league is set to meet in a few days and i pray to Allah that something comes of it but i am 99% sure nothing will.

    people who support all saudi decisions due to getting money from them should hang their heads in shame. you are supporting a state that does nothing for our brothers.
  9. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the standards of bbc are pedestrian. they can't even do proper spell check on their articles these days. expecting this propaganda machinery to say anything reliable is foolish.

    israel is the criminal in this inhuman assault for all but some severely intellectually-inhibited individuals who feed on propaganda and keep blathering without any sense.

    may israel be destroyed and may the enemies of islam and muslims be destroyed for the injustice and terrorism they perpetrate. if a lone gunman murders civilians, it is terrorism; but a bunch of terrorists in suits and planes doing damage like that are merely 'taking action'. a couple of gunmen causing mayhem are enough for the world to brand islam/muslims as terrorists. but a whole bunch of 'responsible' jews and jewish nation causing far worse terrorism will not end up on the news channel as 'jewish terrorism'.

    shame on western and european leaders. shame on anyone who supports israel in their savagery. shame on hypocrites who fester everywhere.

    i will recite surah nuH and a few aHzab for the nasr of our bretheren and for the destruction of our enemies. i urge my brothers/sisters to join in.
  10. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    stupid and insensitive comments deleted.

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