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    periodicals from the subcontinent are getting better on most if not all accounts. content, design, punctuality and spelling and grammar.

    these are some that i get to read:

    1. monthly ashrafia, mubarakpur, india - it is from the famous sunni madrasa, al-jamiatul ashrafia. it's editor is mawlana mubarak husain misbahi. it can be read online. many of the contributors are graduates, having misbahi at the end of their names.

    2. monthly jaam-e-noor, delhi - it was relaunched by the grandson of mawlana arshad ul qadri, khushtar noorani [aleeg]. some very good articles on current affairs. contributions from young sunni scholars who have travelled to the arab world for studies.

    3. monthly zia-e-haram, lahore - the editor is pir aminul hasanat shah ibn pir karam shah al-azhari. always has a page each from zia ul qur'an and zia ul nabi of pir karam shah sahib. probably the lengthiest periodical.

    4. monthly raza-e-mustafa, gujranwala, pakistan - the editor is hafeez niazi and is overseen by mawlana abu dawud muhammad sadiq rizwi. this is a traditional, staunch sunni periodical which is an unleashed sword against the heretics. some hard hitting articles against the insulters of rasulAllah sallAllahu 'alaih wasallam. been going over 50 years. it has latest news on sunni events, books, scholar etc.

    5. monthly seedha raasta, lahore - the editor is mawlana munir ahmad yusufi. all articles are heavily referenced with full referencing from books of hadith and otherwise.

    6. monthly maah-e-noor, india - looks similar to jaam-e-noor.

    7. monthly alaHazrat, bareilly sharif - the editor is mawlana subhan raza khan. it has bab al-tafsir, bab al-hadith and malfuzat of alaHazrat in every edition.

    8. annual yaadgaar e raza, mumbai - this is a compilation of articles to do with rizwiyat gathered by ghulam mustafa rizwi of malegaon. it typically covers 100-150 pages.

    9. quarterly raza book review, india - this is similar to yaadgaar e raza. all to do with alaHazrat and rizwiyat.

    10. quarterly afkar e raza, mumbai - this has ceased publication but was headed by zubair qadri. inshaAllah, the team will concentrate on other projects. online here.

    please add your own periodicals or add to the above.
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