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    Selamu Aleykum

    I am opening this Thread, though i am knowing, that the topic is pretty difficult. I am no Wahabi, or Neo-Salafi or something like that, elhamdulillah. I love tassavuf, our Awliya for the sake of Allah, and respect them and their teachings in Tarikat. As brother faqir knows, me and some other brothers are currently having some problems with Wahabis overtaking the german internet, please make dua for us.
    However, the thing is, they attack Nakshibandi Tarikat very very hard. Since i only know other nakshis from turkey (from Sheyh Mahmud Affandi), i knew that they are very strictly with Sheriat und against any bida. (They even do not practice loud dhikr, though i know that there is no ijma, that it is absolutely impermissible)
    But in their forums and websides the wahabis have videos of Sheykh Nazim, where they are having gatherings where men and women are sitting together. They also show videos where he is performing Semah/hadra, but theese again are the lesser “problems”, since i also know that for samah there is no ijma that it is absolutely impermissible. But i heard from very trustworthy brothers, who themselves are in tarikat (also nakshi, but not under sheykh nazim) that sheyk Nazim actually is allowing women to kiss his hands for biya and other occasions. They have seen it thereself, when the sheykh was in germany. Please don’t get me wrong, i don’t want any fitna or make any accusations against anyone, but how should one respond to such sayings?
    Could it be any kind of missunderstanding, or how can one see this as a good thing in light of sheriat?

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