Mufti Zahid Hussain Rizvi - Kufar Has Come Within Sayiduna Adam AS

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  1. brother abu nibras, it is quite common. look at our learned brother sidi abu hasan saying one thing but meaning another:

    I have actually seen the whole speech which is two hours long, i think. it explains everything by itself. these people hafiz niasr and afridi from sultan bahu trust receive money and are employed to do out of context chopped clips for propaganda. people who go there have informed me in confidence. a guy even gave me nisar's photo to publish online but then what would be the differene between us and 'paid' propagandudists.
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    you two people, brothers ?
  3. dear brother, in humanity whether somone is a muslim or non-muslim they all are from Adam and Eve. each is responsible for himself or herself.
  4. there is a saying in punjabi: bhaird-e ronaind kolon chup changgi.
    it is better to keep quiet then ugly crying.
  5. no ghair e Nabi can be afdhal to a Nabi. that is clear in the context. is there anyone in history who has converted 900,000 to Islam? that is the point here. in the ummat of Rasul Allah(s) we have such people who have done so.

    Hazrat Ali(a) is being 'compared' to anbiya(a) that he has ilm, obedience, friendship,prestige and sincerity like prominet anbiya(a) had.

    also as asked earlier, what is the ruling on someone who says that Ghaus al-Azam(r) is no less than Prophets(s) in every quality and every attribute? and that Imam Hussain(a) did what Prophets(a) did not. and that Ruh of ghaus al-azam even helped the prophets in distress?
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    Hasnayn should just write an article on this issue rather than testing his arguements out on forums.
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    Dear Brother,

    you are on a slippery slope with that logic, why don't you take a paper and pen and sit down and evaluate what existed and what evil did not exist before Sayyidina Adam alayhis salam, and extrapolate on it.

    you will end up in a hole similar to the one the deobandis dug up for themselves, defending their mistakes.
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    i expected a few hadith to be quoted, but certainly not this.

    i will comment on the play of words and what 'comparison' means later. but here, the speaker is clearly trying to impress 'achievement' by 'comparing' the achievement of anbiya and non-anbiya. when i said 'comparing', i was talking of 'comparison for superiority'.

    please keep this context in mind and don't divert the discussion.

    the speaker has the audacity to say that RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam made only 124,000 muslims and khwaja sahib made 900,000 muslims. even though he adds that this is also the fayzan of RasulAllah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. but insists that 'broke records which is not found in any nabiy's life'.

    i take it that you cannot understand simple expressions. is sayyiduna `ali being said to have the traits of anbiya or are anbiya `alayhimu's salam compared with `ali? (radiyallahu anhu)

  9. mian mohammed bakhsh sahib is revered in punjabi speaking Pakistan by ulama and public alike and what he said about ghaus al-azam is in front of you. please comment on that.

    furthermore,for comaprison with non-anbiya, please see the following hadith as well:

    من أراد أن يرى آدم في علمه، ونوحاً في طاعته، وإبراهيم في خلته، وموسى في هيبته،
    وعيسى في صفوته، فلينظر إلى علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه

    it is quoted here from tafsir of imam razi and the same hadith has been accepted also by our masters of kalam, namely, al-Iji in al-mawaqif and by al-jurjani in commentry sharah mawaqif and al-taftazani in his commentry sharah maqasid. all four major aqida imams did not question the authenticity of the hadith but rather rejected the shia interpretation for khilafat and so on. here is a clear comparison made with the Prophets(a) by Our Prophet(s) with a non-anbiya.

    whoever wants to see Adam in his knowledge, Nuh in his obedience, Ibrahim in his friendship, Musa in his prestige, Isa in his sincerity then look at Ali Bin Abi Talib.
  10. abu Hasan

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    lame excuses.

    even though, lame excuses can avert takfir, the irreligiousness of comparing anbiya alayhimu's salam with non-anbiya is a distinct rafidi trait.

    wa's salam
  11. it is common sense to grasp what Syed sahib is saying. Kufr did not exist
    before hazrat Adam(a) and it came from him meaning from his off spring because there was no kufr
    prior to that. Cain was from him.

    the other thing which seems questionable is actually not . As He says the
    miraculous qualities of a saint such as Gharib Nawaz(r) are actually the faizan
    of Rasul Allah(saw). Surely he converted more people to Islam then anyone else but that is a blessing of our beloved Prophet(saw). Imam Mahdi(a) will come and eventually there will be a time when there will be NO Kufr on earth; which has not happened in any age. This also is a blessing of the Prophet(s).I do not find anything questionable here.

    Furthermore, there are far more serious sentiments that have been expressed by everyone’s beloved saints and poets. For example, hazrat mian mohammed bakhsh(r) says about Ghaus al-azam in saiful muluk on page 9:

    Nabiyan kolon ghat na riha har sifton har wasfon
    Ghaus paak was no less than Prophets in every sift and every wasf.

    Nabiyan te jadd aukard aye ruh meeran da pohta.
    When the Prophets were faced with problems then Ghaus e azam’s ruh helped them.

    so what would the muftis say about Mian Mohammed Baksh(r)? what would say to a person who says that Ghuas e azam is no less than Prophets in every quality and attribute?
    hazrat ghazrib nawaz (r) expresses a similar sentiment about imam Hussain(a):

    ay hussain kar-e ke ikhtiyar-e kardi
    dar gulshan e Mustapha bahar-e kardi.
    az haych payambaran na-ayad een kaar
    wallah ay hussain aan kaar-e kardi.

    O hussain you have brought spring to the garden of Mustapha(saw) by what you have done. By God what you have done, the Prophets(a) did not do.
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    Molvi Zahid Shah is on Ummah Channel today!
  13. this is getting from bad to worse. i cannot believe a so-called sunni (we shouldnt pretend any longer that he is anything other than a tafzili at best) could make comments like this. if a dobbie had said the same people would be going ballistic. but i bet the tafzilis will have an excuse: 'he is a walking library' they will say. so what if he insulted anbiya the blind followers will say, he is a sayyid and you guys are just all nasibis! then they will accuse us all of being blind followers of our sunni ulama!!

    i am sad that he is still allowed to appear on ummah channel and that last week sabri sahib said 'yeh ahle sunnat ka sarmaaya hain" (he is a treasure of the ahlus sunnah) when the man has openly tafzili, crpto shii views. and now this. can someone check what the rafidi view is on this matter as i am beginning to see a patten in what this man says and what the rafidis allege...
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    side note: this guy isn't a mufti so no need to keep calling him one.
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    Brother Abu Hasan this video is 100% correct, the video hasn't been tampered with. Moulana Tariq Naqshbandi Sahib who have wrote a 45 page pamphlet refuting Pir Abdul Qadir Jillani Sahibs book Zubda Tut Tahqeek, in his pamphlet Moulana Sahib mentioned this refuting to Mufti Zahid Hussain Rizvi Sahib. Moulana Tariq Sahib talking about this video said that Mufti Zahid Hussain Rizvi said that Kufar has come within Sayiduna Adam AS, Moulana Tariq Sahib said this is Kufar!

    I have the pamphlet as well, it will be uploaded soon, someone asked this question to Mufti Muhammad Yaar Qadri Sahib today, Mufti Sahib said saying that Kufar has come within Sayiduna Adam as is Kufar and the person who said it needs to accept Islam again and renew his Nikkah!
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    if the video is authentic, then the speaker in this video is insulting anbiya alayhimu's salatu wa's salam - and saying similar to what a deobandi elder has said that 'in actions, sometimes, followers surpass (their anbiya)'

    99% tomfoolery, 1% rafizi = 100% tafzili

    al-iyadhu billah.
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