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    The method adopted in translation of Kanz ul Īmān (by Abdun Nabī Hamīdī Attārī)

    1. I tried my level best to keep simple words of the English language in the translation of Kanz ul Īmān, but there was no compromise on the language itself. However, to preserve the exact meanings of Kanz ul Īmān, after extensive consultation with people of knowledge and heavy scrutiny, I did however compromise on some of my preferences.

    2. I tried to use those english words and phrases which are commonly used in the english speaking world, so that the translation of Kanz ul Īmān can be understood easily all over the world, by as many people as possible.

    3. A’la Hazrat’s translation is not a word by word translation of the Arabic text of The Holy Qur'aan, rather it is a conceptual translation backed by authentic Tafaaseer. Therefore, the focus throughout working on this project was to capture the conceptual understanding of The Qur’aan as provided by Sayyidī A’la Hazrat. In the process of this translation, I remained committed to translate what A’la Hazrat has brought forward in Urdu and not the Arabic text. This befits the claim that I have translated Kanz ul Īmān and not the Arabic text of The Qur’aan itself and that, Allah willing, this translation will be the closest to the Urdu Kanz ul Īmān.

    4. Any advice which suggests that I am drifting away from the translation of A’la Hazrat’s Kanz ul Īmān, on the basis of merit, I did and will accept the suggestions immediately and make the necessary changes.

    5. Brackets have been placed in case the meaning cannot be properly understood or if there is a possibility of misunderstanding a particular meaning. Initially, I put many explanatory brackets but then removed them on the advice of Qiblah Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Sāhib.

    6. This translation has been proofread once in South Africa by a native english speaking, highly educated brother, the second proofreading has been done in the U.K. also by a native english speaking, highly educated brother. Muftī Muhammad Qāsim Sāhib and the brothers from the English Language Department of Dawate Islami have also thoroughly gone through this translation and gave their valuable feedback. Their contribution has helped me a lot in this regard. The final version has been very much improved and is different in comparison to the one leaked out which went viral on social media.

    7. All the places which make Kanz ul Īmān very unique were checked thoroughly with extra care.

    8. When the unfinished work of Kanz ul Īmān leaked out and went viral, many friends sent their positive feedback but some tried to create negative propaganda, which was refuted by many native english speaking scholars, but I took everything very seriously and brought more improvement in my work. Many thanks to all those who have contributed in any way, shape, or form.

    9. Almost all the Urdu and english translations of the Arabic text of The Qur’aan and of Kanz ul Īmān were in front of me, therefore this translation has been through a great amount of analysis, and at the same time it puts me in a better position to explain what motivated me to translate Kanz ul Īmān.

    10. (A humble request) to anyone wishing to critically analyse this translation, I request that one should keep the original Urdu Kanz ul Īmān in front. I am requesting this because some feedback I received was totally irrelevant because the individuals analysing the translation did not have the Urdu Kanz ul Īmān in front of them.

    Soon to be announced, Allāh willing.
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    I would just like to reiterate that this project is still a work in progress. The pdf spread on whatsapp is a leaked version.

    For those who are unaware of the Shaykh. He is a resident of South Africa and is amongst the senior scholars of South Africa. He is an inspiration to sunnis in my country and a sword against the deviants.

    He is vocal in his refutation against tahir qadri and the views of the wahabi/deobandi/tablighi sect. He is at the forefront in defending the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah especially in SA.

    A very soft spoken and humble Shaykh, devotee of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan رضي الله عنه, but strict against those who have deviated from Ahlus Sunnah.

    It may be best to contact the shaykh and give criticism which will be recieved without bias.

    The translation is a huge task, and there is always a risk of mistakes and errors which are in the process of being corrected on an ongoing basis.
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    in the critique:


    this is unfair to the translator. the style might be clumsy and the sentence could be formed in a better manner, but leveling this charge is not fair because:

    1. the translator is QUOTING the child who said it, NOT accusing

    2. the literal translation of the verse is approximately close and includes the word "liars".


