Spring lodge retreat

Discussion in 'Events' started by agent-x, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    Paddy power!
  2. Mohammed Ali Rizvi

    Mohammed Ali Rizvi New Member

  3. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    and going to spain is safer than sitting with jifri!

    as for the devbandi, it's safer to swim across the atlantic [oh, but hamza's on the other side...]

    I was going to say scratch that and swim across the irish sea but umar minhaji awaits you in Dublin.

    forget it, just don't go swimming but definitely don't sit with such folk!
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  4. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    275 is a bit of a rip off

    It cost me that much in spain for 4 days for flight, hotel, car hire, theme park tickets, food and petrol!
  5. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    He is definitely not a leading scholar but another of those celebrity "scholars". I would stay well clear of this person if I were you to protect your imaan.
  6. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member


    The event has Habib Ali Jifri one the leading scholors in the world no doubt.

    However the organisers are bullies and are harassing people.

    A total number of 12 tickets have been sold so far. I advice everyone not to enquire about tickets as once any of the organisers have your number they dont leave you alone and literally begging to buy tickets. I friend of mine is been harassed by 3 organisers he just enquired with them and now they keep messaging him saying buy tickets and that tickets are going fast. No there not only 12 sold. If they keep harassing him he will be contacting the police.

    Its single uni rooms and you have to share a bathroom with four people.

    Organisers when your intention is messed up and your intention is to make money your event will be not be sucessfull which clearly evident in ticket sales.
  7. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Sorry for my ignorance but can someone advise me what CD stands for?
  8. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    Sorry I'm old fashioned.

    I'm a sit on the floor at the mosque kinda guy.

    I thank Allah Azzawajal from saving me from being CDfied.

    May Allah protect us all from CDism
  9. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    Why is that so strange to you? It's called Cd's wanting to be modern, you know follow the West, update facebook status, few photos show the boys this is how its done. The average Sunni Masjid won't attract Young professional working class cd's.
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  10. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    What surprises me is these paid events attract more people than free events at the local mosque

    Strange times
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  11. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    I guess it is convenient because they have onsite lodging, dining areas, seminar/lecture rooms and other facilities like showers, gymnasium, open grounds and so on. There is also the benefit of privacy from third parties.
  12. Harris786

    Harris786 Veteran

    If universities are so expensive to host events in - whats wrong with the Masjids? Or maybe some scholars are to academic or high-profiled to come to Masjids?
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  13. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    No they making bananas. Why as the obvious question when you already know.
  14. Sunni By Nature

    Sunni By Nature Active Member

    The organiser must be making money out of this
  15. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    yes, he is a deobandi, old friend of Faraz Rabbani, admirer of Ashrafili tahanawi, deoband, and of Mr Keller. He runs SeekersWorks, part of Faraz Rabbani's SeekersHub campaign of deviancy promotion. They promote Hamza Yusuf, Umar Farooq Abdallah, and all serious deviants, have been for more than a decade now.

    He knows all about deobandis and Sunnis.

    i would advise you never ever give your money to a deobandi or one who promotes deviants. instead, plz give it to make a Sunni madrasah
  16. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    Sorry, is the rule even with singers?

    Do we have any proof he is deo?
  17. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    If you would go to see the 'Sunnis' and you would be going for a walk when the deobandi comes on stage - what do you think your 'Sunnis' be doing at that point? Walking with you or welcoming and honouring the deobandi?
  18. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    I attended a training course for a few days at Keele University recently. The cost of accommodation, use of all facilities and catering was £200 per person if I remember correctly. This money went directly to the university/institution (a very prestigious institution too) and this was for a period of three days; we were to arrive there for Friday morning and hand out keys in by Sunday afternoon after lunch and vacate the premises.

    This makes me wonder whether the organisers are making money on this or not.
  19. Adam Yahya

    Adam Yahya Active Member

    In all fairness brother, the 'donate £10k and meet the Shayukh' was a ploy by the person hired to fund-raise and not the organisers. Those guys are sent up there onto the stage and often do and say anything to fundraise; should they fail to meet targets, then not only does it let the charity down but it could also make the agent very unpopular as a choice for other charities, hence putting his livelihood at stake. I worked in this field for 5 years, and continue to do so from time to time, so I know.

    Secondly, how people didn't anticipate an appeal for funds for the girls' school evades me, when one side of the leaflet flyer was totally dedicated to it.

    Please remember me in your prayers.

  20. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    zaid shakir once told me and a group of my mates, that it is Gold that you are getting. One of the African American brothers and student was complaining about Zaytuna's hefty fees. i thought, perhaps he means you have to pay in Gold

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