shama'a e shabistan e raza

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  1. غلام رسول

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    The benefits and method of reading دعاء جامع المطلوب:

  2. غلام رسول

    غلام رسول Active Member

    The ‘Amal you are referring to is the ‘Amal of Shajra e Zar, which has been practiced by the Masha’ikh of Marehra Sharif, including Shah Abu’l Hussain Ahmad Noori, as they themselves have written in their book, Siraj-ul- Awarif:
    upload_2021-8-21_13-18-35.jpeg upload_2021-8-21_13-18-44.jpeg
  3. Unbeknown

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    salaam. is the following from the same book as mentioned above?

  4. ghulam-e-raza

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  5. Both Sayyidi Shaykh ul Islam 'Allamah Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan al Qadri al Azhari and Sayyidi wa Murshidi al Muhaddith al Kabeer 'Allamah Mufti Zia ul Mustafa al Qadri hafizahumaAllahu Ta'ala recommend the book Majmu'ah A'amaal e Raza this is an authentic book my 'Allamah Qadi Mufti 'Abd ur Raheem al Bastawi rahimahullahu Ta'ala

    He was a reliable scholar of Islam Ahl us Sunnah see link
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  7. Aqib alQadri

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    Hazrat Shaykh Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan was also asked about "Sham'e shabistaan e Raza".

    he advised against its usage, because of the many groundless methods / litanies mentioned in it;

    and of course, taking the name of Al Hazrat to promote such a book, is also wrong.

  8. Unbeknown

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    does anyone know who is the author of the Hizb-un-Makhfi?

    couldn't find it on google. seems to be available exclusively on

    It's short but would like to know whether it's shariah compliant or not, some words seem dangerous. see page2 of the pdf where the names of the four angels and RasulAllah(sallallahu'alayhiwasallam) are mentioned.

  9. anees786

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    Assalamu Alaikum

    According to Syedi Wa Murshidi Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahib, the book Shame Shabistan e Raza is wrong and the book Amaal e Raza is better to read.
  10. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    brother ajaz,

    I never said fa'l nama and 'ilm-e-nujum are considered forbidden by Ala Hazrat or any Sunnis.

    I said I would like a proof for their permissibility. I asked for that because they just don't sit well with me.

    I am an ignoramus on the topic. So let me rephrase my question: Please give me Ala Hazrat's or other Sunni 'ulema's proofs that PERMITS fa'l nama and 'ilm-e-nujum OR give me proof for their prohibition. I'm happy to get more information either way.

    PS. Elsewhere on this forum brother abu Hasan has said that Ala Hazrat considered reading fa'ls as haram, if I'm not mistaken.

    My background is Indo-Pak ... and I can read Urdu alhamdulillah. My email id is:
  11. ajaz mansuri

    ajaz mansuri Guest

    brother abdul qadir saheb,

    before i can tell u something can u proviede me from any books of aala hazrat or any authentic books who saying that fa`al is prohibetted in islam. pls tell me where u from also give ur email id.
  12. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Brother Ajaz,

    Can you please provide Ala Hazrat's or any other Sunni 'aalim's proofs and evidences for using fa'al naama and 'ilm-e-nujum being valid in the Shari'a? A reference is good enough.

    Please explain the disciplines themselves along with their methodologies and their objectives briefly and also how the whole process works.

    I'd also like to know which non-subcontinental Sunni 'ulema have used these disciplines and approved of their usage.

  13. ajaz mansuri

    ajaz mansuri Guest

    fa`al na`ama, or iylme nujum is not like to see future, but to prevent or secure ourselves from wrong things or wrong ways. its a non-muslims thinking to see future and all, please change our views towards the same.
  14. ajaz mansuri

    ajaz mansuri Guest

    Hazrat Sufi Iqbal Ahmed Noori

    Hazrat sufi iqbal ahmed noori saheb is khalifa of Hoozur mufti-e-azam-e-hind aley rehma, he wrote this books with the help of Aala hazrat sarkar`s books and with the guidance and permission of hoozur mufti-e-azam-e-hind sarkar. the main aim was to creat awareness to muslims to protect our life from evils, illness ect., also save us from all bed babas.sufi saheb had make easy to do all amaliyat and tibbs ect. Lots of aalim have preferred this books to help themselves also to others. So please take advantage of this books and see the results on our life.
  15. abu Hasan

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    what about the 'divining from the quran' in the last pages? alaHazrat in a fatwa forbade people to use qur'an for divining [fa'al].

    for those who did not understand my description: it is like tarot reading - you randomly open a page [ostensibly from the qur'an in this case] and get the first word, letter etc and go back to look at the results in this fa'al namah/divinator [for lack of a better word].

    which is something like horoscopes and ouija boards.

    al iyadhu billah.
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  16. medni

    medni Active Member

    what like how to win a cricket match or sonay ka darakht
  17. burningmoon

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    Shama'a e shabistan e raza is not a book of enchantments and spells and all the wazaif and awrad there are islamic and from the books of the awliya etc.
    There are many great wazaif in the book which are difficult to find now a days and it also has chapters on tibb etc.
    The only objection is presence of some numerologic calendars which however can be neglected.
  18. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

    Doesnt the book contain horoscopes init? Mufti Abu Bakr of QTV said such things are wrong.
  19. i have this book and in the beginning its compiler clearly says that it is a compilation of litanies and spells and incantations [ta'wiz/amaliyat] and durood from the works of ala hazrat and many other sunni scholars from the past and sufi saints. i don't see what is wrong with this book. i have seen ulama and mashaikh use it, for example, when writing tawiz for people to help them with their problems. i think it is more like an encyclopedia of spiritual remedies. it even has a chapter on kashf and how to achieve it!

    the scholar who compiled it obviously took a lot of time and effort to do so.
    i think it is a unique book of its kind.
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  20. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Is there any book by Imam Ala Hazrat which bears his own name? I don't think there is any.

    "shama'a e shabistan e raza", "Aamal e Raza" etc. are clearly titled unlike the works of Ala Hazrat.

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