praising Hasnain without praising the companions

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  1. Aqdas

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    From this edict of Alahazrat, we see that alongside the remembrance of Imam Husayn, Ahl al-Sunnah must also mention the rightly guided caliphs, especially in places where there is dominace of rafidis.

    Remember, Alahazrat declared Lucknow to be the Kufa of India, just as Rawalpindi is known in Pakistan.
  2. Aqdas

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    'Yes, mentioning the noble merits of our master Imam Husayn, the flower of RasulAllah ﷺ, through relied upon authentic narrations is light and the essence of light. But sufficing with only this and forsaking the mention of the honourable caliphs, particularly in a place like Lucknow - where it is much needed as it is the Kufa on India - is certainly worthy of objection and must be avoided.'

    #Alahazrat, Fatawa Ridawiyyah, 23:740
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    Very Good brother aqdas, As brother aqdas quoted it is best to praise the Sahaba also according to Alahazrat so is best that we do it that way.
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    please brother make a correction in the above translation:

    "iss sey yeh matlab nahin ke unka zikr e kareem bey zikr e sahaba najaiz hai"

    "it does not mean that their(hasanain) rememberance is not allowed without the remeberance of the companions"
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    From Fatawa Ridawiyyah, vol.23, p.746-747

    Question: What do the respected scholars and jurists say regarding Zayd who says that in a gathering of Mawlid Sharif, it is not permissible to make mention of Imam Hasan and Imam Husain ‘alayhim assalam without mentioning the virtues of the companions ridwanAllahi ta’ala ‘alayhim ajma’in. Another saying of Zayd is that during a gathering of Mawlid Sharif, it is totally impermissible to mention Imam Hasanayn ‘alayhim assalam. To what extent are these sayings of Zayd correct? Bayyinu Tujiru [Please explain and gain reward].

    Answer: The gathering of Mawlid Sharif is one of happiness and delight. The scholars have even disliked the mention of the demise of RasulAllah ﷺ in such gatherings. The mention of the martyrdom as done in our times is indeed a method of bringing about sadness. As for mentioning the virtues [faDayil/manaqib] of Imamayn radiyAllahu ta’ala anhuma, as long as it is from authentic narrations, it is the light of faith [nur e iman] and solace for the soul [farHat e jaan]. This can not be deemed impermissible at any time as long as the intention is correct. This is not a condition only for this action but all actions.

    It is also in the books that the mention of Hasanayn be done after the mention of the blessed companions radiyAllahu ta’ala anhum. This does not mean that their [Hasanayn’s] remembrance is not allowed without the remembrance of the companions. They are both individual acts of worship and to leave the mention of the companions knowingly is not allowed. And Allah knows best.
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