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    totally nonsense, he has lost his brain, and making fool of already foolish people. he is no doubt doing just lip service while talking about the gustakhi of Siddiq e Akbar, otherwise he would have taken serious actions against rwafiD when they openly denied the sahabiyyat of Siddiq e Akbar raDiyAllahu anh in front of the press, and rejected the three daughters of the Prophet alaihi afDalussalat wat-tasleem. he did not call those rwafiD walad al haram. very disgusting, and a shameless act that he is using the name of sayyidi Ala Hazrat alaihi rahmah. he has made it very difficult for the poor common folks to differentiate between ilm and jahalah.
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    Irfan shah, crowned as "sunniyon ke shahenshah", finds an opportune moment to sell his peeri on 14th August (watch it, just 4 mins)

    He cryptically mentions Jalali as la3nti dajjali, proving himself to be a jahil. Even if you count Jalali as having committed haram qat3iy, by what sophistry of reason he calls him dajjali?

    He also calls gustakh of Siddiqe Akbar as la3nti (let's have husne zann and not call it lip service)

    He invokes the Imam Ahmad Raza and his creed just to stay on the right side of sunniyat

    He mentions the "3aqidah" of Data sahab that a person who tries to cook up a muqabla between Siddiq & Sayyidah, such a person is wald haram

    Most importantly, he either has absolutely no idea what "keecharh uchaalna" means or he's deliberately using wrong language to dramatize and cause fitnah and implicate Jalali. He's become a cheap politician by pulling such gambits and burning straw nawasib.

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