Pak o Hind Mufakireen meet in Hounslow

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Aqib alQadri, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    do you jump out of the bus / train when you see that a fellow traveller is not a pure Sunni?? how many times have you left a congregation when you saw that a sullah kulli is standing in the same saff?? after all Namaaz is a fard Ibadah, which just cannot be compromised - unlike a mustahab like a mehfil.

    there are several ways to skin a cat, and Allama Aazmi has his own way of dealing with situations. perhaps he is not that extrovert as some people may expect him to be.
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  2. IrfaniQadri

    IrfaniQadri New Member

    Looks like paq crew are over the moon with Allama Azmi attending.
  3. Zujaja

    Zujaja New Member

    Abdul Qadir attends the conference every year (from the info I have, though I admit it may not be true).

    Even if we accept that he didn't know, and that he doesn't attend every year, he could have left after seeing he is there?

    There was a similar incident in India recently with Azmi Sahib.

    I cannot see any acceptable reason for attending and then not leaving, but I await an explanation.
  4. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    What about what Noori Amjadi is saying?

    The award by Ahulul bayt tv?
    Pir Saddiqui's London protest?
    his children marrying wahabi?
  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    call it what you want but I've replied about mawlana azmi being at the same event as rafidi paqs. now you tell me what you think of tahir jhangvi inviting mushrikin to commit shirk. why do you and your dad still support him?

    ps: I used to be a fan of both paqs and tahir. I would attend a monthly dars e quran by paqs at a local masjid and really enjoyed them. thereafter, he started to insult sahaba and obviously, I am not a shakhsiyat parast. I cut off from him.

    I attended tahir's talks at ghamkol too and enjoyed them. when I learned of Wembley and some of his other antics such as being sulH kulli, I cut off from him too.

    how, then, can someone accuse me of defending scholars when I learn they are in the wrong?!

    hasanayn knows full well about Wembley yet he won't comment and he points fingers at me!
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  6. Nawazuddin

    Nawazuddin Veteran

    aqdas, still nothing on that whilst you seek a diversion.
  7. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    finding faults with others doesn't make TuQ clean.
  8. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    well, nawaz is not to be taken seriously.
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  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    and those who insinuate I will defend indian ulama unconditionally, that is a lie. our affiliations are not of borders but of ahlu's sunnah. afterall, some of my greatest ideals in the recent past are Pakistani (sardar ahmad qadri, Abdul hakim sharaf qadri) and I will refuse to defend any indian scholar who commit errors.

    those same people who accuse me of defending indian ulama unconditionally are hypocrites. it is they who have continued to stick by tahir jhangvi even AFTER knowing his Wembley kufriyat. I ask hasanayn/Nawaz to comment on tahir's Wembley show if he can. whilst he's at it, can he comment on why his dad was cutting cakes for tahir's birthday way AFTER knowing about Wembley.
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  10. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    JazakAllah for the brother Aqdas
  11. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    You'd be surprised how many ppl we speak to. Sometimes we don't need to when the ulama have spoken out about them.

    So unless you can show me ulama refuting Allama Saab I suggest you stop getting excited...

    What's wrong with me asking others to get clarification? Surely we should do as much as we can help protect the ulama?

    State of shock? Why? I trust my pir and I knew there would be a good enough explanation why Allama Saab attended.

    Allama Saab not knowing I think is a good enough reason.

    Have a nice day ;)
  12. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    mawlana azmi didn't get to speak.
  13. IrfaniQadri

    IrfaniQadri New Member

    What an opportunity Allama Azmi turn up not knowing about Paq and then go on to stage and clarify a few home truths for paq and co. Does anyone have the video for the event??
  14. IrfaniQadri

    IrfaniQadri New Member

    It's Mawlana Shahid Raza they look very similar to Allama Azmi to be fair.
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  15. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    Who is that person kissing the hand of PAQ?
  16. Nawazuddin

    Nawazuddin Veteran

  17. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    not maybe. mawlana azmi really didn't know paqs will be there. if you still have objections then you may ask him.
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  18. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    Someone there is alot of double standards by us.

    When certain folk make mistakes we come down upon them but when those close to us make the mistakes OR EVEN WORSE we always justify it with "husn zaan" "maybe he didnt know" "next time it wont happen"

  19. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Mufakkir e Bihari has done Tawba for this the statement was on Sunnaforum
  20. Haqbahu

    Haqbahu Veteran

    what about this?


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