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  1. Abu Fadl

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    If you mean Allama Ghulam Rasool Rizawi (r.a.), he is a contemporary of Allama Syed Kazmi. As for Ghulam Rasool Saeedi, he is a mureed of Allama Kazmi. Both Allama Ghulam Rasool Saeedi and Allama Abdul Hakim Sharf Qadri acquired much of their education from Allama Ata Muhammad Bandialwi (r.a.).
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    Allegedly Prof. Tahir ul Qadri is also working on a detailed tafsir of the Qur'an. I think the first volume is already available (tafsir of Surah Fatiha). Sidi Rafiq will be able to tell us more insha Allah.

    Despite whatever criticisms about him there are his written work is excellent masha Allah. Here is a link to his translation of the Qur'an:
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  3. if we're talking of tafsirs then we really must mention the tarjumah of Ala Hadrat too since it is a 'tafsiri tarjumah' (exegesical translation) and not a lafzi tarjumah at all times.

    And it is peerless amongst all translations before it and after it.
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    on an earlier thread sidi aH mentioned that allama sharf qadri naqshbandi is a student of mawlana waqaruddin who in turn a student of mufti amjad ali azmi, student of my master imam ahmad rida khan barelwi.
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    Is Shaykh Abdul Hakeem Sharaf Qadri's shaykh also the late Shaykh Ahmad Saeed Kazimi or no? If not, who was his shaykh or the madrasah he attended?
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    i think allama ghulam rasool is a student of imam e ahle sunnat sayyid ahmad sa'eed kazmi rahimahullah, who was known as ghazzali e zamaN razi e dauraN. he does mention this in his sharh sahih muslim.

    allama kazmi also wrote a tafsir which i think he couldnt finish. the translation i think he did finish which is called at tibyan and the tafsir is at tibyan ma'al bayan.

    may Allah grant us the barakah of our masters - the ulama of ahlus sunnah wal jama'ah, aameen bihurmati sayyidil mursaleen sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam.
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    What is the name of his Sharh on "Sahih al-Bukhari"? And does anyone have info on the teachers or education of Shaykh Ghulam Rasool Saeedi?
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    Do not forget the greatest Muhaddith after Muhaddith-ul-Azam Pakistan (r.a.), Shaykh ul Hadith Allama Ghulam Rasool Rizawi (r.a.). He continued teaching on the masnad of Muhaddith-e-Azam after his demise. He also has a written a sharh of Bukhari Sharif.
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    Can anyone tell me who the main teachers of Shaykh Ghulaam Rasool Saeedi are or where he has studied? He seems pretty prolific, having written a commentary on Sahih Muslim as well as a multi-volume tafseer.
  10. Aqdas

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    sorry brother, they are shuruh of sahih bukhari by imam bukhari, a great lover of rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam.

    nuzhat al qari is 10 vols.

    also, i think one of the shuyukh of marhara (Eta, UP, India) which is the spiritual home of imam ahmad rida khan has written a tafsir. i think its called nazm e ilahi.
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  11. Lurker

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    Nuzhat al-Qari and Bashir al-Qari are related to which specific classical works of hadith?
  12. Aqdas

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    sidi asif, dont quote me on this but i think sayyid na'imuddin muradabadi only has nur al irfan. the 17+ volumes may be mufti ahmad yar khans tafsir e na'imi. but please correct me if i'm wrong.

    you mentioned you were interested only in tafasir that concentrate on zahiri ulum. the ruh al ma'ani of imam ismayil haqqi has been translated into urdu by shaykh faiz ahmad owaisi in 15 vols. this tafsir (obviously) has zahiri ulum but also tasawwuf as well.

    i think dr tahir ul qadri has also written a tafsir.

    shuruh of sihah? nuzhatul qari by mufti shariful haq amjadi rahimahullah, sharh sahih muslim of shaykh ghulam rasul sa'eedi and i think an unfinished bashir ul qari of imam un nahw mawlana ghulam jilani meerthi.

    shuruh of other book of hadith is the 8 vol mir'aat sharh mishkat of mufti ahmad yar khan. also has names of some commentaries of my master imam ahmad rida rahimahullah.
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    Excellent info Brother Naqshbandijamaati,

    What about in terms of commentaries on compilations of hadith. Are you familiar with any Sunni ulama from the subcontinent who wrote Sharhs on like the al-kutub al-sittah or others?

    jazakallah again
  14. I'm sure other brothers such as Sidis Abu Hasan and Rafiq and Aqdas can add many others.
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    All the books are in pure,chaste Urdu. Another unique tafsir book is the one-of-a-kind
    "Shan Habib al Rahman min Ayatul Qur'an" (Urdu) by Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Na'eemi.

    For info about Huzoor Sardar Ahmad Sahib :ra: the best place is probably Also you can ask Allama Sayyid Zahid Hussain Shah sahib of Nottingham.
  16. Lurker

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    Jazakallah Brother "Naqshbandijamaati",

    Are all the three tafasir you mentioned above in Urdu or Arabic? Can you tell me a little bit about Shaykh Sardar Ahmad Sahib or know of where I can find information about him and his books or students on the web?
  17. Another great muhaddith was Muhadith e Azam Pakistan Sardar Ahmad Sahib.
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    First, dear bro, we are Ahlus Sunnah w'al Jamaa'h and that is our title although we are also proud that someone like Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, a resident of Bareilly, was amongst our ranks and the reviver of the 14th Century Hijri.

    As for your question: Tibyaan al Qur'an is excellent. Another tafsir work I'd highly recommend is Shaykh Pir Karam Shah's Tafsir Zia ul Qur'an. Hazdrat Sayyid Naim ud Din Muradabadi also has a brilliant, lengthy (17 volume +), tafsir which is highly rated but the name of his long tafsir eludes me now. His shorter tafsir,
    Noor al Irfan is sufficient for anyone to be honest and very scholarly. It is usually printed in the marginalia of Ala Hadrat's qur'an translation.
  19. Lurker

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    I have a couple of questions I would like for the brothers on this forum to kindly answer. I would appreciate it if Brother Abu Hasan could contribute to this thread inshaAllah.

    After the demise of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, who is considered to be the best muhaddith amongst the Barelwiyyah? When I say "best", I mean either by the quality of works produced in terms of commentaries on the famous collections of hadith and/or the quality of hadith scholars produced due to his teachings to his students.

    I'm trying to acquaint myself more and more with the Sunni ulama of the subcontinent so please bear with me.

    I was told that in terms of tafasir, the best go-to book is Shaykh Ghulaam Rasool Saeedi's "Tibyaan al-Qur'an". Would the brothers of this forum agree or can they suggest something which they would deem as more beneficial. Again, let me clarify by saying that "best" here would mean in terms of its exhaustiveness and richness in style and heavy reliance of authentic ahadith. I'm not too concerned with tafsir books that are very "sufi" in nature. I'm looking more for those that reflect a sense of mastery over the zaahiri uloom.

    The books can be in Arabic, Urdu, or Farsi.


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