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    the Sultan Bahu Centre in S.A is doing incredible work. For the Mawlid they sponsor free cataract operations to the needy. They have completed over 73 operations to date. All for the sake of celebrating the birth of Rasulullah - Sall Allahu ‘alaihi wa Aalihi wasallam. May Allah bless them.
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  3. Abdul Mustafa 786

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    Jamat-e-Raza-e-Mustafa South Africa's Raza-e-Mustafa newsletter-currently not available online, if you want it contact Maulana Abdul Hamid Palmer Razvi:
    Tel: +27 31 207 8442
    Cell: +27 71 045 9614
    P. O. Box 48800
    South Africa

    Sawt-ul-Islam Official Voice of Darul Uloom Pretoria, not available online, Darul Uloom Pretoria:
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    Monthly Kanz ul Imaan, Delhi, India. Published by Razavi Kitab Ghar Delhi. Carries many important and informative articles and fatwas especially by Muftiyan-e-Kiram of Bareilly Sharif. Also has many articles written by Maulana Muhammad Isa Rizvi(the author of Imam Ahmed Ridha aur Ilm e Hadith in 3 vols).
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    yes, no problem.
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    Maulana Riaz ud-Din Siddiqui is looking for English language articles for his Zaviya magazine. If anyone is interested in contributing original work or translations please contact me via PM. Sidi Muhammad Aqdas, would he have your permission to print any of the translations from your web-page?

    He's looking for thirty or forty articles in advance that will be printed in the next few issues.
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    Would be nice to see an English version contributed by UK-wide scholars even bi-monthly online would suffice.
  10. ...

    12. Amjadia Risaalah (Seh Maahi) Quarterly periodical. Issued by al Muhaddith al Kabeer Shaykh Zia ul Mustafa al A'azami from his Islamic University in Ghosi Hind Jamia Amjadia Rizwia. It contains a selection of hadith from the Muhaddith's Shar'h of Jami Tirmidhi.

    13. Awaaz e Ahle Sunnat (mah naamah) The Monthly Voice of the Ahl us Sunnah from Gujrat Pakistan. Issued by the Shaykh Pir Muhammad Afzal al Qadri (close student of Hakim ul Ummah Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan al Naeemi and Mufti A'azam Shaykh Sayyid Abul Barakaat Shah Qadri Rizwi 'alaihima al rahmah) the principal of Jamia Qadri Aalamia Islamic University and Shariat College. It is mostly in Urdu but also contains an English Section. website
  11. I was wondering because I found the link to this website on a Sunni website but the actual website (IslamicTimes) has this quote from Ibn Baz (the Wahhabi Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia)
  12. ok sidi hasanrida
  13. Ibn Baaz a heretic...

    Brother.. Ibn baaz was the one who Challenged Sarkaar Taajush Shariah Azhari sahab Daamat Barkaatuhumul Aaliya about his not offering Salaah behind Saudi Imaams... he gave a long description of Adaid-e-Ahlus Sunnah wa al-Jama'at... And tore them and their explanation apart...
  14. Can anyone explain the following I found on their website?

    Why are they praising `Abdallah bin Baz?
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    i think it is still a monthly. the editor is ilyas kashmiri and the raza academy, stockport, have quite a few publications to their name.

    inshaAllah, i will get details for each one.
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  17. Does the Islamic Times still come out of Stockport every month?
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    at random i picked something and went here:

    the first line made me wince.
    theater ke haal mein to baRa izhdiham hai*
    masjid meiN haal ye ke bas Allah kaa naam hai

    the theater hall is crowded
    but the masjid has, well...just Allah's name

    apparently, the poet wanted to convey his disappointment at the poor attendance of masjid but ended up with a statement that is open to interpretation...and censure.

    the masjid has nothing but Allah's name. indeed, what else did you expect?

    the name of Allah ta'ala is exalted and shall remain forever. so, even in an idiom, do not use it as if it is nothing. do not use it to convey a loss or a huge void.

    it is said that imam a'azam sent his son to a teacher who taught him al-fatiHah; imam a'azam, the generous man he was, gave the teacher a gift of five hundred silvers (dirhams). the teacher embarrassedly said: 'all i have taught him is al-fatihah'. the imam said, 'do not underestimate that which you have taught my son. one should have immense respect to the immeasurable value of the qur'an. and if i was wealthier, i would have given you even more'*

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    *izdiĥām is arabic with zaa and ĥā
    azhdaham with the persian/urdu letter zhaa (as s in pleasure) and haa is given as correct in fayruzuddin's dictionary.

    **the english is not a literal translation, but an attempt to convey the force of those words; see khayrat al-hisan, seventeenth section: on his generosity]
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    Does Allama Syed Kazmi Shah Sahib's (rahimahullah) "As-Saeed" still run?
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    11. monthly daleel-e-rah, rawalpindi, pakistan - under the direction of allama syed riaz hussain shah, who teaches at idara talimat-e-islamia in rawalpindi.

    can be read online at

    Sidi Aqdas, could you please enlighten us on how to subscribe to the above periodicals.

    Many thanks.

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