Should Sunnis go listen to Yaqubi?

Discussion in 'Tasawwuf / Adab / Akhlaq' started by Ghulam Ali, Nov 2, 2023.

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  1. Ghulam Ali

    Ghulam Ali Well-Known Member

    never knew this. Thought he was just making money. Any evidence will be good please so we can warn others
  2. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    it does not mean that he doesn't sleep in the morning either
  3. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    My oh my, just came across this video by chance of chuff chuff. It's a 2021 video where he states that he has not slept a single night in the past 18 years, so if he is still continuing this trend it will be 20 years now. Perhaps this is his biggest karamat of all!
  4. Ali_Bash

    Ali_Bash Active Member

    Both groups need refuting, the question is who should refute who?
    The ʿulamā' from Pakistan should teach people the basic aqaid and refute the charlatan fake pīrs, its quite clear Chuff has a large following in Pakistan but his following is not big in the west. Not only that but they have the rafiḍi's Tafḍīlīs and even Liberelism to deal with.

    The ʿulamā' in the west should refute the likes of Yaʿqūbī and others for the fitna is west is much more serious, so why should ʿulamā' in the west "waste" their time over someone who has no impact in the west.

    @Hassan_0123 the title of the thread is quite clear, so why bring up the issue of chuff chuff.
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  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i feel you. i'm in no way supporting yaqoubi or trump either

    i was just addressing @SunniBro point about 'ask the guys who lost parents, kids, etc.' that compared to his predecessors trump actually didn't start or continue or worsen any wars or attacks. ever since the Afghan war (of 1979), every US president has been covertly or overtly anti-Muslim with the najdis successfully carrying the legacy of lawrence of arabia. trump has mostly been a self conceited self centered businessman with no sense of direction whatsoever and in the grand scheme of things he placed his self centered megalomania and egotism above their kufr cause of war on Islam, sure he played to the gallery of red necks and bigots nationwide with his rhetoric, but that's as far as it went

    a lot of people think of obama or clinton or democrats as proMuslim somehow without realizing what they have done silently. especially their ugly old hags like hillary and madeleine albright are/were exceptionally evil! from within the kuffar's perspective, democrat presidents are sneakier, silent achievers in the war on Islam, while republicans are unabashed enemies of Muslims in general other than the traitors with Muslim names

    all those things you mentioned already had the ground set for them to happen, thanks to all the traitors and khaineen in our midst, regardless of who was gonna be sworn in in 2017 in the US. it probably would have been twice as bad had hillary won! in fact, i believe in some of those things, it was most probably the traitors begging trump to step in, facilitate it, and make it happen 'coz they were so sick and tired of living their double lives and were yearning to lick boots openly... just see the speed with which they have "progressed" since the Abraham accords, while trump has been out of office and busy fighting his own personal fires at home. just see the enthusiasm with which yaqoubi is yearning for trump to cleanse the world of extremism, right after he got elected!

    Allah knows best
  6. Alf

    Alf Active Member

    That post from sheikh Yaqubi is from 2016, just after his election.To say that he praised a man that has killed thousands of Muslims, based on that tweet/post, is not right. During his campaign, Trump had criticized Bush for his invasion of Iraq and had called Hillary the founder of ISIS, and had promised to destroy ISIS once elected: all of that may have given sheikh Yaqubi hope that he would not repeat the blunders of his predecessors which had helped the wahabi terrorists to proliferate.
  7. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    Sh. yaqubi called on Muslim leaders to work with Trump to combat extremism (2016)

    US-Saudi Arabia seal weapons deal worth nearly $110 billion immediately, $350 billion over 10 years (2017)

    Defying Congress, Trump sets $8 billion-plus in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE (2019)

    US approves sale of $290m in bombs to Saudi Arabia (2020)

    Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel (2017).

    Muslim leaders signed the Abraham Accords - under Trump patronage and Jared Kushner (son-in-law) leadership (2020).

    The results?

    Extremism in Yemen and Shaam - the two blessed lands that are the subject of special Prophetic prayers (peace be upon him) - is at an all time low while peace reigns in Palestine. Check Amnesty International website for the stats.
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  8. SunniBro

    SunniBro New Member

    Drone strikes
  9. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Are you talking of perhaps one off cases of drone strikes or something, or perhaps his diplomatic endeavors to connect munafiqeen with the jews? or about trump starting or continuing or worsening wars?

    all in all, for all his hot air and feisty rhetoric, trump has been the least evil in terms of wars and attacks on Muslim life and property or covert and overt psyops like the Afghan war, since gerald ford (left office jan 1977). not saying he's a friend of Islam or Muslims, just that he's a dog that only barks more than he actually bites

    Allah knows best
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  10. SunniBro

    SunniBro New Member

    Go and ask the Muslim brothers and sisters in the Middle East who've lost parents and children due to Trump. This is NOT petty. The life of a believer is more sacred than the Kaabah.

