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    All praise be to allah lord of the creations, endless salutations on the king of madina may allah elevate his status. If i am wrong please correct me, i wont take it personal, may allah give me the ability to speak my mind, in the bounds of the shariah e mutahara.

    After analysing closely brothers, i have come to realise that when we invite other brothers to ahle sunnah, we can only restrict them listening to only a few shaykhs, something needs to be done, the ulama need to iron their issues out, within ahle sunnah.

    Prime examples-there needs to be a fatwa by the scholars of the ahle sunnah clearly indicating what they believe about pir abdul qadir, not the munafiqat game, that when sayidi irfan shah comes, you hug him an tell him he is mufakir e islam, the when paq is in town, u kiss his feet and tell him he's the mujaddid. Every local mosque imam needs to clearly stick to the fatwa and not use "i didnt have knowledge" as an excuse.

    A fatwa has been given on tuq clearly, but it hasnt been passed on to the local imams of all cities, this clearly needs to be done, so we know who is ours and who isnt.

    Sorry to say but ahle sunnah is beginning to look like a shambles, even though it actually isnt.

    We have a high population of the indian ulama, debating whether salah is permissable on a moving train.

    Uk the ulama of ahle sunnah agreed on one day of eid, there is a split regarding that also, roza timings, also.

    Pir maroof, no offence himself has been seen with paq, recently. What is going on??

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