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  1. AbdalQadir

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    you need trained demolition experts to carry out demolitions like that.

    it's not a case of some wahabi dog throwing a hand grenade in a bout of anger.

    someone's supplying these devils with arms, funding, and multidisciplinary training - someone as in a government body, not just a few rich businessmen patrons.
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  3. Yasser Rashid

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    It's not the cultists' fault that most mirpuris are inbreeds which hinders them from thinking rationally and independently. Mirpuris themselves are to blame for being so thick and for thinking as though still in dadyal or Chakswari.

    Pirs and cults aren't entirely at fault. In matter of fact people's lack of common sense and no passion to learn basic logic is the essential flaw that we as Muslims are suffering especially here in England, as well as globally.

    But to be fair to these cults and those who blindly join them we must bare in mind not everyone gets the same level of attention at home by family members and especially parents. Therefore "belonging" is a major contributing factor as to why people join these cults.

    Individualism and existentialism are very important notions which a cult member is bereft of once joining any 'formal' tariqa.

    Bay'ah in and of itself is not the problem. The formalisation thereof is. Why? Because clearly when one looks around there seem to be subtle schisms between the Sunni umbrella of "my tariqa is the best" and so much more
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    The Ghamkol event is being advertised on a few billboards in inner city Brum. Looks like only theology is to be kept in the classroom but the 'tariqa' is for all Mirpuris.
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    This disease is finding its way to many parts of the world now. We thought we were safe in South Africa but sadly and unfortunately it has now reached us.
  6. kattarsunni

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    This was what Abu Hasan wrote on Hamza Yusuf's retraction:

    Just in case someone missed the link as I had.
  7. abu Hasan

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    what about hamza on the board of fons vitae?

    do these people need to read a few simple books on "akhlaq al-ulama" or need to read commentaries of the hadith of "two hungry wolves"?

    is this the way of ulama? to make devil-may-care statements without bothering about what happens of those 'jaahils' (curiously, they take offence, when some of those 'jaahils' ask the right questions) who may misinterpret their words.

    when caught, instead of explaining the issue and clarifying it for the public - these celebrities are more worried about safeguarding their own reputations.

    i was told that someone was defending shaykh yaqubi and said that these are hamza's actions; but why is sh.yaqubi silent? why doesn't he publicly take a stand on this and many other issues? or is it politically volatile to take a stand? shaykh buTi - known for his being a staunch sunni prior - was criticised strongly, and the lofty reason stated at that time was the public good;* why doesn't the same apply for the rest or even sh.yaqubi himself? or, are they above criticism?

    i was informed that someone said: "jahils should not criticise a scholar like sh.yaqubi and they should ask him first what his real intention was".

    i say: "aalim" should behave properly and be careful in their actions and words - lest jaahils misunderstand and are misled. if "aalims" strictly followed the way of sunnah, and indeed in the footsteps of our elders, why would anyone criticise them?

    here is the "aalim" saying that "keep theology and mention of hell in your books and theology classes" and expect the common man to understand the 'nuance'?

    they accuse common people of not being able to understand nuance and blissfully make 'nuanced' statements on public forums; why make such statements if people cannot understand? speak to people according to their intellect.

    of course, the ultra modern, the uber progressive, 'thinkers' and muslim-skeptics and assorted bunch of intellectuals may frown upon you as 'backward' and 'old-fashioned' but common muslims will respect you. of course, you may not be invited to conferences with slick-production values and all that fanfare, but common muslims will revere you.

    why does hamza insinuate that khiDir is the buddha? literally kissing the boots of the dalai lama?

    why don't any of these people publicly distance from hossein nasr - a perennialist philosopher and even if not, an ismayili shia?

    why does tim winters - abdul hakim murad - get funding from agha khan, the ismayili "imam"?

    how can any of them receive "funding" from kings and princes and governments in this day and age? i would listen to habib umar and his durus of hikam and qut al-qulub, until he received the "prize" from the royals of jordan. at that time i did ta'wil that after all, the royals of jordan were ahl al-bayt. but further information and pictures about those royals left me with very implausible ta'wil and stopped listening to his durus ever since.

    in this age of materialism, and worldly fame and warhol's accidental maxim, shouldn't scholars lead from the front in preaching and practising values such as avoiding worldly fame and speaking frank and straight?


    why do these people make equivocal statements and then justify those words depending on who criticises them?

    why does the "sultan al-awliya" go to meet the pope, wait for him and debase himself by asking him to pray for him?

    if "ulama" are not to be criticised or questioned, they should stop indulging in questionable activities.

    the principle of "avoiding places of doubt and potential accusations" - is this only for the common man on the street? and that "scholars" can freely do whatever they like under the pretext of: "there is much more to it than meets the eye; don't look at the scholar smiling hobnobbing with enemies of islam, he has ulterior (but noble) motives; don't bother about his speech, he has subtler and "nuanced" meanings for his statements."