    I'm new to this website so I apologise if its in the wrong place
  11. talib dahk al-nabi

    talib dahk al-nabi New Member

    This is from 2019. I believe there was also a letter sent to him regarding his misquotation of the Hadith which also has not been responded to. That's the whole point of Aqdas' question - what is 'now' for Yaqubi? Why has something so grave been largely allowed to go under the radar of the public who still listen to him?

    If ignoring criticisms meant they disappear after a couple of years and resurface for a renewal as a point of discussion every once in a while, I'm sure a lot more people would do it.
  12. Hanafi Sunni

    Hanafi Sunni Veteran

    Not everything needs a clarification. Although I dont agree with his statement to support trump but sometimes we do have general conversations on political parties we support. What may seem as praises might simply be expression of political stances adopted due to xyz factors or xyz news.

    There are certain things that are haraam and seeking clarification for everything just becomes petty. E.g bringing up something from 2016 is invaluable to the discussion at hand.

    His current statements are more noxious to the sunni awaam, therefor focus should remain on this. If he does not clarify now, an open warning should be given out against him and thereafter the sunni public can choose what they want for themselves.
  13. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    And maybe some of them deep pockets in fact belong to the jhubbas of wahabis themselves - the r.o.i on bank rolling pseudo-sunni charlatans is almost as big as oiling the pockets of pseudo-salafi dawahmans, sometimes bigger.
  14. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    It's one thing to say:

    Look here is a charlatan who us denting the image of ahlussunnah. Can ulama please also refute him? Like they did their duty by exposing tahirul qadri, irfan shah, yaqubi, ninowy and a host of others. Their zeal in the favor of sunniyat and their ikhlaas in not taking into consideration whether the offender is from one's own group or without is a rare sight in our times. They were not cowed by how many ijazahs or murideen or how well connected politically the person is. Hats off to them. But they should now turn their attention to this emerging fitnah which is devouring sunni youth from yet another sink hole.​

    And quite another to say:

    You bigots. You lazy bones. Why are you opening your mouth against my shaykh? First refute all other charlatans - if and only if every piece of scum ever to walk the earth, from east to west and pole to pole is refuted - ONLY then can you be called sincere. And only THEN will I consider whether you need take the trouble to refute sh. yaqubi - one who, even if he twists ahadith or promotes monkeys to shaykhdom - his sunniyat and honor remain unquestionable.​

    Rocket science?
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  15. SunniBro

    SunniBro New Member

    We still have not received any clarification from his murids as to why Sheikh Yaqubi praised Trump a man that has killed thousands of Muslims.

    Sunnis are not Donald Trump supporters

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  16. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    his curing powers aside, does he directly or do his mureeds claim exemption from any fard aspect of Shari3ah?
  17. Aurangzeb

    Aurangzeb New Member

    But the Chuff Chuff man isn't some regular run of the mill Shaaman. This man has a massive following, evidenced by the sheer numbers of people attending his gatherings both in the UK and in Pakistan. He could easily be used as a case study example to inform the ordinary man and woman and all the rest of the small time claimaints to miraculous curing powers and exemptions from Shariah would also be warned against by this case study.

    I've certainly heard many people say things like 'if the man is so off Sunniyat then why are no Ulema telling us' and 'such and such famous scholar/naatkhaawn/qari has baya with them/attends their gathering then what is your problem'. Not to mention peer pressure is a massive cajoling factor in Pak/indo communities and it can be hard to stand firm against one's elders, siblings, respected members of the community.

    I gather this fellow has some fairly deep connections with the movers and shakers and also with people who have some fairly deep pockets. The Wahabis/Deos are the ones who openly criticised him directly - videos available on YT but of course they smear the entirety of Sunnis at the same time.
  18. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Wait, why hasn't Yaqoubi saab refuted that major fitnah of this Haq Badshah guy?
  19. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    I don't understand why yaqubi sb. promoting clear heretics like akram and hanson and not refuting TSQ even after being specifically asked about it, then misquoting hadith to show sympathy to blasphemers is not a problem - but somehow "not enough" sunni scholars speaking day in and day out against some fake is a BiG problem.

    Only a willfully blind person will fail to see how irfan shah was thoroughly pounded for his heresy - even though he was "one of our own" for decades.

    When was the last time sh. abul huda yaqubi stood up for the millah, for the honor and defence of Islam??
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  20. Qadiri Faqir

    Qadiri Faqir New Member

    It’s quite apparent that you have been offended by this forum refuting Yaqubi. At least have the courage to refute those threads and educate us in the light of Shariah why the awaam should continue to attend Yaqubi rather than throwing these petty fake pir arguments.
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