    3. the word is conditional, because of the clause "if"

    4. in which case, the translation of the verse (mentioned below) would mean that "the translator accuses prophets of worshipping and claiming a son of Allah" (al-iyadhu billah) (zukhruf 43:81):


    obviously, it is not because of the conditional statement. "IF Rahman had a son, THEN i would worship him"; in other words, Rahman does not have a son and i do not worship any other than Rahman.

    similarly, "IF the shirt is torn from the front THEN he is lying" and since it was not, it is bara'at of hazrat yusuf alayhi's salam.

    in fact, the logic of the critic below can be used against alahazrat and said: he accuses prophets of "galat kaha" or the critic himself saying: "he accuses prophets of speaking wrongly".

    the translator is certainly NOT calling Prophet Yusuf alayhi's salam as a liar (ma'adh Allah).

    i don't even know who the translator is, and this is the first time i have encountered his name. i too had received it on my whatsapp by someone earlier. yet, i feel compelled to clarify, for the sake of truth.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    but 'aide' ONLY means assistant.

    even in arabic there are so many meanings for the same word - so a word that has more options is far better than a constricted one with fewer meanings.

    let us take your dictionary:

    reliever, succorer.

    at any rate, "helper" is far better choice than "aide" or "supporter".
  6. Concerned Sunni

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    depends which dictionary you refer to; each word has so many meanings, sometimes peculiar to each area.

    helper equals "help", and also "aid" (see below).

    1. A person who helps:
    abettor, aid, attendant, help, reliever, succorer.
    2. A person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities:
    adjutant, aide, assistant, auxiliary, coadjutant, coadjutor, deputy, lieutenant, second.
    The American Heritage® Roget's Thesaurus. Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

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    but some other objections are spot on.
    however, with the update below by @RazaRaza , that it was a leaked version, i think we must withhold our criticism until a final version is released.

    نسأل الله العافية
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    i quickly scanned the attached document and some objections are needless and their implication are a tad extreme.
    for example, the word "Helper" does not mean a servant. "help" means a servant as in "domestic help" etc.

    in fact, it is much better than the two words suggested: "aide" and "supporter", which are more narrow in meaning than "helper".

    from the oxford dictionary:


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    This version was leaked and was not the final version. The translator was not happy with it being spread on WhatsApp as it was. The work is still undergoing modifications and is being proofread by many different people. It would be more appropriate and more fruitful if you contact the translator directly with your suggestions or reservations.

    Or hold fire until the final version is released and then give your analysis
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    I reiterate through the medium of this forum, that if anyone finds any "mistake" - repeat "mistake" - in the translation "Treasure of Faith" done by this faqeer, PLEASE INFORM ME; I will be glad to rectify it, and will be very grateful.
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    Ala Hazrat ruled that the translation alone should not be printed - it should be accompanied with (at least a small) exegesis. He agreed to the translation (Kanz ul Imaan) only when Sadr ul Afadhil agreed to write the Hashiyah on it.


    With the rampant publishing of incorrect translations by non-Sunnis, it is my humble opinion that Kanz ul Imaan (in as many languages as possible) should be spread far & wide.
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    it is impermissible to print/present the translation of the WHOLE qur'an without accompanying arabic text.
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    new kanzul-iman translation by mufti Abdul Nabi Hamidi of South Africa has been released.

    It is full of serious errors - as per file attached.

    If you received the translation via whatsapp or email, please delete it.

    Attached Files:

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    does anyone know where we can get Kanz ul Imaan - URDU VERSION - typed in ROMAN ENGLISH font?

    for example: Allah ke naam se shuru, jo bahut meherbaan, rehmat wala
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    well you have to assume it to be so, as the site is reliable.

    or else, you must listen to the entire recitation whilst keeping the Qur'an in front of you, and cross check each & every syllable.
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    Is the recitation correct ?

    Can a learned brother mention, if this site, alahazrat.net is mustanad, and, also Qari shab, is his recitation correct?
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    alahazrat.net is run by the same team as ahlesunnat.net - from Karachi, Pakistan.

    they were both under the guidance of Syed Shah Turab ulHaque Qadri (rehmatu-Allahe alayhe)

    the mp3 audios on archive are incomplete. please visit the link below for complete list.

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    Salam e masnun

    Any reliable Qari, recitation, with Kanz al Iman ?


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