Habib 'Umar in Egypt

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Wadood, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Wadood

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    houthis were protesting against Damaj. They were not fighting AQ

    Damaj is connected to Sa'oodi. Or is govt of Sa'oodi AQ?

    It makes no sense.
  2. Wadood

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    Brother Suleiman, have you seen Tabah Foundation Website clearly? I posted detailed information from it, with full evidence. Please go there and look at their project. Its on a number of threads on Sunniport. I posted it.

    Habib 'Umar went all around that country in his tranquility tour, and not once, not once, did he condemn the shameless country for its support for sahyounis. It would have given Mark Hanson a heart attack.

    Did Habib 'Ali ever condemn the friend of the sahyounis?

    I know Shaykh Yaqoubi has done it many times.
  3. yes, recently Ali Saleh allowed the drones to bomb 'awlaqi. Why not before? This clearly means that he was saving them before. However, Saleh knows he is going soon, and needs all the support he can get, including American support. The Americans are less likely to remove him from power now that he allowed them to have their target. This also points to al-Qa'idah existing in Yemen.

    and yes, there was indeed a fight between the salafis and houthis in the early days. don't forget what the houthis started off as.
  4. When did Habib 'Umar or Habib 'Ali advise the Hukumah Amrekiyyah/Hukumah Sahyuniyyah?

    Habib 'Umar has stated the obligation of defending your land if it is invaded. He mentioned Palestine.

    Habib 'Ali made Dua that al-Aqsa is freed, and we are given victory.
  5. Wadood

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    That makes no sense. Because, just recently, the yemeni government was involved in allowing spy planes to blow "yemeni AQs" out from the sky, and their leader. It makes no sense.

    And there is no fight between "AQ" and Houthis in yemen. No one can enter Houthi territory, unless it is an army. And that did happen.
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Another question for you brother suleiman. Why is it that Habib 'Ali never condemns the friends of the sahyounis. One reason I can think of is that Tabah Foundation has a project where it advises the amreeki hukuma. But is it not that the amreeki hukuma is the best friend of the sahyounis.

    I am baffled. I needsomeone to clear me on this, please for Allah's sake. I have never seen Habib 'Umar and Habib 'Ali's team condemn the people who they advise, and do radd of them.

    All they do is go there to show love to them, and spread tranquility in that country.
  7. Allahu a'lam.

    My opinion is that the Yemeni gov't uses al-Qa'idah for their own purposes, like quelling rebellions in the Junub, and fighting the Houthis. The houthis became too great to deal with, hence the introduction of Saudi army. I do think al-Qa'idah is a bit of a scapegoat, with everything blamed on it by both the west and the yemeni gov't. People like al-'Awlaqi did exist though, (but of course, his motivations etc are subject to discussion).

    You say it was wrong for Habib to bring up AQ. But do you disagree with what he said regarding AQ, though?
  8. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    I think, it is Habib 'Ali's Tabah Foundation [that advises the amreeki hukuma and therefore its friends, the sahyounis], that has fed it into his ear of AQ scare mongering in yemen.

    Do you agree brother Suleiman?
  9. This was mentioned last, and only briefly.

    Translation: Just like there is the problem of al-Qa'idah, (al-Qai'dah exists in Yemen, and no one denies this except he who is ignorant of the affairs of Yemen). However, there are numerous question marks regarding its quick appearance and disapearance, in line with the changing political situations in yemen.


    and everyone knows al-Qa'idah is used by the Yemeni government.
  10. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Habib 'Ali just had to put AQ in there. Why? Read the line in the brackets.
  11. Out of all those lines, you chose to analyze these two:

    كما أن هناك مشكلة القاعدة (والقاعدة موجودة في اليمن ولا ينكر ذلك إلا جاهل بشؤون اليمن) لكن هناك علامات استفهام كثيرة على ظهورها السريع المفاجئ واختفائها السريع المفاجئ تناغماً مع التغيرات السياسية التي في اليمن

    Didn't he specifically state: "though there are many question marks regarding their quick appearance and quick disappearance, in line with the political changes in Yemen"? How is he playing into the mouth of the Sahyunis?

    Or do you deny that they exist at all in Yemen?
  12. Wadood

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    I have not condemned anybody.
  13. Wadood

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    You cannot just run away like this brother SuleimanalMuslim. You must talk to me, and clarify my questions. I am on your side. I am sure, it is Tabah Foundation, with its neo-cons sitting on its table, who feed it into Habib 'Ali's ear the AQ scare in south yemen [into his own motherland]

    Its senseless. Habib 'Ali is beyond all this scare-mongering. Or is he not??
  14. So it's ok for Sayyid 'Abbas, but if a murid of Habib 'Umar does it, it is worthy of condemnation?

    Anyway, this is such a childish conversation, I can't belive I'm engaging in it.

  15. Wadood

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    Habib 'Ali is playing right into the mouth of the sahyounis!

    How on earth can he speak about AQ in yemen????

    Habib 'Ali is partaking in the AQ scare in yemen!!!

    So, is he saying yemenis are AQ members???
  16. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    Dont put words in my mouth.
  17. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    I am not attacking the Habaib at every opportunity. The Habaib are thousands of individuals. I am commenting on Habib 'Umar and Habib 'Ali's dual team only.
  18. No it's not alien to the way of the Haba'ib at all, whether you agree or disagree.

    So has Sayyid 'Abbas al-Maliki joined the "tranquality team" now? Are you going to condemn the later scholars of Aal al-Maliki now?
  19. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    You mis-understand me when you talk about my point. I am not contradicting myself. If you allow me to explain, I will tell you what my point is. Then you can clarify me, and convince me.
  20. If you were really the strong person you make youself out to be, you should be out there in the saahah yourself, instead of attacking the Haba'ib at every oppurtunity from the comforts of your home in North America!

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