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    this is from word of mouth and I myself heard it from a very cautious 'aalim:

    some officer/mutawwa or such was asked, "why do you show such enmity towards those who respect the Prophet (peace be upon him) and why are you so hell bent on removing/hiding things which show his(peace be upon him) greatness and those which remind people of him (peace be upon him)?"

    the reply? - "shuruat kisne kee thi?" "who started it all?"

    i.e we are taking our revenge on the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he was the one who started it !!

    al'iyadubillah. ma'azAllah.
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    I was being euphemistic. the point being that perhaps there is lingering asbiyah or something more than that (as yazid is said to have exclaimed "i have avenged my ancestors who were killed in badr". not vouching for the authenticity of this report just trying to point out where I am coming from).

    Granted this is a conspiracy theory or could even be called a 'muslim urban myth' but the saudis' history, particularly the secret back door dealings with the zionists (if proven to be true) and the zion-god-father-USA (well-known fact) lends credibility to such musings. also the lack of a satisfactory explanation as to why a country swimming in oil-wealth and a country for whose protection millions of the world's muslims would lay their lives without a second thought (to protect hijaz shareef) is kowtowing so much to the high-handed imperialists makes one think that there might be powerful ideological reasons behind the screen of the merely 'greedy-rulers' obvious one. Admittedly, I do not set much store by the occam's razor, particularly in world of politics.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    this is a non-starter. many SaHabah and great awliya have jewish ancestors. what is the point?

    just as we don't bother about the rumours that the british royal family are descendants of aal al-bayt; we shouldn't bother about saudi family being descendants of jews. the royal family of jordan is well-known to be aal al-bayt, but we don't honour them due to their antics. it is not about ancestors - and there is no point in criticising someone for being descendants of xyz. saudis (descendants of aal saud) are by themselves wicked; no need for pedigrees.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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