Syrian Situation and Updates of Shaykh Yaqubi's Statements

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Wadood, Sep 25, 2015.

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    according to this guy's theory (or implications therein), it's the west and the shias who are conspiring to displace the Sunnis

    it is actually very plausible. wahabis may be whatever they are, but surely wouldn't dream of building a shiite power bloc right in their backyard. supporting an exodus of Sunni Arabs only to build a shiite union right next door makes absolutely no sense, even for the senseless wahabis.

    i think this is a part of an agenda of the present day imperialists. only fools lost in school text books will believe that imperialism and empire building are dead.
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    it is now clear that Syria and Iraq (except South and Kurdistan) are being depopulated.

    Sunni Arabs are leaving by the millions. Eventually few will be left. Who will populate this land ? Druze are leaving, christians have left, the only ones that will be left are shiites and half the kurds.

    from West Baghdad to Damascus, its a wasteland. This IS the truth.

    in the West, the Sunnis will be forced into assimilation, conversion, and birth control. Back in Syria and Iraq they were the community with the highest birth rate.

    The majority population of Syria and Iraq is being destroyed right in front of the World. Everyone is asleep.
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    i am aware of what you are saying, but my point is different. What you are saying can apply to any expat, including indians. Anyone can assimilate, and become naturalized within a few decades. But Iraqis have a different culture and most do not like the Khaleej, this is what i have found. They want western universisites and to settle there if given a chance. an Iraqi, say from the Dawasir Tribe ( from Basrah ) might find much of a home in UAE, because Dawasir live all over the Khaleej, and the colloquial isnt that different, but for a Sunni Iraqi tribal of al Jabour in the north, or Mashhadani, or Ubaydis, i cannot see them fit in with the local bedouin based emarati culture, even though the iraqi tribes all come from a bedouin background

    syrians in Bahrain are called jungly people by the local shiite and sunni bahrainis for various reasons, even though everyone knows the level of education among the syrians and iraqis; syrians call the bahrainis jungly; these comments are not applied to jordanians for some reason

    the genetics are different, outlook is different, thought patters are different, and nationalistic inclinations are different
  5. wadood, I find your comments on assimilation inaccurate. The UAE has a majority expat population and is very cosmopolitan with some of the Iraqi and Syrians being extremely well off with flourishing businesses. On top of this the education system offers a wide range of western style schools, colleges etc. There are lots of Iraqi and Syrian nationals in Dubai and the UAE so assimilation is not at all difficult.
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    dunno why the sound in the video is muted. we can't hear what the refugees' grievances are. they may or may not have had a valid reason.

    but see the comments underneath the video. that is PRECISELY the reason MUSLIM nations should have some shame and take in those refugees. in an ideal world, MUSLIMS (at least the Sunnis) would have stated that not a single refugee of ours can or should be taken in by europe.


    another reason why MUSLIMS shouldn't allow EVEN ONE refugee to be absorbed by europe

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    They cannot assimilate in UAE because of cultural differences. They find migration to the west better than living in the UAE. Reasons are national, economic, cultural, and educational.
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    in the suburb next to mine there is an increasing number of Iraqi refugees coming from the UAE. Their entire families still live in the UAE. Half of them seem to be from Basrah in the South. They are overwhelmingly Sunni. These are the ones i am talking about.
  10. AbdalQadir

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    don't you live in canada brother? don't answer if you feel i invaded your privacy. just a casual question.
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    pakistan has not taken syrian or iraqi efugees either. in fact, pakistanis are among the syrian refugees, trying to get into germany with the rest, taking advantage of the situation. it is strange dawn does not highlight that
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    i think the world is being very unfair to them, because there are 1 million Syrians in Saudi, 40% of whom have been classified as refugees, and the rest are honestly refugees too, now that they cannot go back to their country. there are more than half a million Syrians elsewhere in the Gulf. UAE hosts more than half a million iraqi refugees. i meet them daily.

    The refugees walking to Germany never wanted the Gulf countries in the first place.
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  13. AbdalQadir

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    they are now thoroughly humiliated among the Muslim world and their shamelessness has been fully exposed. all the crocodile tears they shed in the Juma khutbas and the Fajr & Maghreb prayer duas have been exposed for the sham that they are.
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    i think zanubi knows what he is about. He cannot claim any persecution except for religious persecution Since he, understandably, has no previous history of Bahaism, or any political activity of Mujahidin Khalq, the only option was to claim that he is a hidden christian, but it could be true for zanubi, becaue there are such cases, with increasing frequncy; personally, i think there is no substance in zanubiès claim, just a feeling, the religion christianity is dying in germany; these iranians actually wanted to convert to no religion, that is what they and their children will end up with; this is a major danger for most 3rd or 4th generation muslims in the west, by my observation, those who forget to speak arabic, urdu, turkish, swahili, or their native languages, or did not learn about islam, they are most likely to leave for no-religion. Assimilation happens then. A new mixed race is coming up in Europe and North America, like the previous ones in latin america.

    This is what the mullahs in iran have done to islam. At least the afghans have ghayrah, being overwhelmingly sunni, compared to these mostly northern iranians.

    It is diifficult to maintain christianity for the iranians in europe due to lack of evangelism. However, in the US, they are more confident in retaining christian religion due to evangelical churches and activities being common throughout the bible belt. These churches are pan racial, multi cultural, and extremely anti islam; and they are sahyouni and designed that way with a purpose.

    i know of a case in Tucson, where the pastor is actually anti-black, but has blacks in his congregation, a two faced fellow
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    and this is what the migrants (not all of course), LOSE just to obtain worldly benefits through "asylum'' :

    BTW: these are Iranians, claiming "persecution" and seeking asylum.
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    Just saw on twitter a link to an interesting new article related to the bomb attack and the theory of it being an inside job. I suspected this at the time as did others.

    Manaf Tlass, Assad's right hand man who escaped Syria, also accuses Bashar of selling Syria to the Iranians.

    It's a Wall Street Journal article and it only showed a few lines requiring subscription/log-in. In Google search I typed 'Manaf Tlass' (perhaps try typing name of article) clicked on Google News and then clicked on the resulting WSJ latest story giving me the full article.

    Syrian Bomb Plot Marked Deadly Turn in Civil War
    New Revelations Suggest Killing of Bashar al-Assad’s Brother-in-Law Was Inside Job

    Dec 19, 2014
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    I was more or less done here. Just perhaps 3 items I was considering posting, which weren't really necessary. I intended to state my intention a month and a half back however I didn't with them 3 items in mind. I'm winding down my activity.

    I publicly (to ensure I stick to the decision) quit elsewhere a month or so ago (unless something very important came up). A place I was very active daily. I can prove this although I would rather not disclose my identity elsewhere.

    As it happens, some days after quiting, a job came along out of the blue after a few years without work. I no longer scan the internet, news sites, blogs, forums, tv, radio etc 24/7 like I used to. Previously I would be able to pick up relevant information, responses, refutations, rebuttals, articles etc along the way.

    Anyway my support of the people's uprising is as strong as ever if not stronger.

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