    it is all about themselves, and let the ummah go to hell - al-iyadhu billah.

    hamzah whines about what he REALLY said about dante; my gripe is that hamza shouldn't even mention dante? and all those who defend hamzah: ask yourselves, whether you will ever mention a person who says that "your father may go to hell".
    errm. it is difficult for me but i should perhaps defend that person X. he said that my father was in hell. i must defend X because of the nuance that he said my father was in the first degree of hell, not in the tenth. [har har, wink wink, nudge nudge].

    see, everyone knows that being in the first degree of hell is far superior to being in the tenth and therefore, i can understand his predilection to place my father in the first degree of hell (please don't miss the nuance - he may say, hell but it is only the first degree of hell.)

    sub'HanAllah. how many of you - ask your pitiful selves - will do that for your own father. keller will not bear it for his own father (who might be a christian and who might go to hell) but all these excuses and mercy and kindness and forgiveness for those who insult the Messenger of Allah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    one day we will all stand in the presence of the Almighty, where excuses of nuance and subtlety - will not hold any water. yawm al-faSl.

    [we seek Allah's refuge].

    *at that time, i admired the 'courage' of shaykh yaqubi, and translated his arabic piece. concerning sh.buTi himself, i do not know enough to take a stand - externally, he appeared as a mouthpiece for a renegade and ruthless regime; but given the conditions, was he under coercion to say such things or whether he was genuinely misled or he willfully ignored the crimes of the regime? Allah ta'ala knows best; however, after his murder in cold blood, and in sha'Allah martyrdom, we hope that any errors of his will be effaced, in-sha'Allah. sub'HanAllah, he passed away uttering the kalimah and clasping the qur'an witnessed by millions and recorded on live tv. Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    Someone said that Hamza Yusef retracted and 'outclassed' his opponents. Is this a retraction?

    1 There is a clear disparity between his statements. He states he wanted to point out Dante's subtle acknowledgement of Islam.

    2 That the word defense is a synonym for explain.

    Well here are the synonyms of defend:

    Explain here is as in 'explain in favour of' not against.

    3 The video and the written statement contradict one another. In the video he does not negate defending Dante but tries his best to justify it. He points out the 'nuance' that the Prophet is not placed with the false prophets but with the schismatics. (Refuge is sought with Allah)

    Why doesn't Hamza mention what Dante actually states and the passage itself?

    4 'Mormetto and Ali another character its believed that these are meant to portray the Prophet Muhammad and his cousin Ali as schismatics. Anyway I used the word defend and pointing out to a lot of Christians most of the people in the audience were Christian that the..Dante did not put the Prophet with the false prophets but with the schismatics. So I was pointing out that nuance about the Inferno.' (From the video clip)

    This is the retraction that Khadimu and others have been crying about. Not a retraction and definitely no class in it.
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    Khadimu and others can stay in Hamza Yusuf's 'cartoon world' as he points out in his retraction. Khadimu stated that Hamza had made a retraction. Well here is that retraction:

    And in writing:
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    I pray Shaykh Ya'qoubi and others realise what damage Hamza Yusef and Abdul Hakim Murad et al have done to peoples creed in basic essentials. Here is a recent ongoing thread on deenport:

    These people follow the methodology of HY and others.
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    Can you provide the link where sh yaqubi said this please
  16. AbdalQadir

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    mark hanson narrates his personal experiences most wonderfully at the RIS2013

    in the case of spirituality, morality, decency, self-respect and integrity - i dunno which one applies to him!
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    SubhanAllah! Nice clip. But again my concerns are resonant and him and Sh Asrar must sit and discuss the issue which many laymen are starting to latch on to. It's a real shame to be frank.

    For example I met a brother after a while and he happened to ask regarding the difference that these 2 people are having with each other. I could'nt comment much except to say that mufti yaar Muhammad (the teacher of both men) asked Sh Asrar directly regarding the problem and he told his teacher phone Yaseen and I'm willing to discuss in front of you. To which Sh Yaseen claimed at the time that he's busy.

    The point I'm trying to drive at is that if we've got bigger fish to fry such as Sam Harris, Dawkins, dennet, lane Craig, shamoun, and the list is almost endless why can't local "Sunnis" at least remain united?

    The simple irony lies in the fact that certain modernists call for dialogue with kuffar. I give them a challenge to unite Sunnis first and foremost and then convert najdis and Shias among others to Sunnism and then call for dialogue with Christians- which would still be problematic but far less than it is now.

    Why can't people sit and openly discuss these differences? If they can't then don't expect a serious debate with a major atheist or najdi or anyone else for that matter.

    Everyone seems to be In a simple state of cognitive dissonance.

    For eg where's Khadimu disappeared of to? Why can't he afford losing a debate in which his true identity is hidden?
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  20. AbdalQadir

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    - used car salesman jamal badawi sells democracy at RIS2013

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