shama'a e shabistan e raza

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  1. azizq

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    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I think the book is compiled by Al Haaj Sufi Iqbal Ahmad Sahib Nuri. Any of you heard of him?

    Allah Hafiz
  2. Noori

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    very true, and what do you say about aamal-e-raza. I know that this is too not ala-hazrat's book, but whether it complies with shari'ah or not?
  3. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    a brother asked me about it recently; and others have asked about it in the past, just as i wondered about it some years ago.

    shama'a e shabistan e raza or in english: 'the light of raza's garden' is a book of litanies, enchantments and spells. it used to be published in the name of alaHazrat imam aHmed raza khan even though alaHazrat did not write such a book.

    this book was compiled by some person who deemed it right to use alaHazrat's name - whether in good faith or for better circulation, Allah ta'ala knows better. after going through its various charms and enchantments, i found it incredible that alaHazrat would write such stuff.[1]

    going through it once again, i tried to find out where his actual contribution starts; i couldn't place it. it is obvious and does not take extraordinary intelligence to figure out that alaHazrat did not compile the book. but the disservice is done.

    one should keep to litanies/dhikr and prayers from hadith/quran or based on hadith/quran, like the hizb of imam shadhili etc. alaHazrat himself says that even though he has such books[2], he does not use any for himself. he says that he does not use any amaliyat except the prayers found in hadith.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    1. even though alaHazrat mentions some amaliyat, or processes - for want of a better word - to ward of jinn and magic, they are mainly about salawat and keeping clean and praying the five obligatory prayers which have a basis in the sunnah. wAllahu a'alam.

    2. of charms and enchantments
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